Does anyone know the value of the bradford exchange russian legends plates

I saw this question posted from many many years ago but I was wondering if anyone had any current information on these plates. I have a complete set of 12 plates from the 1990s including a few duplicates. They are all in the original shipping boxes complete with original documents and never displayed.

I am trying to determine whether to sell them as a set or individually.


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Unfortunately, it looks like there are quite a few for sale on the internet. Also, Bradford Exchange made larger quantities for the most part.

When the supply is quite a bit different than the demand, the price drops lower. In this case, it looks to be so.

On eBay, they’ve got 480 listings and only slightly over 5% of that have sold. I’m sure it makes somewhat of a difference with having them in their original boxes with documents but just not quite enough difference at this time. 12 plates sold for $180. The rest went below a $100.

Minus the FVFs and the price you are getting for each plate drops lower.

I think you should hold on to them as they are selling too cheap right now in my opinion.

I’m sorry. I wish I could be more positive. They are beautiful plates though.

answered about 1 month ago


Unfortunately plates are hard to sell, unless someone is looking for the one from a set that they missed originally or a replacement. Younger generation are not interested in most cases…

answered about 1 month ago

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See CindyBear's booth

All decorative plates in general do not in reality sell for much. My mother had the Russian Fairy Tales plates. No one even looks at them when I list them.

answered 27 days ago

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