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Booth overview

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Shipping policy

WE SHIP WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY! We also combine shipping for up to 12 items!!

Return policy

Full refund available within 30 days

Miscellaneous details

spell cast jewelry, haunted, spirits, djinn ring, genie ring ,Magick, love spell, money spells

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Stay Beautiful , A few of my favorite things

Booth fans

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Seller coupons & discounts

Combined item discount: 66% off w/ $30.00 spent

Shipping discount: Items after first shipped each discounted $0.00

Seller badges

Voted in EcommerceBytes 2018 survey 5-year Bonanzler Customer Marketing Customers Voted in EcommerceBytes 2017 survey 2000th Sale Early Adopter 10,000 Pageviews Widget Wizard Customized Party of 50 Voted in EcommerceBytes 2016 survey Inventorious Tagger Perfect Attendance
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