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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Booth overview

Welcome Friends!
Diva Invites you to Celebrate an enhanced fashion lifestyle.
Shopping ~ Donates Into Violence Abuse Shelters (spells divas)
WHAT can YOU do to help? Most everyone has a woman in their life.
Shop with us – at DiVASHACK!

*COVID-19 IS AN ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS TIME FOR ABUSED LADIES. So at this time. We are ESPECIALLY THANKFUL for your SUPPORT to ~ Donate Into Violence Abuse Shelters
By Shopping ~ http://DiVASHACK.Bonanza.Com

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Write us anytime! [email protected] (Love to hear from you)
We provide you with a Confirmation Invoice Email
We send you a confirmation invoice, Where we ask for your measures, as well as double check for errors, it’s confirmation for your records. If it is ALL correct, provide the measures, and if there is ANY error, LET US KNOW, as we ship according to the info you gave if we do not hear from you.
Most items process in 3 – 5 days.

How Do I Know Which Size To Order?
Charts are available with each items description. Sizes run small, as they are Asian. Compare your measurements to the charts provided for a fit. Select the size that best matches your largest measurement ( bust, waist or hip). If you’re between sizes, it’s usually best to order the next larger size so you’ll have room to move or so that alterations can easily be made as needed.
Please ignore the tag size comes with the clothes. The tag size sometimes can be a larger than our description size because those are Label Sizes for Chinese which are 1 or 2 sizes smaller than European and American people.

Processing and Shipping: timing is provided in item’s description. For faster shipping options, see our “Shipping Policies”. *NOTE: Our shipping policy includes the tracking sites you will need in order to track your package. Bonanza’s auto tracking is NOT the correct tracking site for most of our items, because we ship from China not from the U.S. for most items.

All paid items ship FREE World-Wide via China Air Post & USPS delivery services.

Faster shipping is available When timing is what’s important, let us know when you need your item by, use our link located in “shipping policy” for faster shipping >

Look good and feel Great!
As your purchase of DiVA Lifestyle Fashions helps support women who DO need help as we Donate Into Violence Abuse Shelters in the USA that we know are in need of funds.

Our Mission: Fashion inspires DiVAS to feel their confident beautiful best. All women are already truly DiVAS, but Furs, Jewelry and Heels make it obvious. Our inspiration is ~ To make known Domestic violence is a commonly misunderstood crime, has NOW reached an EPIDEMIC level, no-one asks to be abused…
~ We ask your help spreading awareness about this secret crime, intimate partner abuse, whether physical, and/or mental emotional abuse, makes a person feel ashamed, and undeserving of happiness. It’s an Emotional Cycle TRAP of trust and betrayal…
Domestic Abuse, There are between 12 and 14 million women who have reported this annually, many more are victimized in the U.S. alone. Most are too afraid, to make a report on their partner for domestic violence. Help us support a safe place for these ladies, possibly with children in tow, who have left their home and belongings behind in fear of the abusers retribution.They cannot just GO stay with family as it puts those they love possibly in danger as well.
We know how important the shelters work is to support lives, as a service to help anyone safely escape abuse and find their way out of the ABUSE TRAP. The Shelters – safely house and feed ladies with their kids, also while providing counseling and job readiness training. Also, they even provide clothing and child care to women, who must be searching for work while there. Domestic violence is a commonly misunderstood crime, no-one asks to be abused, ~ it could even be effecting a special person important to you!
WHAT can YOU do to help? Most everyone has a woman in their life.
Shop with us – at DiVASHACK!
We THANK YOU for helping us Donate Into Violence Abuse Shelters
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Write us anytime! [email protected] (Love to hear from you)

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Shipping policy

FREE Shipping except Free items
Our items import directly to you from our overseas China factory, this helps keep your price low. The shipping service details for each item is listed in the description.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: Our SHIPPING is WORLD-WIDE (listed countries) as follows: United States; United Kingdom; Australia; Brazil; Canada; India; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Malaysia; France; Russia; Sweden; New Zealand; Norway; Switzerland; Japan; Thailand; Ireland; Israel; Belgium; Poland; South Korea; Austria; Germany; Denmark; Singapore

Q: How much does it cost to ship?
A: All items ship FREE except Free items. Each item has the shipping service listed for that item in details *Note (Shipping from China is not really FREE), It’s our business structure to pay it for you.

