I imported approx 300 listing from etsy. but they didnt include all info like shipping etc?

I imported approx 300 listings from etsy. but they didnt include all info like shipping, Categories etc. Is that normal for importing to have listing incomplete? What is the point of importing is info is not imported with listings and you have to go back edit and redo each one.

asked 22 days ago

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answered 21 days ago

B.: “Etsy uses a different categorization system from Bonanza. After you’ve uploaded your listings, you’ll want to set your categories so your listings are properly indexed and can be found by buyers in search results. Fortunately, Bonanza provides a batch editor tool that allows you to quickly set your item categories once your items are finished importing.”

Setting Categories in Bulk – https://support.bonanza.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000608812

Here is Your ‘Add or edit items’ page:

and ‘Batch Editor’ (Batch edit items):

How to use Batch Editor: https://support.bonanza.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000605672-Using-the-Batch-Editor

answered 21 days ago

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DesertSage says: February 06, 2020

Thank You. The batch editor doesnt work well for the shipping part im finding as each one has different weight etc so having to do one by one anyway.

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