Spring Cleaning: Updates to the Booth Edit Pages

a.k.a, what's happening to the "Advanced Settings" page?

Cleaning The Old Junk Drawer

If you have a booth on Bonanza, you may remember the headache of finding some obscure setting for it. For the most part, those controls were in the "Advanced Settings" page; a junk drawer of toggles that weren't even all that advanced. What's worse, there were other ways to edit your booth that didn't even make it into that junk drawer.  You had the pleasure of scouring the rest of Bonanza to try to find them.

We really wanted to clean that up.  We strongly believe that it's our responsibility is to provide a hassle-free experience to anyone who tries to sell their products with us. Any seller that chooses to invest their time with us should find that their investment is worthwhile. There's nothing worthwhile about wasting time trying to find where things are.

Also, we believed that many sellers weren't aware of some of the features we offered because they were too hard to find. What's the point of offering a feature that empower sellers if no one knows where it is or how to use it? What we needed was a clean way to present all of our booth options to every seller.

Introducing: Edit Booth Options

 From your "Sell on Bonanza" drop down at the top of the site, there will be a new choice to edit your booth options. The first of the booth options is the "basic settings."

Bonanza: Edit Basic Settings

Other tabs near the top of the page link to other ways you can set up your booth. The sections are:

  • Basic settings: these are really the basics of how your booth is set up, things like your booth's name, overview, and vacation status.
  • Booth appearance: change the look and feel of your booth, things like your banner, booth panels, and videos.
  • Payments & purchases: control how you accept payments, how your items sell, and who can make offers for your items.
  • Discounts & coupons: offer incentives to buy from you, such as item price discounts, shipping discounts, and coupons.
  • Shipping & returns: clarify your shipping and return policies, say how long it takes you to ship items, and set up shipping profiles.
  • Categories & sorting: organize your items by creating your own categories and sorting your items just the way you like.

Better Help

We don't expect every seller to know what a "combined shipping discount" is when they're setting up their booth for the first time.  There are many terms we use every day that are gobbledygook to most people.  So we've tried to make the help easier to access and more relevant to what you're doing.

Bonanza: Edit Booth Appearance

On each page, there is a Need help? bar that provides contextual help based on where you are, what's going on with your booth, and features you're using.  Or might want to use, as is sometimes the case.

Also, with each section, there is a "Learn more" link that reveals more information when you hover your mouse over it.  These tooltips offer a bit more help without being overwhelming with details.

It Just Looks New

There really isn't any new functionality here, we just tried to clean up the features we already had.  However, we've already heard from some sellers that they're glad we've started offering such-and-such new feature. It isn't surprising, considering how buried some of these old features were.

We've also made it much clearer which options are only available to Bonanza Pro Members.  These features allow sellers to make the most of their time spent with Bonanza and now it's clearer what they're getting for their money.  And it's no secret that we'd like sellers who aren't Pro Members yet to know what they're missing out on!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.  We hope you're a little happier next time you have to set your booth on vacation or update your returns policy.

Due for arrival Friday morning

We're planning to put this live tomorrow (Friday) morning around 10am.  Stay tuned!


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