Getting offers that don't include shipping charges, asking me to accept them...

I got two offers for different items that I’m being asked to accept, but they don’t include shipping. I’m not sure why this is happening, I have calculated shipping built in to my listings.. I don’t see any way to add shipping before accepting the offers. Any advice?

asked 2 months ago

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IN the case that shipping cannot be determined; international without shipping set or ..the buyer supplied incorrect or incomplete information..the offer is sent for you to check over.

Look at the packing slip and see if the buyer completed adding their shipping information..or correct zipcode.

If not contact them and ask for correct information.

In these cases there is a link in the offer emailed to you so that shipping can be added

Click on it
add shipping
and accept the offer (also send message to buyer to complete checkout)

..if you cannot then deny the offer

The link is “Review this Order” is where a link will be to make changes /add shipping

For more information

answered 2 months ago

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All offers made by prospective buyers is the total price that is being offered (that’s the way Bonanza set it up). You can either accept or reject the offer. If you want to counteroffer, add a note to the buyer that your counteroffer INCLUDES shipping and have them submit a new offer if they want the higher price. It’s unfortunate when an offer comes in that is so far below your asking price and treats a Bonanza purchase like you’re selling items at a garage sale. For example… you have a $5 item at your garage sale and somebody says “will you take a QUARTER for this?”

answered 2 months ago

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“This order was submitted for your approval because the cost to ship to the buyer could not be determined.”

This is what Bonanza sent with the offer. There is no place to counter, it’s either accept or deny the offer.

answered 2 months ago

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tomwayne1 says: November 23, 2020

You can either accept or reject the offer. If you want to counteroffer, add a note to the buyer that your counteroffer INCLUDES shipping and HAVE THEM SUBMIT A NEW OFFER if they want the higher price.

It’s very easy to fix. Under “finalize your order (number)” there is a place to click on CHANGE YOUR INVOICE. So change it. Add the shipping and send that invoice to your buyer.

I have had this happen several times, but found it was easy to fix. I think the Bonanza shipping calculator is off sometimes too and you will need to ADJUST the shipping amount shown on an invoice. Unless you want to accept the lower price for shipping… which I don’t.

answered about 2 months ago

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