Sold a listing on Bonanza via amazon pay and cannot find the sale on amazon


I sold a listing today here on Bonanza and it shows that the buyer checked out using Amazon pay.

I went to and clicked on orders and then manage orders but nothing comes up. The date range I gave it was 5/16 to 5/19.

Is there another area within Amazon that I need to look? Or I know Amazon changed to Amazon pay, so is there another www. that I am supposed to use besides now?



asked 5 months ago

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Amazon Pay does not send out notifications of a sale…

when bonz notifies you and if you want to see the order…log into Amazon Seller central, just like you did for Checkout by Amazon

Next to the search box at the top right corner there is a box with a drop down menu…

In the drop down menu pick Amazon Pay (Production View)

This is where your Amazon Pay orders will be listed…

You no longer have to add any information about shipping, etc..and if all your banking information was updated (or re-added) when you changed from Checkout by Amazon to Amazon Pay, then your funds are usually transferred about 6-24 hrs after the sale

This is what mine looks like

answered 5 months ago

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EmpressDepot says: May 20, 2017

Cindy. I am going to email you about the email I received from Amazon. It’s too much to try and put in these comment sections. I’ll copy and paste the email from Amazon into my email to you. THANKS.


If you sold the listing on Bonanza, the sale would not be on Amazon. Is the site you are looking out the proper one to see funds in your Amazon Pay account?

answered 5 months ago

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Thanks, Tomwayne. Back in the day we used to have to go to Amazon and mark the listing as shipped along with the tracking number if I remember right.

I do not see any funds in my Amazon account, no signs that a buyer used Amazon pay to checkout (accept proof of it here on Bonanza).

I went to What URL do you use to view your Amazon seller info?



Editing to add: I emailed into Bonanza support and they helped me to figure what I was not doing right. I did have to go to but then I did have to switch it over to “Amazon Pay (production view).” The area to change to Amazon pay (production view) is located in a drop down at the top of the page beside my business name. Once on the Amazon pay (production view) page, I clicked on orders, chose manage orders from the drop down and saw the transaction within Amazon.

Thank God!!

answered 5 months ago


tomwayne1 says: May 19, 2017

Sorry, I don’t do Amazon.

EmpressDepot says: May 19, 2017

That’s okay. Thanks for trying. See my edit above. I emailed into Bonanza support and they helped me to figure it out. Amazon can be so strange in that their seller central site is very confusing.

loves_birds says: May 20, 2017

The new Amazon seller central is confusing. I had the very same issue until I figured out the “production view” thingy. It’s not easy to navigate their site. :)

gearseller2 says: May 20, 2017

You’ve got it Empress. Congrats on your sale! Amazon Pay takes a little practice but once you learn where everything is it is a pleasure. No more need to add tracking etc. Reports take a bit more getting used to but they have been improved. Happy selling!

EmpressDepot says: May 20, 2017

It definitely is not. And now today I received Amazon email that I have to look into. I’d love for life to settle down just for a little bit with no problems lol. Pretty please.

EmpressDepot says: May 20, 2017

Thank you, gear seller. And I was wondering about where I was supposed to upload the tracking number . Thanks for telling me.

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