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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Booth overview

Hi, my name is Dan Avenell, and I’m a professional artist, based in London, UK.

I usually create my art with pen and ink, then scan it into Photoshop and finish digitally.

I enjoy working on a wide range of different projects, and as such, the pieces on this site are a mix of commissioned work and things I did for fun that I thought were worth putting on the site and selling as prints or t-shirts. I try to make my items as affordable as possible, while using the best printers and t-shirt manufacturers.

Shipping: T-Shirt Shipping is free in the US. Outside of the US, shipping costs are listed.

Artwork shipping costs depend on what size and format, and where it’s being shipped to – details are in the item description.

If the shipping t your location are too expensive I offer a digital download ( $25 ) so you can have it printed as a poster or mounted canvas locally. At the moment i don’t have that option set up for every artwork, but if you contact me I will make that option available.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work even if you don’t buy anything.


Shipping policy

All items are shipped securely, with tracking.

My shipping costs reflect the true price of shipping, say from the UK to the US. It’s not cheap, I wish it were.

If a problem arises, such as an item lost in the mail, I will help rectify the problem.

Return policy

Full refund available for DOAs

I offer a full refund if an item doesn’t arrive within a reasonable period.

I offer a replacement item if the item arrives damaged.

I am fair-minded and will take other issues on a case-by-case basis.

I am just an artist who wants happy customers who bought a piece of my art with a positive experience.

Miscellaneous details

When ordering please include a contact phone number for the courier. I cannot ship artwork without your contact telephone number.

I ship artworks from my printers in the UK, and T-Shirts from within the US, but delivery times are usually about the same, 5-10 days.

Outside of these areas I will try to give you an estimate on a delivery time.

Feel free to contact me if you need any information or are unsure of anything, having excellent customer service is very important to me.



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