How do your sales and profits compare to ebay?

New here :) Just wondering how things compare for everyone.

asked 5 months ago


bridgetown says: October 11, 2018

I sell 1 item here for every 500 I sell on eBay. And the fees here are more because I have to opt for a higher FVF in order to get any type of views OR I have to pay the minimum 50 cent FVF which is sometimes 15 cents higher than eBay’s…Yup, this place is awesome.

loves_birds says: October 12, 2018

Think of this site as a brick and mortar store online. If you expect the landlord to sell your stuff and send you the money you will be disappointed. Ebay has created a “lazy man’s way to riches” mentality and people are disappointed when they actually.have to apply entrepreneurship

KarensCollections says: October 12, 2018

You have to do your own advertising here. I am only doing the 9% and get lots of traffic because I advertise on several social sites.

zappys_closet says: October 16, 2018

I advertise for all my sites, sell plenty elsewhere. Things are not that great at Bonanza

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First off, if you are expecting this site to be like or as busy as eBay….you will be disappointed. With Bonanza you have to really do all your advertising, I myself average about 20-30 orders per month, more during our busy season which is approaching and less during slow summer months. I myself sell on many other venues, I constantly advertise thru Social Media, with coupons, add new items, update photos…..wait, that is just running a business, so actually I am doing what needs to be done to get customers myself, and not relying or blaming a site for my failure. I also purchase Turbo packs about 3 times a year which helps a bunch. I see so many that expect to just list a few items and think that is all that needs to be done and then complain about no sales, if you fail that is on you. eBay will always be the big one, not sure why as they are terrible but they have maintained that top status. Great thing here is it is free unless you sell something and then you pay a small FVF. Many do quite well here depending on what you sell and your prices. Do not get frustrated and give it a chance, there are some great sellers here that can really help you along the way. Good luck to you!

answered 5 months ago


abigdogmom says: October 12, 2018

In my opinion, ebay will remain the first site people think of because they get their name in front of more eye by advertising on TV. Bonanza won’t do that, and right now would be the best time when people are looking for a new ‘home’.

kattinsanity says: October 12, 2018

A lot of info concerning auction sites can be found on ecommercebytes blog including the possible downfall of ebay. Just this month ebays stocked dropped DRASTICALLY. Their new policies are going to be their downfall. Sellers are leaving there already and buyers will be right behind them.


I just came back a week ago selling here~~I also sell on ebay. I’ve made 2 sales so far. There aren’t as many members here as on ebay so I don’t expect overnight miracles. I do think that many more sellers and buyers will migrate here and to other venues with ebays new managed payments policy. Ebay predicts every seller will be required to be in their managed payments program by the summer of 2019. I’ve been an ebay seller for nearly 19 years but when they require me to be in that program I will be closing my account there. I’m sure I’m not the only seller already preparing for that time by getting settled into another venue for selling now. I believe all venues will be growing as sellers and buyers leave ebay due to their new payment policy. The more Bonanza grows the more sales will pick up for all sellers here.

answered 5 months ago


none on ebay in the last 12 days and none here. But at least here i dont have to pay to list my items and they stay listed until they sell. I think this site will get more people because like others have said ebays new payment system will make a lot of buyers and sellers leave. Its already happening. For a site to not allow sellers to accept paypal is moronic. And thats where ebay is heading. Every item that ends there without a sale i just list here and do not relist anything on ebay anymore. I use to sell on etsy but they are becoming like ebay too so i closed my shop there.

answered 5 months ago

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kattinsanity says: October 12, 2018

I usually sell about 65 items a month on ebay~~this month I’ve sold 12 so far. I haven’t opted into MP yet so I still get to accept paypal. It sure has gone downhill since 10/1.


Wishing you luck… in FIVE years I’ve had about 5 sales despite advertising on numerous search engines. Wish you the best…

answered 5 months ago


I don’t work this site very hard and get about 2 to possibly 3 sales a month equalling between $50 and $75 total. The first couple of months I had NO sales. It takes advertizing to get sales. I’m in for the 9% plan now. Things might improve fr me if I were to bump it up again but I’m not convinced the value of it is there , or not.
Ebay? In an average month I sell about 125 each month. a slow month like August through part of sept I might get down to 75-80 sales. My best months are Spring and early Summer I’ll top out at about 140 sales. I’m here as a fallback from ebay.
I did let Bonanza import my eBay store so the etup was pretty simple and if my ebay store gets closed or I decide I’;ve had enough there I won’t have to rewrite all my ads here or another site. I can copy and paste, if needed.

answered 5 months ago

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