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Legend says that nearly 127 years ago, Santa had a bunch of toys left over (cause everyone was really bad back in the old days) that were causing a riff between him and Mrs Claus.  Mrs Claus had enough of it and threatened Santa with no cookies for dessert unless he cleaned out the workshop.  With his mind set on snickerdoodles, Santa needed to cook up a plan, quick-like.  That is when he shared his story with Buddy the Elf (his trusted 1/2 human 1/2 elf) who suggested that Santa have a mid year sale to liquidate his stock of toys.  Santa applauded Buddy for his slick idea and even promised Buddy that he would eventually introduce Buddy to his real father in New York, in the future of course.  

Today we call this yearly event the "Christmas in July" sale and right now is the time to get signed up and get ready.  This community run event is a great opportunity to network with your fellow sellers, get involved, and have some fun!  It is also a great way to promote your booth and the cost to participate is free ninety nine (free, no cost, free banners, etc).

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE/SIGN UP (Everyone is welcome)


Here is just one of many banners that are being created to celebrate this annual event.

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  • FrogAndBearCreations says:
    06/18/13 at 12:34:50

    Ok, I’ll play!
    My items have all been greatly discounted so I won’t offer any coupons – is that an issue?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    06/18/13 at 12:39:28

    Sweet! I am sure the CIJ folks will be thrilled to have you! You can find out about coupons and all of the details here:

  • reksplace says:
    06/18/13 at 12:53:22

    Mark. Are you sure about that.
    It is well known that this was the year that France finished and presented the Statue of Liberty to the US, and that Geronimo surrendered to the US Government. It was also the year of the Monster 7.3 Earthquake in Charleston (Summervile) S.C.
    But I cannot find any record of the alleged brutality (I also love Snikerdoodle cookies)heaped upon Santa by his seemingly domineering Mrs.

  • MyTexasTreasures says:
    06/18/13 at 13:30:55

    lol, reksplace, history books are never completely accurate.
    As July is one of the slowest retail and online sales months of the year, Christmas in July is a great way to generate sales. Plus it is fun. I looked back at my sales for last July CIJ, I had 23. And I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done too. year. Lots of different events to sign up for.

  • jdsgiftshack says:
    06/18/13 at 16:22:19

    This is such a fun event…lots of great discounts…and we even have ways that you can win prizes..and who doesn’t like winning a prize??? This event really does help in generating sales during such a slow time of the year! Its a great way to start your early Christmas shopping….get birthday gifts and anything else you are in need of! EVERYONE IS WELCOME…SO GO SIGN UP!!!!!

  • chelleyscottage says:
    06/18/13 at 19:41:46

    I am already signed up and I can’t wait! (But now I am going to be thinking about snickerdoodles all night!)

  • gramagrama says:
    06/19/13 at 06:35:46

    Have Some Extra Special Fun by signing up for CIJ Secret Santa Promotion!
    CHRISTMAS IN JULY SECRET SANTA SIGN-UPS going on Now through June 30th.
    Lets make this July Spectacular!!!

  • WilliamsTools says:
    06/19/13 at 19:44:05

    I would love to sign up.
    Since July is Googles’deadline for sorting out the lanket “False” GTIN statements that you have implemented , will bonanza have resolved the software problem that will make our items invisible to web searches ?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    06/19/13 at 20:39:00

    Glad you are going to sign up William, the CIJ crew will be glad to have you.

    Regarding any other questions you have about Google Shopping or anything like that, please direct them to so we can help.

  • xxPhyndz says:
    06/20/13 at 07:37:30

    Mark, as I’ve mentioned before, I believe the new “Community” page (including scaled down forums) is difficult to find now. If one is offered different options to choose from when hovering over the “Community” heading (top of pages), why would one then also decide to click on the heading word (ie "Community) itself? YOU know where the new community page is because you all created it. Members who have been around for a while eventually find it. But what about newbies? How are they going to find the CIJ thread? What if they don’t read the blog posts? I believe you’re really limiting exposure to this event by making forums so challenging to locate.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    06/20/13 at 10:41:00

    Thank you for your feedback. We do plan to take another pass at our community pages and appreciate you taking the time to comment. If you have specific improvements that you would like to see on our existing community pages, please send those to support so we can review.

  • divinefabricsnmore says:
    06/20/13 at 08:04:40

    I Always Believed that ‘’Christmas In July’’ was a ‘’Fun Idea!’’ The Sellers/Members who ‘’are in charge’’ of CIJ: Including: CIJ Sign Ups, the Contests, the Block Party, and the Secret Santa ~ Always Do a Most TERRIFIC job for their events and for the signed up sellers who join such, too – Thank You One and All! Once again, this year, it’s been an Honor and Privilege for me to be one of many Banner and Matching Avatar providers. It’s Refreshing to See a Blog about This Event ~ Wishing All Signed Up Sellers the VERY Best in their CIJ Sales!
    I NOW have 2 LARGER Sized CIJ Banners available in My Booth for THIS Event!

  • TallulahSoaps says:
    06/20/13 at 10:19:02

    I signed up yesterday!!!

  • jewelsbyfaith says:
    06/20/13 at 12:53:29

    I’m new this year to Bonanza and I’m also the hostess for the CIJ Block party this year. There aren’t a lot of sign ups yet so if you’d like to join in on the fun, games and prizes sign up for the CIJ first and the Block party, Secret Santa and join the HPL, VIDEO, BLOG contest! Sign up links for each one below!
    Block Party:
    Secret Santa:
    HPL, VIDEO, BLOG contest:

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