Does anyone else find bonanzas shipping very frustrating for lack of features ?

Was 7 1/2 yrs on eBay and found it so simple to set up each listing multiple ways. Exp: 2 carriers by calc. wt. or a Lg. FR box. Hate having a buyer pay or see a price more than necessary means lost sale, they should have a choice especially were price changes drastically between carriers depending on their location and weight of item. I think a lot more sales would take place if we could offer multiple options. Spent 2 days trying to figure out how to set a $2 dollar item at a one time shipping cost of $5.98 no matter how many was ordered. Still don’t know if it can be done without setting up a booth ship policy But that will not work for any other of my listings. One size does not fit all! Think the shipping program needs to be rethought and a lot of tweaking done by someone who understands how shipping works. Also need to give correct shipping costs. Then who knows, Bonanza may become the #1 selling/buying site. Any input Appreciated

Should add that I hope no one thinks I’m trying to bash Bonanza? Not my intention, My real problem is I’m going crazy looking for something that just isn’t there, I’ll learn to make due. I actually find it easier going and less stressful here than most other sites. That is why I’m here not there

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eBay was nice in sense that anything over a pound you list FedEx Smartpost to lock FVFs at a low rate. When it sold, you simply shopped for the best rate as every other service was an upgrade. My thought is… the old Hyundai argument; their mission to make cars of acceptable quality. Now I understand they make good ones.

The Bonz site performs adequately. The site is not the problem per se. The problem is Bonz is TINY and remain so to this day and this presents for the seller an intractable problem. Again, Paypal is HUGE… and the method Buyers use to purchase our items. Paypal needs to be front and center.

answered 30 days ago

I don’t know what to say about the shipping, since I offer it for free anywhere in the U.S. I handle all the details. I think you should do the same instead of setting shipping for each item. My 2 cents.

answered 26 days ago

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Littleblackdog says: April 14, 2021

Not everyone sells little items that ship for under $4. You are lucky that you do.


I agree that the shipping options here are sparse and it’s very hard to tweak what’s here to fit the item, especially larger or heavier items. I have to open and review each of the listings transferred from eBay to check for over/under pricing on shipping. That info just doesn’t transfer well at all.

Bonanza only shows minimum zones, when there are so many more considerations in weight and distance (USPS zones) than the few they have available. I am in Florida, which puts me off to the side or quite distanced from a lot of buyers. The price options for shipping from Orlando should not be the same as those for sellers in the middle of the country… so getting “nearly” the correct amount for shipping is a challenge here.

What I do is check all eBay listings after they’ve imported to Bonanza and add/subtract weight to make the shipping amount come out about right. Sorry, but that’s the only solution I’ve found so far. Hope it helps.

answered 25 days ago

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