The 2019 sellers choice results for marketplaces are in

A Bit of mixed bag. What do you think?

asked 7 days ago

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I’ve always objected to the way ecommercebytes defines profitability. If OVERALL profitability is considered, then Bonanza’s score is lower than eBay (and some other sites) due to lower overall sales numbers.

However. consider eBay’s profitability number PER ITEM compared to Bonanza’s number. In my main category, eBay charges a FVF of 12% plus a listing fee of some kind EVERY 30 days. With Bonanza, I list FREE and with the 9% FVF, I am way ahead when the item sells… especially if it is a slow moving item that stays listed FREE on Bonanza. Also, if I wasn’t including free shipping, I would be able to exclude shipping charges (up to $10) from the FVF calculation. That would save me about $0.27 to $0.30 in FVF if I chose not to include free shipping in the price. All sellers know that there is no such thing as free shipping, but it makes buyers happy and I found that it does increase my sales.

Of course, as BonanzaMark once stated in this forum, if you list the same items on eBay AND Bonanza without implementing a price difference between the two platforms, then the item is more likely to sell on eBay due to the fact that Bonanza is not as well known yet. When the same item appears in Google Shopping on both platforms, buyers go with what/who they know. Though many sellers are fed up with eBay, the buyers aren’t (because they are better protected than eBay sellers).

Here’s what I’m about to do: When my next batch of 100+ items expire on eBay, I’m not going to renew them. But, I’m going to leave them listed on Bonanza (I don’t use synchronization) and I’m confident that my Bonanza sales will increase (how much… not sure). Of course, the more UNIQUE the item, the more likely it will sell through Google Shopping (on Bonanza).

answered 6 days ago

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EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

You bring up a good point in that on eBay there is an FVF on shipping….no matter how low the shipping charge. I know there were sellers taking advantage of no FVF on shipping but eBay did not have to go crazy overboard with it. They could have not started an FVF, say, on first class mail…

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

Until it went over 3.99 and this is when considering a seller charges a flat rate…same on priority, standard post and media mail. Ebay just chose to point blank take advantage of the situation even though at one point there were sellers taking advantage of them. I do sell on eBay but the truth…

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

is the truth.


Bonanza 2018 and 2019:

Profitability: 5.13 (stayed the same for both 2018 & 2019).
Customer service: 6.47 (an increase from 2018)
Communication: 6.3 (a very small increase from 2018).
Ease of use: (a very small increase from 2018).
Recommend: 6.63 (a small increase from 2018).
Overall: 6.10 (a small increase from 2018).

Bonanza was in 5th place last year and 6th place this year but I think what I’ve typed below is more important to me.

There were increases in 2019 for Bonanza over 2018 even if they were small to very small increases with the exception of Profitability staying the same for both years.

I give it a thumbs up.

Thanks for sharing ArtistsUnion and NecktieGuy.

It is really interesting that Amazon fell so far down…even if Poshmark and Mercari are the new folks in town.

answered 7 days ago


I was wondering when Poshmark and Mercari were going to get on the board. They finally did and knocked out Bonz. They DO get lots of sales there, high fee’s tho.

answered 6 days ago

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answered 5 days ago


I guess I was a little disappointed in the ratings Bonanza received. Bonanza is better then the numbers indicate. Yes there are fewer sales, But more profit per sale. For me the plus is not having the stress of a River or a Bay selling site, Nor looking at a large credit card bill each month if I sell or not. Been there done that, Thru with that. My concerns involve Bonanza loading the categories up on new cheap imports and there over the top prohibited items and key words. But that all being said Bonanza will remain my main selling venue.

answered 5 days ago

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tomwayne1 says: February 12, 2019

“But more profit per sale” — exactly!


Apps like poshmark are cutting into sites like Bonanza. I am waiting to see how Wish does this year since they have fully opened up to any seller as well. Mercari and Poshmark have only 10 million Google downloads. Wish has a 100+ million download count. Ebay has the same 100+ million download count. My last Bonanza sale yesterday was to member #37,461,071.
The faster Bonanza launches a shopping app similar to eBay’s the better.

answered 1 day ago

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