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Booth overview

Yokoso Japanese Gardens is the largest Japanese garden center in Europe. Over the last years, the Japanese garden is receiving a growing appreciation by Western gardeners and the public in general. A Japanese garden is not just a collection of rocks, gravel, bonsai trees, and stone lanterns. A true Japanese garden is a mix of carefully balanced aesthetics, tradition, symbolism, spirituality, understanding with, and deep respect for nature. These are a few of the most important ingredients that we find in every well-designed Japanese garden. Obviously, a Japanese garden doesn’t come on its own. Within the garden often a Japanese tea house can be found overlooking a serene pond. When we are lucky we will also find streams, bridges and winding pathways. Surrounding the garden we will find pavilions, walkways, shelters and in most cases a beautiful handcrafted Japanese gate to welcome the visitors.

Yokoso Japanese Gardens is a unique Dutch company. Our goal is to build a bridge between cultures and provide in the ever-growing demand for authentic Japanese garden design, Japanese garden-related items such as Japanese stone lanterns, decoration, Japanese style buildings, and lifestyle products. Yokoso Japanese Gardens importer and supplier of original traditional Japanese tea houses and pavilions, Japanese stone lanterns, granite garden furniture, garden decoration, wooden and stone garden bridges, etc.

Yokoso Japanese Gardens offers a total solution, from planning and designing your garden up to landscaping and installation of Japanese style tea houses, garden houses, pavilions and garden gates. Our product range offers all the elements you need to create a complete Japanese experience. Our Japanese style pavilions and garden houses are specifically designed and produced by Yokoso Japanese Gardens with only the very best traditional materials and techniques, to guarantee our customers the highest degree of authenticity and quality.

Immerse yourself in ultimate tranquility, step into the world of Yokoso Japanese Gardens…

Shipping policy

Every Japanese stone lantern, garden rock, stepping stone, tsukubai and decorative ornament we sell is imported by Yokoso Japanese Gardens directly from Japan. Most of the items are taken from carefully dismantled existing Japanese gardens at Kyoto, Nara, Nagano, Nikko, etc. We take great pride in giving a second life to these wonderful artisan sculptures.

On receiving the payment we will take care of worldwide insured transport. We have set shipping cost to a minimum $ 150,- worldwide. We will calculate shipping costs for your location and send an additional invoice for the transport fee.

Return policy

None: All purchases final

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Shipping discount: Shipping weights of all items added together for savings.

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