The seller accepted my offer. how do i complete the transaction with the new price?

The seller accepted my offer. When I placed the item in my cart it still showed the initial price. I’m new to Bonanza and not sure what to do next.

asked 17 days ago

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Was it an official offer or one worked out through messages.

If official and the seller accepted the offer, there should have been a notification sent to you which should has a big green button that says Go to checkout to complete your purchase

There should be no need to put the item in your cart..

Also if you go to menu
Selling Dashboard
the offer should be there under Open offers
Just click on it to finish Checkout

answered 17 days ago

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See ccmom's booth

Hey buddy, you can update the price by going through the dashboard or if you are unable to do it, you may create a new page with the latest price for the product and give that page to your customer, that’s it I guess.
I exactly do the same on all my e-com websites but recently started a movie catalogue site but this website doesn’t have any purchase pages.

answered 16 days ago

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