Has anyone dropped the big auction site and just done bonanza?

We are thinking of getting away from eBay, but have sales on there. We love Bonanza and it’s so much easier and cleaner. Was wondering if anyone else has completely gotten away from eBay and if so, how is that working for you?TIA.

asked 28 days ago

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VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 14, 2021

I stopped selling on eBay in Dec. and parked here. It’s not impossible to sell something here. Pretty darn close though.

Atomicdiner says: April 14, 2021

Sold on Ebay since 2006 but dropped em when they forced Managled Payments. Been here for over 12 yrs but sales were better early on here than now.

DonC204 says: April 14, 2021

Thanks for the replies. I am having a hard time selling anything on here, but love the platform.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 14, 2021

I’ll grant listing could not have been made much simpler. Perhaps they’ll stop these Google Shopping ad races to the bottom and aim Google Search Network ads at stale, albeit, deep, sustainable categories. If someone has a better idea, don’t be shy.

achobbies says: April 15, 2021

I sell on Bonz and have also started on Mercari.

DonaldR735 says: April 18, 2021

I too would like to drop Ebay. However I sell items there more than here. Same items because I have sync them. I would love to drop Ebay, but I need to make the money. I will when Bonanza gets more sales for me. Bonanza needs to get the name out more.

Mathes020 says: April 19, 2021

With nearly 80 percent of mobile users making an online purchase using a Ang and Png Zhe Hao why online Reverse Auction retail is the next big thing in Doropu’s price drop mechanism gamifies the shopping experience and to using technology in their daily lives, not just shopping,” says An

Mathes020 says: April 19, 2021

Bonanza is easy to use and offers a lot of flexible selling models. One downside cited by sellers; Bonanza doesn’t pull in the traffic that the bigger sites do. without doing much to help promote traffic and sales,” said another. https://www.walgreenslistens.live/

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Hi DonC204

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One of the most common questions on Bonanza is how to increase sales.

As with any business it is difficult to form one response that will work for everyone, as each seller’s situation and business is different.

We have a variety of tools that can help identify ways you can increase sales. Check out the Seller Checklist for tips on boosting your sales. Here is a link from our Help pages, https://support.bonanza.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001149132-Seller-Checklist

Here is a link from our Bonanza.com Youtube how to optimize your listings
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Here is a link from our Help pages https://support.bonanza.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001350612

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answered 28 days ago

If you’re not in eBay managed payments, then yes, sell here and use Paypal as a proxy for doing business online. If you’re already in managed payments, you’ve waived professional secrecy and given your data to everybody and their Uncle Fred. Since this cannot be undone, I’d probably sell there.

answered 28 days ago


Littleblackdog says: April 16, 2021

Everybody INTERNATIONALLY and their Uncle Fred. MP is based out of the USA. Your personal info goes worldwide, basically!

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 16, 2021

True. Adyen (Netherlands) processes the payment. Trustly (Sweden) performs fintech magic as co-signer on your linked bank account. Third-parties to third-parties to… ad infinitum are without limit.

DonC204 says: April 21, 2021

We have pulled out of eBay and I think it was a good decision. I sure as heck don’t want the likes of eBay have that kind of power over my information.

When I first came to Bonanza in 2009 I left eBay for a long time (left due to a steep increase in listing price at the time). It was about 4 years ago or so when I started selling on eBay again. However, I usually only have 10 items on there that I can price decent and feel will sell in a shorter period of time.

Not everyone shops on eBay and eBay does not always place the listings in Google shopping, so I like how Google shopping is managed on Bonanza. I emailed in to eBay about several listings in the past not showing in GS, so this is how I know for sure.

I have had items stay on eBay for a while and not sell, took them off eBay and sold here.

answered 27 days ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 16, 2021

The eBay model changed from insertion fees (low price auctions) to free (competitive – why not begin high? – priced listings). Traffic and conversion rates by contrast here as facts are stubborn things best engaged and confronted.

EmpressDepot says: April 21, 2021

In 2009 there was a big change on listing and keeping items up for sale on eBay. How long it lasted I do not know. There was a huge influx of sellers that joined Bonanza because of it. I’m not sure if I am following everything your saying correctly :) I used to start high on eBay but anymore I try..

EmpressDepot says: April 21, 2021

try to be comparable. Of course there are different variables like condition, original package, rarity, etc.

I started on Bonanza in 2009. I “totally” left eBay when they announced they would be forcing members to enroll in Managed Payments. Wanted no part of it. I didn’t list much on eBay even before the announcement but every now and then I would put a few items up if eBay offered me free listings. I never paid to list on eBay. I like that Bonanza lets you run your business as you see fit and has very few “rules and regulations”. I do wish Bonanza would do a TV ad to get their name out there. I don’t make a killing but am happy with my level of sales at Bonanza. I stay at the 9% advertising level because I don’t want or need my items listed on eBay. I will continue to stay here and leave eBay behind.

answered 26 days ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 16, 2021

eBay managed payments is a non-starter. I’d like to hear from those using the other Paypal marketplaces (e.g., Grailed, Walmart, Swappa, Wish, and Google).

MommyOf2QTsScentWork says: April 16, 2021

I thought I was answering your original question. Sorry I must have misunderstood what you were asking.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 17, 2021

You answered the OP’s question, however, eBay is the villan goes without saying; otherwise, no one in their right mind would be here. Since the ad model here isn’t working for most sellers and items by any stretch of the imagination, let’s discuss the Paypal payments processing alternatives.

