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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Booth overview

Aloha e! I have been selling military items & collectibles since 1975 and mail order has always been a part of my business. When I had a retail store, I sold worldwide militaria from the Indian wars era to the present, all countries, and anything worn, carried, or used by an individual. I could supply my buyers (collectors, costume houses, prop houses, television, museums, & movie studios) with everything from the skin outward. This included uniforms, everything attached to the uniforms, as well as personal items & equipment. We also supplied research materials in addition to the original items, did consulting & appraisals, repair, restoration, plus custom manufacture. Those days are gone, but my work and service ethics still remain. Now I only do mail order and limit my inventory to mostly the modern era Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard sea services. Occasionally I add some fliers with the other service branches and countries as interesting things come to me. My goals are still the same: the best quality at the lowest prices, and a full range of items to help you repair / restore what you have, to supplying you completely from top to bottom. I “retired” in 2004, but still do this for fun. I want you to have fun too. I’ve met lots of interesting people over the years and I would like to meet you! Please bear with me while I’m building a new store and transitioning everything from my account on eBay. Feel free to contact me with any of your questions or requests, but keep in mind our time differences and my working schedule when waiting for an answer. a hui hou, Militarymart

Shipping policy

i ship usps only. everything is sent as either 1st class, 1st class registered airmail, or priority mail. i combine shipping to get you the lowest possible cost. all shipping is a best guess until i go to the post office. i refund on overages less the cost of materials and packer’s fees. i request the balance on shortages. this makes it fair for both of us. depending on the size / amount of your order, if it’s close, then i will pick up the balance. aloha, militarymart

Return policy

i make every effort to ship the correct item. i’m human and mistakes happen. so if i’m wrong, i’ll be a responsible seller and make it good. i will pay the return shipping cost, as well as the new shipping cost, so you aren’t out a penny. i expect you to be a responsible customer. on my one-of-a-kind items, if you’re wrong, you own it, as you’ve taken this item away from someone else. on my multiple items, it is exchange only, with any price difference being paid before shipment of the replacement. you will be responsible for the return shipping as well as the new shipping. i do not accept excuses as a reason for a return. read the description, know your size – don’t guess or “i remember”, it most likely has changed. i changed my mind doesn’t work. my child did it doesn’t work. i got it for someone and they don’t want it etc. doesn’t work. i didn’t know i had to pay the import duties doesn’t work. there are many more, but i won’t belabor the point, you know what i mean. i don’t want to be the tough guy, but my many years of doing this, and all the cons that have been perpetrated, have resulted in this policy. we are responsible for our actions or anyone using your account. communication is key. if there is a problem, i am willing to work with you. we are all adults, so let’s behave as adults. aloha, militarymart

Miscellaneous details

Please pay when the sale is completed or you have been invoiced. Your purchase(s) will be packed and ready for shipping on receipt of payment…the faster you pay, the faster I ship! Email confirmation with shipper tracking will be sent when shipment is completed. uku mahalos from Militarymart

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