Any chance of getting a badge for 4 years of no sales?

I’m joking but its been four years since my last sale and it would be nice to be recognized for hanging in there.
I do not use social media to advertise my items as I have found that no one I talk to has ever heard of Bonanza other than the TV show.
I sell antiques at various multi-dealer shops and when I mention that I have other items for sale on Bonanza, I get blank stares.
I wonder what would happen if Bonanza were to advertise itself. Would people check it out? I have never seen any advertisements for Bonanza.
I do not plan on leaving Bonanza anytime soon as I believe this site will become more relevant as the other sites change and or/fade away.
PS: If you look at my booth, please don’t buy anything as I would like to reach five years without a sale. Thank you :)

asked 3 months ago


ccmom says: November 08, 2018

I do see ads on the internet…but like most ads (pop up or otherwise) most are ignored these days…or ad blockers are on for most browsers. I do hope that you at least have your google on..otherwise there is really no exposure at all.

ccmom says: November 08, 2018

there have also been a few news articles in magazines…rare but they have popped up occasionally

Atomicdiner says: November 08, 2018

I just blurted out coffee all over my keyboard reading this. Sad but funny. Hope sales here pick up once Ebay forces their new payments on everyone there.

ib30667 says: November 08, 2018

LOL! You’re a riot! But these guys advertise…that’s even funnier!

abigdogmom says: November 09, 2018

It was so good to smile first thing this morning. You have a great attitude and sense of humor.

Policequilts says: November 09, 2018
  • LOL Thanks for the laugh
zappys_closet says: November 11, 2018

The click will try to get your comment removed, just laugh if they succeed

4 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

@sjtantiques, sorry you are not having the best experience. We are so glad that you asked! We had a quick look at your booth and see that you are offering the same items on eBay, for the same price as Bonanza. So when a buyer finds your items in Google, they are presented with the same ad for the same item, at the same price. With zero incentive to purchase it from Bonanza, they go to eBay, where you will pay higher fees for the sale. In summary, you may be inadvertently driving buyers to eBay, where you pay higher fees. We would recommend that you delete your inventory, run a fresh eBay import, and utilize the discount option (between 1-10%) to bulk discount your items from eBay to Bonanza. That way when buyers find you in Google or other search engines, they will have an incentive to buy from your Bonanza booth, because the prices are cheaper. Give that a try and may you have many sales soon!

answered 3 months ago


selah53 says: November 09, 2018

Speaking of badges…. what happened to the 10 year badge? A milestone that should be celebrated wouldn’t you think? :)

tomwayne1 says: November 09, 2018

Coming up on 10 years myself…

selah53 says: November 09, 2018

I’m thinking it should be an outstanding badge – perhaps the regular style badge superimposed over a big ‘WOW’ :) How about it Mark?

tomwayne1 says: November 11, 2018

10 years should get us lots of free tokens ; )

sjtantiques says: November 11, 2018

I wonder what my ebay customers would say if they saw that I sold my items for less on Bonanza?


Everyone’s A Winner Then

answered 2 months ago


I sold 4 things this month so far, at least things do move here.

answered 3 months ago

Reputation: 1277
See A2z4u2c's booth

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sjtantiques says: November 11, 2018

Yes, but you have items that customers want.


I would like a badge for 22 months from the date I became a seller in that I have not lost my sanity.


22-month sanity badge…okay, I will settle and wait it out for a 2-year sanity badge.

answered 2 months ago

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sjtantiques says: November 11, 2018

Sanity is a luxury most of us cannot afford. The fact that you made it 22 months proves that you could not afford it either. Long live Bonanza!

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