Spring tips from our Seller Advisory Panel

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Spring is a great time for cleaning, and while you are freshening up for the new season, it's the perfect time to take another look at your booth.

Our Seller Advisory Panel has been working with us for almost a year now. They've helped us set goals, alerted us to pain points from a seller's perspective, and they've come through again with some tips to share with their fellow Bonanzlers.

Rita Laverty with MomentsInThyme and VintageSweetheart shares this:

"I look forward to this time of year.  I like to freshen up listings with new verbiage or added information I might have left out six months ago or maybe even a year ago.  Did I just say that?  Yes, I did! Sometimes when typing out a listing we forget to include all details.  By going over the listing a second time, we can add what we had not included the first time.

You may have been sidetracked by a distraction which I do from time to time. The big dog and the little dog barking and my son wanting my attention as he’s heading out with friends.  We all have had distractions while preparing listings.  You may notice six months later that what you thought you proofread, was really overlooked so now it is time to remove or add additional information to a listing. A few new photos, keywords, checking weights for shipping ie; maybe shipping in a polybag or bubble bag compared to a box when shipping a non-breakable item.  At the time I thought the item could ship in a box now I happened to have a polybag or bubble bag on hand which can be used to ship.  I recently went through my listings and looked at a few items here and there.  What I thought of how I would ship an item six months ago for a non-breakable item has now changed to save my buyer on shipping.  I felt good that I found a mistake and corrected it to benefit my future buyer.  You can too!"

Brian Schnurr with NordstromsAuto

"I know that we always look at our sales numbers in the spring to refresh our memory and see what sells at that time of year. For automotive, people have more time for the projects that were not repaired because it was too cold and 'worked good enough' or for example air conditioning, which just wasn’t needed. Now that spring has arrived they are getting into those projects like fixing the window regulator, AC compressor, cleaning the interior, maybe swapping out that rusty fender or door. For others, I would say take a look at your inventory and see what 'you' would rather do in the warmer months, and most likely others have the same thought. I know I just added a rain barrel at home as well as the concrete pavers under it and the sand to level it. Get those items up there for sale if they are not, or get the sales promotions so they are in the banners and ads to get them moving.  Keep in mind that the stimulus checks and tax returns are coming out as well, some people need to pay bills but others also need to spend on things that got neglected in the past year. It might just be what you have to sell and keep your business flourishing in this crazy time! Good luck to all and stay safe."

John Hazard with Neck Ties And Cuff Links , Shot Glass Heaven , and christmas_365

"It's spring cleaning and outdoor winter clean-up time. Open windows, clean out closets, and update your Bonanza booth! Some items have new traits that need filling. Shipping rates need evaluating and adjusting with some needing an additional dimensional check. Pricing needs evaluation and adjusting. Going over inventory knowing some formerly popular items are no longer in favor."

Angela M with Ang's Online Closet

"Hello!  The one idea I have is making sure that my supplies are all stocked up - packing tape, padded envelopes, ink for the printer, etc."

Judy, our triage maven, also owns her own business and sells on Bonanza. She wanted to add a few tips to go with Angela's materials list.

  • We put in a full pack slip that includes our phone number, email, a detail of what they bought, and a hand-signed thank you note.
  • Thank you note has all of the sites we sell on and may include a coupon code to get the buyer back for another sale.
  • Communication is key to building online sales. Since a buyer cannot "see" you the only way to sell is to communicate via email. Failing to respond is like walking into a brick/mortar store and all of the salespeople just stare at you without saying a word.
  • Online sales need a base. It does not cost anything to list here at Bonanza unless you want a membership or other add-ons. So expanding to Bonanza, even in addition to other markets, gives the seller another opportunity to be seen on the web. It is a total marketing tool for any seller.

Adam from AtPeaceMemorials has a unique viewpoint about finding your big movers:

"So, I know this is just specific to MY industry, but we sell a whole line of biodegradable cremation urns that are meant to be placed or tossed in bodies of water and it is a dignified way of scattering your loved one's ashes on the water, and now that Spring is here, and the weather is getting nicer, we have seen an explosion in sales of those items. For other sellers, it may be things like Spring clothes, or bikes, or outdoor activity equipment, but for us, that is the big mover right now."

Cindy from The Teddy Bear Den and It's Your Turn advises:

"This time of the year is clean up of listings, adding listings, re-do Twitter, and work on my business Facebook page. Also, I try to clean up my Pinterest boards by removing/updating pictures."

Thanks to our panel for sharing these great tips! If you have any tips be sure to leave them in the comments.

If you are updating your booth and run into any questions we are here to help at [email protected] Happy Spring to all!

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  • supsilver says:
    03/23/21 at 08:45:39

    Thank you for sharing wonderful idea.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/23/21 at 08:52:14

    Hi supsilver! You’re welcome! Our Seller Advisory Panel has been very helpful in many ways. I was happy to share these great tips from them.

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    03/23/21 at 08:57:10

    I don’t do anything specific for Spring time. I will add that I think it is important to make regular backups of your computer data files. Everybody have a great Spring!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/23/21 at 09:34:43

    Hi Steve! That is a great tip! It is easily overlooked and a reminder to backup your data is very helpful. Thanks!

  • antivirusspecialist says:
    03/23/21 at 10:05:51

    Thank you for sharing tips from Advisory Panel.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/23/21 at 11:08:06

    You’re welcome, antivirusspecialist! I appreciate all the ways the Advisory Panel has helped out.

  • naoual_loukili says:
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    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/23/21 at 11:32:14

    Hi naoual_loukili! Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog!

  • Zelis_Leather says:
    03/23/21 at 12:35:03

    Thank you verry much for sharing

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/23/21 at 13:16:07

    Hi Zelis_Leather! You’re welcome! Thanks for being a part of our Bonanza community.

  • CaringForPaws says:
    03/23/21 at 13:06:19

    I used to think I backed up on a regular basis but whenever I had a failure it seemed that I “just forgot” (for the last month) and had to rebuild, if possible. So my tip would be to invest a small amount to get automatic backup. I get backed up daily now and for some reason :-) my drive failures are reduced as well. Go figure.

    PS: Always good to see the Blue Penny Lady’s store. Picked up another tip today.

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    03/25/21 at 03:30:33

    Hi, CaringForPaws,

    Great reminder, Running daily backups for an online business is very important. Thank you for sharing that!

    It is always good to see you. So glad the info on the blog was helpful!

  • ooak says:
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    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/25/21 at 09:28:56

    So glad you did, thanks ooak!

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    Thank you very much

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    You’re welcome, Morocco_Store!

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    Thank you very much for sharing. I will continue to learn.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    03/25/21 at 09:30:50

    Great, favofans! We were happy to be able to share the tips from our Seller Advisory Panel!

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    Thank you

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    Thank you mam for wonderful ideas

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    Thanks, A2onza816, glad you like them!

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