TurboTraffic Raffle Winners

wheel of names

All the names from the comments on the blog were entered onto the Wheel of Names and we spun it to select our ten winners.

Here are our lucky winners of a free TurboTraffic package.

  • Amy_BargainBin
  • CountryLaneJewelry
  • public-direct
  • caprice86
  • TimePeace
  • themotorcyclestore
  • DavidL2727
  • Vintagesan
  • spanallin
  • Extra_Mile_4_You

I've already applied the traffic boost to the winners' booths. The extra advertising is starting today.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all that entered the raffle. Now is the best time of year to add a traffic boost to your booth! To purchase this extra advertising for the holiday weekend, click on the link below. For more information, check out Brianna's video.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all!

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