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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Shipping policy

If your item is to be shipped, please confirm your address as I cannot be held responsible for items shipped to the wrong address that has been provided.
Items that need to be spelled/cast before shipment, will need to be done before shipment so this can increase the time it takes for you to receive your item.

Attempted delivery
It is the responsibility of the buyer to collect their item/s if the item has attempted to be delivered, to their address, if the item is returned to me and the item is not collected by the customer, once I receive the item back, a refund will be made of ONLY the item, minus shipping costs.

When do you I cast an item
I normally cast within 48 hours of your purchase unless other wise stated as some spells will be cast on a specific day and then shipped the following day.
Be sure to either include in the note section of your payment, email me or message me here with any additional information if your item is to be spelled. This will allow me to get your item completed and out to you as quickly as possible.

Worldwide shipping
Items are shipped from the U.K, to anywhere worldwide. Its usually take a week to 2 weeks to outside of the UK although can take up to 6 weeks, although this is not usual. Some items have arrived within a few days to outside of the UK but this is not of the norm. All items are sent via airmail from royal mail then to whichever mail system your country uses. Items of higher value are sent with tracking and may require a signature for safe delivery. In the rare circumstance of non receipt of goods then a alternative item of the same value with be made available and sent as a replacement. If you require tracking this may incur a further charge, please ensure you explain this when ordering, tracking is very expensive with royal mail from the U.K. If you have issues with neighbors or other family members or any other mail issues ensure that you make us aware of this BEFORE shipping, so tracking can be provided.
(further charges may apply)
Delivery is charged at the value set on shipping charges.
Parcels are sent out in plain parcels, for confidentiality, customs labels will be marked ‘costume jewellery’ due to certain countries restrictions. If you don’t want information included within the parcel relating to your item or where it is from, i.e. druidshaven, please you let us know when the order is placed.

Sometimes customs can hold items for longer than expected this can delay delivery time ETA;s; This is rare but does and can happen.We cannot be responsible for items held in customs. It is up to you to ensure that goods sent and value is allowed in your country. Sometimes tax or customs duty is due this is not our responsibility and you would need to check with your local customs office about this. Respond to any letters that you may receive from them. 99.99% of parcels go through without any issues from the UK. If an item is seized with customs and you haven’t received it after 6 weeks after dispatch we can arrange for a replacement vessel/item to be sent. Just contact us. If customs contact the customer the customer must respond to contact. We are not responsible for any customs duties/charges within your own country.
Refunds and Exchanges All Sales are FINAL and no refunds are given. Please ensure that you have read shipping and policies information as this is your responsibility , as placing an order confirms that you have read and have agreed to them and bound by the contract of sale, shipping and policies of druidshaven. Reading information which is freely available to you is the responsibility of the customer this prevents any confusion. Spells purchased are non refundable due to the fact that work is began straight away,and are customized to the customer, and the amount of work that goes into them . Work is begun on the day the spells are purchased including sourcing the correct herbs/candles and writing your spell chart out for you. If you change your mind please ensure this is mentioned within 12 hours of purchase. This also includes items purchased, as items can be sent out within 24 hours of purchase. If you change your mind about an item and if the item hasn’t already been packed or posted then an alternative item can be chosen. Items sent are thoroughly checked before they are dispatched and some items are blessed and cast upon before sending and thoroughly checked for enchantments,activity and power to ensure that you receive the item charged and ready to use. Spell items and spirit keeping items which are sent out are for serious purchasers only, this ensures that any work done by myself or my coven are sent out to work on behalf of the customer are not used in such a way that causes more work for the spell caster, for example to change their mind. Its difficult to uncast a spell and stop effects of the spell work and unfair on any spirits to become attached and bonded to someone, only to be rejected, therefore please ensure this is taken into account before purchase.

Great care and time is taken to ensure all items are packed properly either with bubble wrap, padded envelopes in a ring box or specially cast cases.
In the highly unlikely event that you do not receive your item or if its damaged an alternative replacement will be sent, which may be different to the original item that was purchased, but will be similar qualities of the same value or higher value.
As Of 13th June 2014 refunds are given for items for up to 14 days in certain cases, this DOES NOT include Custom Items, and downloaded items, and spirited and spelled items, which are customised to the buyer before sending out, the buyer is responsible for own shipping costs, prices for return can be around £5-£20 depending on country and method used. Item must be returned in unused and original condition.
Custom items, downloads, and spells and readings are not refundable, and we do also not offer any magical teaching due to the amount of time and resources and its the client’s own responsibility to ensure that the product that they are buying is what they want.
If you feel for any reason the spirits energies do not resonate or bond well with you within 14 days and you contact the shop owner ( druidshaven ) an exchange can be made, for something more suitable. in this instance please contact the shop owner. It is at druidshaven’s discretion if an item can be changed.

We do not take kindly to charge-backs which have additional fees if this were to happen we will remove/reverse all spells spirits.

