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Changes on the horizon
alexwberg Sep 20, 2010

Changes on the horizon

Hi everyone – I want to give you all an advance heads-up of a change we have coming for Bonanzas. 

As many of you know our time-based sales known as ‘Bonanzas’ haven’t been terribly effective in driving sales.  We’ve received lots of feedback on Bonanzas from you and are actively working on a new direction for them that is still rooted in some of the same ideas, but radically better. 

Our goal with the new direction is to provide greater context and relevance to the items being sold and provide more effective marketing to drive sales.  Additionally, we’re also working on improving the discover-ability of the items on sale as well as improving the overall shopping experience for customers.  Right now there’s no easy way to browse all the items actively in a Bonanza making the ‘block parties’ really hard to shop.  We aim to fix that.  In fact, we aim to build on the block party concept in a big way so thanks for the idea! 

If you want to schedule Bonanzas in their current style please do so over the next three days.  We'll support them, but will be shutting down the ability to set-up a new Bonanza this week in anticipation of our exciting new offering. 

Thanks.  And more to come!  Soon…..

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27 responses to Changes on the horizon

fairdeals4u says: 09/20/10 at 09:53:01

what do you have in mind? auctions? lol

Well bonanzas have not done anything for me so any new changes are good…

MoviesMediaAndMore says: 09/20/10 at 09:57:13

And the evolution of bonanzle continues…
Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Your Friend,

VINTAGECHIC817 says: 09/20/10 at 10:04:06

I would like to suggest getting rid of the music player that is on the banners during the Bonanza’s for me it freezes up my page….during mine and a several that I visited during kept freezing up but as soon as I got off that page everything was fine again…
Can’t wait to see the new changes…Thank you for all you do for us here at Bonanzle….

STBThreadworks says: 09/20/10 at 10:05:52

Great, Alex. We have never run a Bonanza but look forward to anything that improves the chances of sellers selling and buyers buying!

AntiquesRGreat says: 09/20/10 at 10:07:35

Alex that’s great news! Glad to see you guys wanting to support member event’s like the block parties!

AbbysAttic says: 09/20/10 at 10:14:18

I’ve participated in 4 block parties and have sold 2 items. Anxious to see what’s on the horizon.

HavensRainbow says: 09/20/10 at 10:15:10

Thank you for supporting the sellers in this way!!

CoinsYouWant says: 09/20/10 at 10:21:45

Hoping for more sales that’s for sure!!!

ZenGirl says: 09/20/10 at 10:37:19

I’m willing to try anything that will increase views and that can help convert those views to sales!

AspenGoldRidge says: 09/20/10 at 10:39:30

We appreciate any opportunity to drive more buyers to our booth. Currently we have about 150 items listed. We also have another 800-900 unique items in reserve. We look forward to participating in any new selling venue!

Indizona says: 09/20/10 at 10:57:36

Can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve.

Getables says: 09/20/10 at 12:29:34

I know it will be something unique!

driver211 says: 09/20/10 at 12:40:10

Maybe some dancing guys or girls for entertainment? LOL

Actually my sale went fine, peeps went way way up and that certainly looked great on the rating scale.
We still need to get the Bonanzle name out there as often
as possible.

I have a few cheesy jokes I could tell in my booth if that will help!

lol1955 says: 09/20/10 at 14:40:37

One thing that would help me as a shopper is a link to the list of booths holding a Bonanza at any given time. I frequently shop based on prior sales experience with a vendor so being able to find them in say an alphabetized list of active Bonanzas would be a treat.

GINGERH1003 says: 09/20/10 at 15:26:45

Just loving the anticipation of something new!
Thanks for all your hard work Bonanzle team!

samnboop says: 09/20/10 at 17:20:47

Cant wait to see all the changes !

TxSTar1953 says: 09/20/10 at 17:54:50

I’m curious on what is going to happen. I can’t wait to find out. Thanks for always looking out for us.

gold&heart says: 09/20/10 at 18:10:43

Sounds great! I think it would also help searches to have more options in descriptions and traits, I always run short of options and have to list “other” so I would like to see very much that we have a spaces in the drop downs to write in a descriptive word like the big bay does it.

renagade says: 09/20/10 at 18:13:19

Will be interesting to see ..

As long as it is not a game – Im Game (LOL)

SunflowerAntics says: 09/20/10 at 18:22:07

Oh Alex – this sounds exciting
I can tell something is different around the Ranch! List’d and item yesterday and within minutes it was SOLD to someone who doesn’t even have me as a favorite. And today, got a bmail from a Bonz Buyer on how they can find “another” of an item I sold a LONG TIME ago!

I don’t know what you all are up to and how big the scope of it is – but whatever it is – I LIKE it!

ladivafashion says: 09/20/10 at 18:24:23

Change is good! The Bonanzas are fun, but not very profitable overall, so I look forward to the next best thing!

alexwberg says: 09/20/10 at 21:21:47

Thanks for all the positive vibes everyone. So many big things afoot. And more than just our bonanzas. ; )

therainforest says: 09/20/10 at 21:28:25

Glad to hear it, dudes.

alexwberg says: 09/20/10 at 22:29:33

And, as you might have noticed, we’ll be re-naming them too.

TshirtsGalore says: 09/20/10 at 23:01:58

I am soooo excited & very happy that I am here while this place is new and can grow right along with it

bogcandle says: 09/21/10 at 07:33:15

So glad to hear you’re working on the bonanza idea. I like the concept of the block parties but there has to be a way to make them run smoother, bring in more outside buyers, and let the world know about them.

MamawsButtonsAndMore says: 09/21/10 at 10:47:15

AllI can say is WOW I can’t wait to see what is coming next

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