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Booth overview

I am very passionate about crystals & feel lucky I have been able to help spread the beauty & healing abilities of these amazing crystals & jewelry. I personally make or pick out each piece from whoever made it. I then clear & charge the stones & crystals on selenite crystals for metaphysical healing benefits & Reiki Energy Healing <3

Return policy

Replacement product available within 30 days

Miscellaneous details

Handmade CHARGED Healing Chakra Crystal Pendants & Pendulums – Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry – Energized Cleansing Healing Gems & Minerals – Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Heirloom Flower Seeds – Wildflower, Herb & Native Seed collected from my gardens! Crystals include: Grounding Earthing EMF & Radiation Shielding Shungite & Orgonite & Copper Chakra Bracelets. Amethyst Selenite Tourmaline Opalite Blue Kyanite Agate Double & Single Terminated Quartz Herkimer Citrine Smokey Quartz Jade Labradorite Malachite Fluorite Obsidian Himalayan Sunstone Lapis Lazuli Bloodstone Aventurine Rose Quartz great for Reiki, and energy work, daily meditation, yoga, restoring balance. I have all sorts of Super Powered cleansing Selenite! Candle Holders, Massage & Reiki Wands, Crystal Ball Sphere, Spiral Energy Generators, rough natural towers, polished spiral towers, unicorn horns, charging slabs, bars, wands, cubes & sticks of all sizes – Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, Lamps & Edible Himalayan Salt for kitchen

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Purple Passion, Unique Handmade & Handcrafted Jewelry

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Combined item discount: 20% off w/ $100.00 spent

Shipping discount: Items after first shipped at flat $1.99 Shipping weights of all items added together for savings. Free shipping on orders over $150.00

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