We offer a free recast of your original spell if you have not seen results within 4-6 months, this does not include free spells or any special offers. You must wait the full six months for the full effects of the spells to manifest, and then a recast can be done.This does not include complicated spells or one off spells, which have been designed as part of a special deal or for complicated situations, these spells take a lot of work by the practitioner/spell-caster, we offer recasts only for straightforward spells. We are not responsible for any blocks or cleansing or issues that are not mentioned prior to spell-work or spell-casting that may have a significant effect on the process of the spells that you may need doing prior to spell-work/spirit keeping this can be purchased separately. Once the free recast has been offered to you then you must wait a further 6 months for a further recast which is at the shop owners discretion . In some situations booster spells are offered which does not affect your free recast, if you accept the free booster and the free spell this then invalidates your recast after 12 months.

Spells need time to work and bonding with spirits take time so please have realistic expectations and don’t expect changes within weeks. By purchasing you are accepting these terms and conditions.

All sales are final. The use of the druidshaven and services is governed by these Terms of Use. By using our goods/services, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use and Terms and conditions and Shop Policy the disclaimers contained therein and that you accept and agree to be bound by the terms thereof. Please allow delivery time if buying from outside the U.K- there may be a delay, postal services or customs. Please read my policies which will answer most frequently asked questions. I do ship within 7 days once I receive your order, sometimes post from the U.K can take from a few days to approx a few weeks to arrive. Please allow up to 5 weeks for overseas delivery. Please ensure that you have read shipping and policies information which is available on every listed item, as placing an order confirms that you have read and have agreed to them and bound by the contract of sale, shipping and policies of spells shop. Reading information which is freely available to you is the responsibility of the customer this prevents any confusion. UK laws states refunds are given for 14 days and buyer is responsible for own shipping costs, apart from downloadable products and custom spirits and custom spelled items, spirits and spelled items are mostly customised to the customer before being sent out and are not refundable. Prices for return can be around £5-£20 postage depending on country and method used. item must be returned in original, and unused condition. Should you be dissatisfied at any time with any of the services provided, please put your issues in writing to Email:[email protected]

Under UK law Readings, Spiritual Items and Spells are for Entertainment Purposes. For Full Terms please refer to Policy’s Terms of Use. Any work, information is subject to copyright, no copying or using or misuse of content or used for profit, placing on the web or using of forwarding to other sellers. Any misuse of content is taken seriously and in line with copyright laws. After the 14 day period of receipt of goods under UK law it is deemed that you have accepted the goods are satisfactory and no refunds can be given. Any issues related to druidshaven must be emailed as mentioned above. Any legal action must be dealt with in accordance with UK law within the UK. Acceptance of these conditions forms your contract.
Additional Policies and FAQs Disclaimer

We are not and do not claim to be jewelers and we do not claim to know or verify jewels gems or metals or antiques on any listing any items that contains bronze, gold silver, 925 silver, plating, or any other form of metals or treatments. Items may contain a percentage of the metal listed. Any items are listed to the best of our knowledge and any markings noted. We do not verify any item as we cannot. We often have unique and one off items and unable to verify the content of the item. When we have owned an item or it has been verified by a jeweller, we will state this in the listing or it will be clear to see by the listing photos and hallmarks. With some stamped hallmarked items it will be obvious such as English London, Birmingham markings for example.
When we do verify an item on a listing it will be described as ‘solid’ ‘verified by a jeweller’. Items which contains certain metals containing sterling 925 silver or 18k, 14k,9k etc gold may contain a potion of this material unless it is marked ‘solid’ or verified by a jeweller. Otherwise we do not know. When items have been verified they will be considerably more expensive. We describe only visually what the item appears to us including any markings we are not jewelers we are first and foremost witches and spell casters please take this into account before purchasing.

The time it takes for spells to work and bonding with spirits takes time.
If you feel that your spell is not working as quickly as you had hoped please read the attached information supplied when you received your spell details of what to expect there is no need to give email updates of spells progress or lack of either daily or weekly if a spell is not successful a free recast of the original spell is provided after 6 months. Our spells do not and will not backfire or cause any repercussions to you and are perfectly safe.
Spells also do not work in the opposite way to which they were intended. If you are new to spirit keeping you must be aware spirits need bonding please refer to the notes given to you . Some spirits take more bonding time than others and it also depends on your abilities and beliefs, so please do not expect too much too soon. All items that come with information will be emailed directly, please supply an email address, and any items which require bonding please ask and relevant information can be sent. All information in regards to spirits, bonding’ spells, initiation spells etc will be sent out to you via email when you have received the item safely, this ensures that name of the spirit and information/spelled items remains confidential to the buyer only.

This also ensures that you have received the item and are ready to receive instructions for that item. Without this confirmation email after you have received your item you will not be able to bond or initiate your item appropriately. A confirmation email including all relevant information will be sent within 24 hours after receipt of goods.

As a spell caster I am obliged to point out by law that this is “entertainment purposes only” and not experimentally proven. This does not replace any medical, psychiatric, finance person, etc and that also there are no guarantees, you must be 18 years or over
I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are your personal and legal responsibility , I do not take any responsibility for any paranormal activity that does or does not occur or appear.
Any medical,psychiatric,finance person,etc and that also there are no guarantees, you must be 18 years or over
I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are your personal and legal responsibility

COPYRIGHT- DO NOT COPY copyright2014druidshaven

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