Q: How long can I expect Free Delivery to take?
A: 15 – 25 days. Our Free Shipping Services are
China Air Post 15-25 days The China Air Post Free shipping times are as follows:
a) For USA, Canada, Australia customers, it usually takes about 18 to 23 business days.
b) For United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, most other Europe Countries, it’s 19 to 25 business days.
c) For customers in India ans South America, it may take 29 to 35 business days.
d) For other countries, it may take 15 to 25 business days
E-PACKET 10 -15 days Only to USA, not available to UK.
*Some items have FREE Faster shipping from USA, 7 -10 days

Q: Faster Shipping Offered World-Wide Too?
Copy use link with already deducted $11.30 the FREE price we pay 4 you, adjusted. >

A: All our shipping services are listed below & the average arrival time to USA, obviously heavy items are more. to Upgrade, just pay the difference… minus $11.30 we pay 4 you
1)China Air Post 15 – 25 working days $11.30 To USA 15 – 15 days (FREE except on free items) Heavy item $12.50
2) E-Packet Faster 10 – 15 working days $16.25 To USA Only 10 – 15 days Heavy Item: $19.50
3) EMS Express 8 – 13 working days (about 1 Wk) $24.25 * To USA 8– 13 days *Heavy item: $38.75
4) ASAP Expedited 5 – 10 working days (ASAP) $45.25 To USA 5 – 10 days Heavy item: $54.00

Q: Can I Track my package?
(470 total previous orders received by our customers)
A: YES. Every item gets one tracking number when shipped. China Air Post uses 2 sites, and E-Packet uses just 1 site.
NOTE: Standard Tracking site is NOT the site for most our items, as they do not ship from the USA. The correct sites are listed below.

TRACKING SITES: Our Free Shipping uses 3 sites,
China Air Post uses: 1 leaving China and 1 entering your country,
E-Packet uses: just 1 all the way, Additionally USPS, when enters into US.

1) China Air Post Site:
Then track here after it is received into USA, or call for questions 1-800-275-8777 FREE
USPS Site:!input.action*
To Track as received into your country, NOT to USA – we will email you your 2cd tracking site

2) E-Packet &
3) EMS both use the same site:

4) ASAP Expedited Tracking Services: We send you the tracking web site for expedited shipping services it will be one of these, DHL, UPS or FED-EX.

Q: What is happening to my package – and why does tracking not show me very much?
A: Tracking is recorded AFTER a movement has occurred. So, It will be a few days later, after it ships before tracking shows it’s first movement. You can expect to see 2 – 4 posts as it goes thru customs, before it exits China. While it is in transit traveling between countries, there is a lapse, sometimes a week, no movements are posted until it reaches your country and has been received by customs there. Very little tracking info until it’s in your country is normal. If shipped by China Air, the second site will show when it has arrived and been received into your country, during the lapse, do not be alarmed while it is in between. Just know your order is safely on it’s way and is not lost. Once it’s accepted past customs, usually delivery is pretty quick. So please relax and watch for posting into your country and arrival should be within the estimated delivery time.

Q: Tracking is not working & my package is late, why? A: Sometimes the tracking is simply not recognizing your item. This could be due to many reasons, possibly is was not being scanned properly. That happens (sometimes) because of backup delay thru customs, and then package items are then being rushed thru, WHEN no info shows, your package is still traveling to arrive at your destination.

If you have questions, or If it is past the estimated time, please contact me, we will track it down
Please be advised that the shipping time can be affected by factors such as Chinese holidays, our holidays, severe weather and other international security disruptions in customs.
Unfortunately, these are not in our control.

