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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Booth overview

I strive to maintain excellent customer service and satisfaction, including a guarantee of every item as it is described in my booth. You are eligible for a refund within 15 days if you are dissatisfied with your purchase due to an error on my part or if the item doesn’t arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items are NOT returnable. These items will have why they are not on the individual Listing.

I adhere to the “Independent Online Bookseller Association (IOBA)”Code of Ethics, use their Book Terminology and Book Condition Definitions for all of my book, journal and magazine listings

AS NEW; FINE; MINT: Without faults or defects.
NEAR FINE: a book approaching FINE (or AS NEW or MINT) but with a couple of very minor defects or faults, which must be noted.
[NOTE: From here on, there may be “+ (Plus)” or “- (Minus)” in a grade, which will mean that it is above the grade noted but not quite to the next higher grade for “+”, and that it is below the grade noted but not quite to the next lower grade for “-”, i.e., Very Good + (or Plus)/Very Good – (or Minus). Which means the book is better than Very Good and the dust jacket grade is less than Very Good.]
VERY GOOD: A book showing some signs of wear. Any defects or faults must be noted.
GOOD: The average used book that is totally complete (as issued) and intact. Any defects must be noted.
FAIR: A worn book that has complete text pages (including those with maps or plates) but may lack endpapers, half-title page, etc. Any defects or faults must be noted.
POOR or READING COPY: A book that is sufficiently worn that its only merit is the complete text, which must be legible. Any missing maps or plates must be noted. May be soiled, scuffed, stained, or spotted, and may have loose joints, hinges, pages, etc.
EX-LIBRARY: Must always be designated as such no matter what the condition of the book.
BOOK CLUB: Must always be noted as such no matter what the condition of the book.
BINDING COPY: A book in which the text block, including illustrations, is complete but the binding is lacking, or in such poor condition it is beyond realistic restoration efforts.
REMAINDER MARKS, BOOKPLATES, PREVIOUS OWNER’S NAME: These are faults and must always be noted, if they apply.
Dust Jacket (DJ) or Dust Wrapper (DW): The paper cover placed on the exterior of a hardback book. This is most desirable with collectors and adds additional value, depending on the book and condition of the dust Jacket ,its price may increase by 25 to 100%.

I use the following classifications to describe Dust jackets
Non Included
Like New
Near Fine
Very Good

If there any items you are seeking drop me a request at and I will check to see if I have the item and haven’t priced it prior to it being listed in my booth.

I will be updating the items posted for sale on a daily basis. I will be stocking it with low availability, high demand items first.

Shipping policy

Framed and unframed original illustrations may be shipped after being packed by Pak Mail who have earned a reputation among the art community as a preferred custom packing service provider. They create a custom packing solutions to ensure its safe arrival. Their custom packaging includes appropriate internal protection for high value and one-of-a-kind items.

The cost of packing, insuring and shipping of these items require up to 3 business days for a response.

All merchandise is shipped via ( UPS), (FedEx) or (USPS).

I WILL NOT SHIP to addresses outside of the United States.

I WILL NOT SHIP to APOS, FPO, or U.S. Territories.

Books will be subject to different shipping prices due to special pricing or due to additional insurance costs. I will select the service. Customers in the United States can select any service they desire, at additional cost , from the USPS, UPS or FedEx services

Items will be shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving your order. In the United States, please allow up to 7 business days for standard delivery, 2 business days for 2nd day air, and 1 business day for overnight.

Shipping and handling charges are determined at the time of ordering. Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. EST, on weekends, or on holidays will not ship until the next business day. Shipping delays due to emergency conditions beyond my control are non-refundable.

Shipping prices quoted are for continental US 48 ONLY – Hawaii or Alaska will be more on large items. Orders shipped to Hawaii or Alaska may require additional charges.

Please contact me for the additional charges

Return policy

Refunds available: See booth/item description for details

I strive to maintain excellent customer service and satisfaction, including a guarantee of every item as it’s described in my booth. You are eligible for a refund within 15 days if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase due to an error on my part or if the item doesn’t arrive.


