Ways to Increase Your Black Friday Sales

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Close your eyes and imagine this:

It’s a cold and blustery Thanksgiving afternoon. You’ve slipped on your fuzziest pair of socks and donned your comfiest couch potato duds. You hear the soft crackling of a wood-burning fire and the sweet dreams of upcoming holiday splendor fill your mind.

Your belly is full of all your favorite Thanksgiving essentials, and muffled sounds of conversation can be heard in the distance. Just as you feel yourself drifting into a nice fireside slumber, a shock wave travels through your brain and your eyes snap open.

“Black Friday,” says your brain, and your peaceful mood is interrupted by the thoughts of the weekend shopping craze to come.

At Bonanza, we want to help you prepare for Black Friday so you don’t have to stress out over the holiday weekend. How are we doing this? By sharing holiday resources like:

We also want to help you set your booth up for success before Black Friday, so Thanksgiving can be spent relaxing with peace of mind. Today, we’re here to share three things you can “set and forget” for Black Friday: TurboTraffic, Customer Marketing Campaigns, and booth coupons.


Looking for a way to boost traffic to your booth just in time for the holidays? Try a TurboTraffic pack. A long-time Bonanza seller favorite, TurboTraffic works in tandem with our advertising program to get maximum exposure for your store and listings. Platinum and Titan receive TurboTraffic as a perk of their membership plan, but all sellers can enjoy the rewards of TurboTraffic. We offer individual TurboTraffic packs to all sellers for $24.95 per pack.

TurboTraffic during the holidays

Is TurboTraffic worth it? Last year’s holiday numbers speak for themselves! On average, sellers who purchased TurboTraffic between November 15th and December 15th saw page view increases of 162% while their revenue increased by 257%.

TurboTraffic illustration

So, what's new?

We want TurboTraffic to be as accessible as possible. Soon, sellers will be able to use their reward tokens to purchase TurboTraffic packs! A TurboTraffic pack will cost 10,000 tokens, and tokens cannot be combined with other payment methods. This addition will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

TurboTraffic token

To use tokens to pay for TurboTraffic once live, visit your TurboTraffic dashboard and select “Get more traffic.” If you have enough tokens to complete the purchase, you’ll see the option to use tokens as your payment method.

Tokens can be earned every day just by visiting your rewards dashboard. You also earn tokens when you unlock profile badges, and we periodically send out seller survey opportunities that come with token rewards.

Ready to try TurboTraffic and boost your exposure for the holiday shopping rush? Purchase a TurboTraffic pack today.

Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: building customer loyalty is a cornerstone of long-term business success. That’s why we created the Customer Marketing Tool (CMT).

This free feature allows you to create special campaigns for your customers based on just about anything: when they made a purchase, how much they spent, and what categories they made purchases from, to name a few. Set your marketing lists to automatically update and add new subscribers who fit the criteria of the list. The best part about this tool? Sales made from CMT coupons are commission free.

To make this tool even easier to use, we’ve created a pre-made campaign template – available for a limited time! – that’s designed to offer savings to your customers during the busy Black Friday weekend. To promote your booth to your buyers in time for the shopping season, simply create a new campaign using our Black Friday Shopping template.

image of the Black Friday customer marketing coupon tool

Using these templates couldn’t be easier. Hover over the template image, click “Preview” and then “Publish.”

a gif that shows how the CMT works

Want to customize your campaign? Click “Select” when hovering and you can alter the discount percentage or audience to fit your needs. Once you publish your campaign, it will be visible for your selected audience on their account dashboard and on the “My Seller Coupons” page. Users who have opted into email announcements will receive campaigns in emails, as well.

Discounts & Coupons

Creating custom coupons is a great way to promote the items you have for sale, especially during Black Friday weekend when shoppers are hunting for major deals. This holiday season, we’ll be promoting discounted items & coupons in the hand-picked lists featured on our homepage. To publish a coupon, visit the Discounts & Coupons tab of your booth settings.

image of a booth discount

You can choose to create a percentage discount or specify a dollar amount off the item listing price. Once a coupon is published, it will show on our Coupons and Deals page, as well as at the top of your item listing pages.

image of a listing discount

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens

TurboTraffic, Customer Marketing Campaigns, and booth coupons are a few of our favorite things designed to drive buyer traffic to your booth this holiday season. Got any other tips for your fellow Bonanza sellers? Sound off below or head over to the community boards!


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  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    11/16/18 at 13:39:13

    Thanks for the information. FYI, I’ve purchased four TurboTraffic packages in the past. They have all worked for me. Three worked great. One was just modestly successful, but still profitable. I will be trying them again.

  • abigdogmom says:
    11/16/18 at 16:45:46

    I am pleased to see the opportunity to pay for Turbo Traffic with tokens will soon be available. Is this just through the holidays, or will it be a permanent offering?

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    11/19/18 at 09:07:48

    Hi abigdogmom,

    This will be a permanent offering! Time for a happy dance.


  • saadmuhyi says:
    11/17/18 at 13:21:18

    I am pleased with that

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  • abigdogmom says:
    11/21/18 at 04:01:58

    BonanzaGrace, I am doing a happy dance about the Turbo Traffic news. Now, if Stripe would be available for everybody, that would be the icing on the cake.

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    Thank you for tips Bonanza!

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    If we can offer a store coupon to new visitors it will increase their desire to buy

  • digitaldealztoday says:
    11/25/18 at 03:16:37

    Great Black Friday marketing campaign. Love it.

  • shannonsfashionshow says:
    11/27/18 at 06:41:38

    You’re still ignoring my emails to reinstate my account pending eBay reviews. Aren’t you supposed to be proud of the fact that you’re not eBay?

    Why is your support team so unresponsive?

  • vives_healthy says:
    11/27/18 at 17:28:09

    Great info on the statistics of the holiday sales from last year, thank you!

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