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Booth overview

Mission Statement
At Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, our mission is to combat habitat degradation and protect wildlife by heightening awareness and promoting the use of native plants in the home garden. By offering hard to find native plants at reasonable prices, we aim to:

Replace native plants lost to sprawl and development. Reduce the incentive to harvest wild plants leading to their decline. Provide food/shelter for local wildlife populations

Our Philosophy
Our name demonstrates our philosophy of taking care of our planet. The impact our business has on the planet is considered first and all efforts are taken to minimize our ecological footprint. For this reason:

We only sell plants native to the mid-Atlantic and Eastern seaboard.
All plants are nursery propagated, (never wild dug).
Petroleum-based fertilizers and chemical pesticides are never used on our premises.
We re-use and use recycled materials whenever possible

Our Products

All of our plants are perennial, meaning they come back year after year. All herbaceous plants come in 3 inch containers. Most of our plants are produced from seed of local plants. This helps maintain maximum genetic diversity. They are container grown in a medium of sand and peat with a small amount of organic fertilizer added. Our plants are inspected by the NJ Department of Agriculture.

Shipping policy

In order to keep our plants within their native range, we do not ship west of the continental divide. We ship as far as North Dakota to Texas. Some East coast plants are considered noxious weeds or invasive in the Western states. Please do not order if you live in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado New Mexico, Arizona Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon Califorina, Alaska or Hawaii. We absolutey do not ship outside the US, even where the plants may be native.

Shipping charges are calculated on the first plant being $9.00, which covers the shipping area. Each additional plant ships for $1.00 each. This includes the extra weight and well and the handling of packing each plant to withstand travelling in a box, with minimal injury. If you live on the East coast, your shipping may be less, and we will refund any significant difference.

Attention Paypal users: Please ensure you have a current SHIPPING ADDRESS ON FILE with Paypal. We have seen several payments lately that do not. We ship through Paypal, so lack of an address on file can delay your shipment.

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Return policy

All of our plants are inspected for defects before shipping. Only healthy plants will be sent. We cannot guarantee how plants will perform once they leave us safely packed. Should you experience a problem with your shipment, notify us with 48 hours, and we will work with you to rectify it. Beyond that time frame, we cannot be responsible for the plant’s health. We reserve the right to refund or replace at our discretion. Sometimes plants are sent in the winter to Southern States, in their dormant stage. They may appear to be dead, but they are only sleeping and will re-emerge in the spring.

Miscellaneous details

Payment, shipping and handling policies

We gladly accept PAYPAL, and POSTAL MONEY ORDERS. Additional plants ship for just $1.00 each. Shipping price also includes the price of transportation as well as packing materials as plants must be well packed to withstand shipping.

Prior to shipment, all plants will be inspected, pruned, labeled, individually wrapped and banded, then placed securely in their box. This is done to ensure you receive quality plants. They will then be shipped via Priority mail on the Monday or Tuesday after payment is received. This is done to ensure they arrive quickly and safely. Large orders may be sent FedEx. We reserve the right to hold shipments in extreme weather until plants can travel safely. For local customers who wish to pick up their order to save on shipping, please email us before ordering.

Native plant range and our shipping (PLEASE READ)
Most of our plants are also found native to the Midwest, however that is generally the extent of their range. In an effort to keep our native plants native to their natural range, we do not ship west of the Great Plain States. This includes Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii. If you live in these states, please do not order.

Should there be any problems with your order, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt. Sometimes, despite our best care, plant can get dehydrated in transit. This is usually easily remedied, by soaking the plant in a shallow dish of water in a shady location for 1 -2 hours.

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