Strategic cats drive engagement

I am pleased to announce that today we are launching the culmination of a months-long research project designed to find strategic new ways for us to drive greater user engagement on site.  The result is another Bonanza-first innovation that we think may soon become standard amongst top-tier commerce sites.  We are calling it "Bonanza... with cats!" 

Recently surging sites like Pinterest and Facebook have clearly demonstrated the value in building a product that can get its users engaged.  To date, Bonanza has focused almost exclusively on building the best buying experience and selling experience, bar none.  While these functions can be quite useful when one decides to go shopping, years of Internet usage have proven that, on a day-to-day basis, people tend to choose cats over commerce 9 times out of 10.  We figure it is high time that we stop fighting human nature, when we can instead build an experience that takes the best of "cats" and "commerce" and bundles it into one exciting package.  We are calling this new hybrid model "cat commerce," or "CC" for short.

If you are a logged in Bonanza user, you are now only a single click away from an engaging CC experience.  For launch, we have created a collection of about 10 CC experiences.  In the coming months, we hope to release a new CC feature daily.  By 2013, we should have several hundred.  Oh, and did I mention that cat commerce will be completely FREE for our subscribing members?  After April, non-subscribing members will be able to enjoy cats at just 5 cents per cat, with volume discounts available.  And during our launch month of April, we are going to let all registered users enjoy cats at absolutely no cost.  Non-logged in buyers will need to sign up for an account to use cats.

We are extremely excited about the potential for "Bonanza... with cats!" to consolidate the most fundamental forces on the Internet.  No longer will users need to visit fifteen different sites to fill their daily quota of shopping and cats. 

Following the rollout of "Bonanza... with cats!" we look forward to eventually incorporate other popular animals, including dogs and horses.  Just click on the "with cats" words in our logo (or below) to get started.

Click "cats," get cats

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