Linking to ebay--what are the fees?

I just need a few examples—

Item lists on Bonanza for $100. The EBAY link is activated.

If it sells on Bonanza, what will the fee be?

If it sells on EBAY, what will the total fee be?

Also, if I select the option to list on EBAY, and only link… 10 items, do my NON-Ebay linked items get the full 13% fee, or is that higher rate ONLY for EBAY linked items?

asked 15 days ago

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ccmom says: February 13, 2020

and yes all items if qualify will be charge UP to 13% fvf IF it sells through an advertising link…please be aware you are charged nothing until an item sells and you will be able to see how many ad clicks your items have

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You pay the regular fees for the venue that the item sells on. However, if you used Bonanza’s feature to PUBLISH your items to eBay, you also pay 1.5% fee to Bonanza in addition to whatever eBay charges you for selling the item there.

answered 15 days ago

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So, just so I am clear—IF I opt into the 13% category so I can also list on Ebay, and I have 10,000 items, and I list ONE on Ebay:

1. All 10,000 items are subject to the 13% rate,
2. And the one listed on Ebay, if it sells on Ebay, is subject to EBay fees plus a 1.5% Bonanza fee, correct?

answered 14 days ago


tomwayne1 says: February 13, 2020

In addition to the ability to publish Bonz items to eBay, you get more advertising exposure for you Bonz items. The 13% rate is for that. So, you are correct on both counts.

ccmom says: February 13, 2020

it also gets you google shopping, bonanza affiliates and bonanza promotions and more click ads for the items…I have not listed on ebay since 2009 when I came here and use the 9%…but during holidays I will go up to 13% for more ad exposure….

ccmom says: February 13, 2020

or just stay at 9% and list your one item on ebay, manually and not bother with the bonanza import to ebay

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