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Booth overview

The history of the creation of the WOODINS workshop begins in 2014 from the moment its mastermind carried away the fascinating art of Marquetry – the creation of images using the technique of wooden mosaics.
The workshop creation was preceded by several years of studying the basic aspects and capabilities of the marquetry and the creation of the first few dozen works. Decorative art of wooden mosaics is extremely painstaking and time-consuming, which leads to exorbitant cost of products. Gradually, the workshop acquired the necessary equipment, new technologies were mastered. This allowed a minimum of 5 times to reduce the cost of finished products. A number of the most complex and long processes are now done by the master using programs and modern mechanisms. However, up to 90% of manual labor is present in each workshop product.

Today, the workshop has sufficient tools for the manufacture of work sizes up to 125×250 cm using the marquetry technique. The cost of the workshop product is comparable to the cost of the “tabloid” oil painting.

We are constantly working on creating a series of finished works that can update and decorate your interior. Each product is already equipped with a frame corresponding to its genre.

In addition, we are happy to accept individual orders.
The basis for the work can be any image provided by the customer, which will be adapted by us for execution in a tree.

What works may be interesting in the technique of marquetry:

The possibilities of wooden mosaics are most fully reflected in landscape works. Subtle nuances of color transitions and richness of texture allow you to see in the picture details that exist only in the imagination of the viewer.

Copies of paintings.
Filled with warmth and gentle light, your favorite paintings, reproduced in the marquetry technique, look unusual and attractive in any interior.

Images and sacred characters are very peculiarly transmitted in the tree. Muted tones immerse the viewer in a mystical atmosphere of thoughtfulness, contemplation and infinity. Shellac gives the work a calm shade of antiquity.

An amazing combination of internal warmth and monumentality characterize portraits created from wooden veneer. Keeping full resemblance to the original, these works will create a feeling of the presence of a person close to you. It makes no sense to convey the photographic accuracy of the portrait details in the tree – through the play of light and shadow we try to emphasize the most advantageous aspects of the image.

If you want to surprise and delight your friends with an unusual gift, order a portrait of their pet. We assure you that we have not yet seen people indifferent to such a gift.

City landscape. Old photos.
Old photos made in a tree look very natural in lovely city landscapes. Decorated with vintage frames, such works create an atmosphere of well-being and pleasant memories.

Interior solutions.
Typical and dull elements of the home interior delightfully come to life with the addition of details and elements made in wooden mosaics. It is difficult to find material that more organically fits into the interior.

Each order is calculated individually depending on complexity, choice of materials and finishes. Roughly work 40 by 60 cm will cost 80 USD without frame.
Moreover, any work can be a finished interior item and is equipped with an original frame.
A digital image is required from the customer. Work on the order lasts at least 3 weeks from the date of approval of the sketch.
We can also make a copy for your image or personal photo. Such work will be guaranteed to be made in 1 copy (or at the request of the customer).
The cost of veneers of exotic woods and finishing materials also affects the final cost of the work. So, for example, the veneer of Karelian birch costs up to $ 100 per 1 sq.m. Some veneer and roots are even more expensive.
It is absolutely certain that each individual order is calculated separately depending on the image you submitted and your wishes.

Using the example of creating works of 40×60 cm, we will show the main stages of the work, so that the customer can understand what this cost is made up of.

1. Image processing – about 8 hours.
It all starts with image processing. At this stage, the designer forms the final look of the work, selects the composition, frame and parses the finished image into basic shades. The process uses 3 separate image editing programs. At the end of these works, the sketch is agreed with the customer and the veneer is selected.
2. Cutting mosaic elements – about 2 hours. Each type of veneer is prepared and cut separately. It takes extra time to prepare it.
3. Picture making – at least 12 hours.
Sliced ??elements of a wooden mosaic (there can be up to 500 pieces for a picture size of 40×60 cm) are assembled and glued into a single picture. Theoretically, it resembles assembling image from jigsaw puzzles. However, provided that this process is more time-consuming, smaller parts are required (sometimes up to 3 sq.m.).
4. Correction of errors in the set – from 1 to 2 hours.
When the view is ready, the master can see it in its entirety. This may require correction.
5. Preparation of the base and sticker set based on – 1 hour.
After all the corrections, the set is glued on the basis. The veneer is prepared and glued to the back of the work. Applied PVA wood glue. The whole process requires the use of a special press. After sticking the product is dried for a day.
6. Correction of errors. Replacing damaged areas – 1-2 hours.
In the process of gluing, there are always insufficiently glued portions of the image that need to be corrected or replaced. Somewhere between mosaic elements may form gaps.
7. Grinding work – 2 hours.
Before finishing the entire work, you must carefully go through several steps. After each of the steps, the product is wetted with water and dried. Small pieces of veneer to be replaced. Then we return to item 6. Process 6-7 can be repeated up to 3 times until all corrections have been made.
8. Painting the end of the work (option) – 1-2 hours.
The ends of the work require additional decoration. Depending on the wishes of the customer, this can be either veneer finish or painting, followed by patination. It is impossible to finish the curved ends with quality veneers, therefore painting in several layers is used.
9. Oil coating – 1 hour.
We cover with oil. Oil stabilizes and strengthens the veneer. Drying the oil-treated work takes another day.
10. Varnishing and polishing – 2-3 hours.
After coating the work with oil, an equally important stage of varnishing of the products by shellac begins. At least 5 layers with the obligatory drying of each layer for at least 12 hours. Polishing is done manually and requires considerable skill of the master. However, we do not strive for idealized furniture quality in the manufacture of panels or paintings. We don’t want use a thick coat of varnish to preserve the natural beauty and play of wood fibers.
11. In the future, the work will be inserted into the frame and the accessories for mounting on the wall will be installed. The process of making the frame takes a separate time.

After that, the work can be considered completed.
Dimensions 40×60 cm for at least 32 hours of pure time. In fact, this is a work week plus technological breaks for drying.

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