There are no refunds available for Back Issues of Magazines, Journals, comic books, Catalogs, Model Kits, Diorama kits, Military Miniature kits, Board Game.

Please see below for information on how to initiate a return.

1. Incorrect item/Not As Described/Damaged

Full refund of the purchase price, including original shipping costs, if your return is the result of an error on my part or if you receive the incorrect item .

IF IT IS INSURED and if it arrives damaged, you’ll also be refunded return shipping equal to the original charge. To receive a refund, you must return your item within 15 days of the delivery date and in the same condition you received it in.

2. Item Did Not Arrive

Full refund of the purchase price, including shipping costs, if your item hasn’t arrived 8 days past the estimated delivery date, up until 30 days past. (For example, when the estimated delivery date is March 1st, the return can be initiated between March 8th and April 1st.)

If I provides tracking information indicating the item has arrived, the return is void.

In cases where the item is returned to me for any of the following reasons, the refund price includes item price only: incomplete address, unclaimed, returned to sender, or similar.

3. You Do Not Want the Item

I will not accept returns if you HAVE changed your mind about an item.

4. Partial Refunds

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason but still wish to keep the item, you can negotiate a partial refund with me for an amount that is agreeable to both of us.

Partial refunds can only be issued on the item price. Please note that while you may request a partial refund, I will not be obligated to provide one and, depending on your reason for the request, you may prefer to return the item for a full refund instead.


There are no refunds available for Back Issues of Magazines, Journals, comic books, Catalogs, Model Kits, Diorama kits, Military Miniature kits, autographed items.

Miscellaneous details


The Kits placed for sale are Originals. The kits are guaranteed to be originals and ARE NOT reproductions. This applies to all parts, decals, instructions and boxes. Exceptions will be noted in the item details. The kits are up to 60 years old and may have minor flaws. There could be some shipping damage or manufacturing flaws.


1. FACTORY SEALED (Never opened and parts have not been inventoried)

2. OPEN (with factory sealed bags where the parts have not been removed from the bags. The parts have not been inventoried)

3. INVENTORIED AS COMPLETE. A complete piece inventory was done and the kit is complete with all parts, decals, and instructions if supplied. Any anomaly will be noted.

4. INVENTORIED NOT COMPLETE The kit part inventory revealed missing parts which are identified and noted. Any anomaly will be noted.

5. Glue, paint, brushes and any other accessories that were in the kits will NOT BE INCLUDED unless noted.

6. Please note that OLD DECALS may not work and you may have to replace them with secondary market decals

Plastic Model Kits: Injection molded kits are the most available type of model kit.

Vacuform: Some kits come with metal and/or resin details like landing gear struts, wheels, machine guns, engines and even cockpits. Significant modeling and scratch building skills are needed to build Vacuform kits.

Metal or Fiberglass Model Kits: Are kits where most of their parts are steel, brass, copper or other metals or glass mat and resin.

Multimedia Model Kits: Are kits that use two or more materials. Examples are plastic and brass (photoetched), plastic and resin, resin and PE metal, wood and metal and many more.

1. MINT: The box is flawless {Like New} except for traditional small manufacturing imperfections.

2. NEAR MINT: The box has VERY minor scuffs, edge wear, creases or tears. There are no serious defects that could detract from the box.

3. EXCELLENT: The box has Minor scuffs, edge wear, creasing/bends, small tears, and corner wear. It may have several smaller flaws but no major ones.

4. VERY GOOD: The box is collectible, but has problems like a price tag tear, a few split corners, some fading, staining, over-spray, creasing from smaller boxes being placed on top, pencil point holes, etc.

5. GOOD: The box has colorful box art but more visible problems like corner splits, tape tears, large creases from stacking, serious edge wear/corner wear, etc.

6. FAIR: The box has serious tears, stains, splits, cuts, creasing, obvious writing, etc. In other words, a good kit to build.

7. POOR: The box is worn with many serious flaws. Not collectible but ideal parts kits or builder material.


AZMilitaria@BONANZA.COM is not a hobby shop. We sell prior owned/second-hand kits that may be out of production. We are not associated with Revell, Hasegawa, Tamiya, etc and do not receive any of the support that a hobby shop receives.

