Do the listings mirror my ebay listings?

I sold an item on ebay about a month ago. I was under the impression that my listings on Bonanza would mirror my ebay listings. So….I just sold an item on Bonanza that I sold on ebay last month. I cancelled the order for what was sold on Bonanza and made a complete refund. Apparently, I missed something when it comes to my Bonanza and ebay listings. I did not know I had to delete my listing here manually myself. Live and learn.

asked 2 months ago

3 Answers

Under seller dashboard, scroll down to add, edit items. Across the top of each listing is edit,view,more. Click on more, on drop down box click on delete item.

answered 2 months ago

You don’t have to manually remove them.

Go to IMPORT FROM EBAY Settings and check one of the [URL removed]

Remove all items that were removed, expired, or ended for any reason on eBay


Only remove items that were sold or ended on eBay (do not remove when expired)

answered 2 months ago

What I usually do is click on the Add or Edit items in the upper left corner. After that, scroll a bit to the far right side (again, using a desktop or laptop) and you should see a green box saying Update Your Booth.

It usually takes a few hours for the eBay items duplicated to here, but it works. Hope this helps.

answered about 2 months ago

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