NOTE: Want more info: Go to
“Have a Question” ? Just ask us, We respond quickly, but If not – right away, please give us 8 – 24 hrs for an informative answer back, because our team is 14 hrs difference ahead, it’s most likely already tomorrow, there.

[email protected] > PayPal email address & email contact are the same

Return policy

Refunds available: See booth/item description for details

We always do our best for you. Please see details below and CONTACT us FIRST if you have questions or concerns, so that we can address any issues. Message us here in your bonanza account, or write to our email address: [email protected]


Policies Are Based Upon Our Business Structure

ALWAYS check your order’s invoice payment confirmation email immediately! This is your opportunity to make any adjustments or changes that may be needed to the address or item size information, or upgrade your shipping preference. This needs to be done right away, within the first day. We use the info you gave to process your order as is, after the first day. If anything is in-correct, I’m sorry, we cannot be responsible for your negligence.

Non- Refundable
Custom – any item described as possibly 10 – 14 days to process, and we make it for you.
Intimate items – are only returnable, if item is in it’s original un-opened packaging, due to legal public safety regulations of health.
Items in transit – are not eligible for refund, unless the item has been confirmed lost by the shipping carriers.
All items are as is described, if not,
100% Refund/Replace: Manufacturers Defect – We fully refund if stock is not available, when an item has a manufacturing defect. Please let us know, via e-mail, of any quality problems you may have within 48 hours of receiving the item(s).We will resolve any issues. Send description and photo (cell phone photos are accepted) attached to your e-mail. We use these for our manufacturer to replace the items. Please contact us for the correct “return to address” for your item. We will issue a Return Authorization number (RAN#) thru email from our manufacturers to be used, required to receive your item back to them, please send us the tracking information for monitoring the arrival of your item. Please contact us first to allow us to resolve any difficulty before creating a dispute, or or leaving negative feedback, if you have not contacted us and have a problem.

To receive a full credit, we must receive your item.

1. You are responsible to send your return to our US address with tracking, ask for details info and send before 14 days to receive a full purchase price credit, after it arrives in unused same condition, as was sent.

2. Credit is for item only, does NOT include separate paid shipping you may have choosen as it was used.

3. Your Credit is usable anytime before it expires in 90 days, or write please before 90 days to extend it 30 more days.

If you need a cash refund you must send your item back to our manufactures in China before we can refund cash. Please send to RETURN to them before 14 days.
Follow this procedure with-in 14 days of receiving your item for a refund (80%) of your purchase price.

1. Email us and request a Return Authorization Number (RAN#) 2. RAN# is needed for your item to be accepted and received by our manufacturers. 3. Include your order number, and description of the item(s) you wish to return and why. 4. We issue you a Return Authorization Number (RAN#) with our manufacturers address 5. You are responsible for the item(s) shipping price to send it back. 6. Please send us the tracking info for monitoring the arrival of your item when you ship. 7. After your item is confirmed received in the same good condition (unused and unworn) 8. You are charged a manufacturers restocking and handling fee of 20% 9. We email and send via PayPal 80% of the purchase price, at the same time.

If you need to cancel your order, please do so with-in the first 24 hours by contacting us. If you cancel your order after 24 hours, during processing and it has not been shipped out yet, you may have to wait 7 – 14 days or more for your funds to return to you.

NOTE: Custom Orders that are and described as (10 to 14 days to process) must be canceled with-in 48 hours. These orders are not eligible for a full refund, they are considered a custom made item.They are, however, eligible for a partial refund.
Please be advised that it could take up to 30 days for funds to return to you if we have already started processing your custom order.

Already Shipped: If your order has been and picked up by the carriers it can’t be cancelled or refunded while in transit, unless carriers confirm it as it’s “lost”.
We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

Miscellaneous details

As our patrons, we treasure your trust in us.
Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us, we are here the majority of the time. We always respond as quickly as possible, if we do not respond within a few hours – please give us up to 24 hours as to be able to provide you with a more informed answer as may be needed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

[email protected] is both our
PayPal and email address.

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