1. Bonanza insures that you receive the kit(s) that you ordered in the exact condition described.

2. Older kit values depend on five items: rarity, subject matter, box condition, assembly status and completeness. Rarity and subject matter are highly subjective and beyond our control.

3. Box Condition is graded according to a grading scale. Values decrease with lower box quality.

4. Assembly Status of the kit is checked and if it has been started, the work done and the quality of the work are specified in the description.

5. Completeness of the kits are specified.
a. Factory sealed kits are assumed complete. They will not be opened and inspected as removing the seal would decrease the value of the kit.

b. Internally factory bag sealed kits are assumed to be complete. They will not be opened and inspected as opening the bag would decrease the value. Some kits were issued with some parts internally sealed and some loose (never bagged). In this case, the never sealed parts are inventoried before the kit is placed on the website. If complete, the kit will still be described as ‘factory sealed internal bags’.

c. If an opened kit is not internally sealed, it is fully inventoried against the instructions before the kit is placed on the website. If parts are missing, they will be noted in the description. Original glue, paint brushes, paints, body filler, etc are never present unless specifically noted.

d. If any parts or decals do not belong in that issue (e.g. the plastic is a different color), it will be noted in the description.

e. Kits will never be resealed – inside or out. Kits with suspicious external seals will be opened and inventoried before they are listed on the website and will be sold as opened kits.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL There are No exchanges. If an item is not as described, please email immediately (within 7 days of receipt) and clearly explain the issue. AZMilitaria will:

1. Ask you to return the kit in the identical condition that it was received for a full store credit towards any future purchase. A full credit is defined as the sum of (original purchase price) + (original shipping cost) + (return shipping cost). Return shipping is by a specified method such as USPS Parcel Post

1. You received a kit that was physically different from the one you ordered
2. You ordered a factory sealed kit and received an open kit
3. You ordered a kit specified as internally sealed and it was not internally sealed
4. You ordered a kit specified as complete/not started and it was incomplete/started
Full database record documentation is maintained that verifies the condition of your order(s) to assist in confirming if a return credit will be honored.

1. A factory sealed kit that has been opened

2. An internally sealed kit that has had an internal bag or bags opened

3. The parts are off the trees or sprues. Kits are not inspected for this since motion during shipping would remove parts from the sprue regardless.

4. Decals that are curled, yellow or do not work. Exceptional damage or wear of decals will be noted in the description.

5. Instructions have general age wear – yellowed, edge chips or limited crease splits or writing. Exceptional damage or wear of instructions will be noted in the description.

6. Minor broken parts (e.g. prop blades, etc), small short shots or other minor manufacturing defects. Many of these kits are up to 60 years old and may have minor flaws although complete. Major molding defects and breakage will be noted in the description.

7. Design or detail of the kit is not up to your personal standards. the kits are sold as collectibles and you are building them at your own risk. Any comments in the description made about mold or kit quality are relative to the year that the kit was first released.

8. The kit is too difficult for you to build. Again, the kits are sold as collectibles. Vacuform and wooden kits are for highly experienced modelers only.

9. The kit was damaged in shipment by the USPS. All kit orders are insured and if it is damaged in shipping, you will have to file the claim. Save the box and all packing material. Take photos of the damage and file the claim immediately. All orders are packed in USPS approved weight cardboard boxes, but once it leaves our business, it is in the hands of the postal service.

10. Weeks or months later additional parts are found to be are missing. Please inspect your kits within the 7 day inspection period.

11. Failing to read a kit description, i.e. attempting to return any kit that is exactly as described

12. Removing parts from a complete kit, and then attempting to return the kit as incomplete. This behavior is rare, but it does happen.

I have been adding “Odds & Ends” categories to my booth for items that do not qualify to be listed as “Collectible Militaria” in nature. Again, I have been looking for the unique and collectible items to add in this area of my booth.

Seller coupons & discounts

Combined item discount: 10% off w/ $250.00 spent

Shipping discount: Items after first shipped each discounted $1.00

Seller badges

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