I left about 10 years ago. I will never return. I do a lot of vendor shows and make more money than I ever had on Ebay.

The negativity from some here will probably cause my exit.

answered 28 days ago

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CindyBear says: April 15, 2021

“The negativity from some here will probably cause my exit.” I know the feeling

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 15, 2021

On eBay, I had to pack, ship, and do accounting. Not here! The newfound freedom I enjoy here is palpable. Better?

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 15, 2021

I thought the desperate “Wish List” plea on “Submit an Idea” for a free Cabbage Patch doll was sarcasm at its finest. But yes, some people get it better than others. I guess you have to decide whether Bonz should remain a social media site or become a marketplace.

2009…left..told my regular customers if they wanted anything they could come get it for less here (those days fvf for under $50 was $0.50 and early memberships were way less expensive)

Never went back, never listed there again don’t buy there either..I have long since learned how to use google to find what I want/need elsewhere…(it will always appear somewhere else sometime and helps smaller online businesses also)

Eventually, I set up my own site also. Sell on both…

Somethings may take longer to sell, on here or my site but eventually they do.

It may be slower, but it was worth it to remove the stress

However, this is a supplimental income and not my main source…Online sales were a way to pay for services my autistic son needed that was not covered by insurance..and we could not cover those extra expences

Those that are totally dependent on online sales may not be able to do what I have done.

answered 28 days ago

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Totally agree with CCMom. I left in 2008, and although I’d like to sell more, it is supplemental income for me. I’ve never bought there since I left, either.

answered 28 days ago

I just closed my eBay account, so I can’t really say anything other than “I feel for you.” But I am on my own site and I sell through here and on another which does not market anything I make. My own site is pretty large right now with gift items. I will not deal with another site which limits the kinds of products I can sell. But you ought to asking yourself if it is worth paying fees on fees. I’ve seen it happen.

answered 27 days ago

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VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 15, 2021

I’m happy to pay reasonable fees for service. 9% basic is fine save paucity of the ad model. The next level is dual listing on eBay which makes zero sense.

At this point, and until Bonanza advertises to the general public, it will be slow here, but steady sales are possible. Buyers do eventually wander in and buy. The fact that there is no charge to let your stock sit and wait on Bonanza, is a plus. I wouldn’t be here, couldn’t afford to stay here, if there were expiring listings or listing fees every time you turned around. Bonanza has its weaknesses and its strengths. Right now you will also need a supplemental platform or other venue (flea markets, etc.) if you need to make a living selling your stock. I’m proud of you for considering ditching eBay. They have become the selling community’s “Ogre of Online”!

answered 27 days ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 16, 2021

eBay is definitely the Wicked Witch of the West; however, the Glinda approach, placing you on a path to the Happiness Wizard of Bonz, no matter how many times you click your heels and recite the reference links, still leaves one in the dream.

KarensCollections says: April 23, 2021

It’s been slow here since I first joined. I advertised on about 5 or 6 social media sites several times a day, and made less than 12 sales in two years. I moved just about all my items to Mercari and have been making steady sales since then. Selling fees are less and it’s easier to list your items.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 23, 2021

Were I to throw in the towel and cave to a managed payments marketplace, it would be Mercari. It’s too bad there are no good domestic alternatives.

Ebay is my main selling site~~have hardly sold anything here in several years. I had a BOOMING 3 sales here in the last 6 months while I’ve sold close to 200 in the last 3 months on ebay. I’m in the managed payments program on ebay & I like it~~they deposit to my bank account every Tuesday (I chose the weekly payment option).

I also like buying on ebay~~they give buyer protection that protects buyers in the event of problems. You don’t get that protection on other sites. I’ve been both buying & selling on ebay for over 20 years and if you want to make money that’s the place to sell. I invest my time to make money~~not to settle for a sale once a month (if that). In my opinion, ebay is the place to sell if you are serious about making money.

answered 24 days ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 21, 2021

eBay is still a good site for buying. This one? I dunno… I want to sell empty cigar boxes. Bonz won’t advertise them though half the world is on GS. They will neither look nor message Google for a definitive answer on this head. Good site for spam links though.

kattinsanity says: April 23, 2021

You should be able to sell them on ebay. They have a category for selling collectible tobacco items. I haven’t checked it out here but does Bonanza have a category to sell collectibles? You may be able to sell them as collectibles but not as a tobacco product.

kattinsanity says: April 23, 2021

I just checked & under “collectibles” you can list “tobacciana” & they show cigar boxes. They have to be specified as empty. It was probably the way you had them listed that they weren’t allowed.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 23, 2021

I messaged GS support for clarification on their policy and a definitve answer. They obviously allow them. Just another hoop the seller, asked to do everything here, must do; I dread having to get Bonz, seller media darling, to lift a finger.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 23, 2021

Bonanza seems to restrict any listing with the word “cigar”. My guess is you cannot even get a cigar jack cable to feed here. There was one box from here advertised on GS; though I’m at a loss to understand how as I all but duplicated it and came up empty.

VeronicaBooksAndArt says: April 24, 2021

I’ll grant getting clarification on this head from Google is like pulling teeth. I’m fast becoming sick of this business. Don’t forget to vote Bonz “Most Heavily Censored Marketplace” next year. You’ll still get the tokens.

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