Trouble with shipping not populating the correct customer address info.....

Hello, Is there something going on with Bonanza’s shipping portion of the site? There seems to be a serious glitch taking place.

When I go to my sellers dashboard and click “manage all sales” I’m presented with all the orders including the ones that still need to be processed for shipping.

Once I click “Buy Shipping” from any order, the “Shipping To” information is showing the name and address from the first order on this page. The trouble is that every order also expands and is showing the same name and address as the ship to from the first order on the top of the page.

Thankfully I caught this before shipping everybody’s order to the same person.

I though this was a strange error and decided to try logging on from a different computer (to rule out any possible issues with my pc). But again the same issue. I also tried using a different browser, Firefox and IE, in which both resulted in the same issue.

There seems to be a serious glitch taking place. Apparently an issue from the Bonanza site? Is there any known issues going on with Bonanza’s shipping portion of the site? Is anybody else experiencing this same issue?

Something has changed and the “ship to” info is no longer populating the correct address. It’s pulling the address from the first order listed on the top of the page and then expanding every other order and including that same name and address info on every other order listed on the page.

Again, this is happening after I click the “Buy Shipping” button.

Is this an internal issue with Bonanza that is being worked on? Is anybody aware of this? Please Help!…

asked about 1 year ago


tomwayne1 says: December 07, 2017

ha… your comments and questions are also duplicating.

EmpressDepot says: December 07, 2017

Definitely a serious glitch and thank God, like you said, not everything went to the same address. I do not do Bonanza Buy Shipping on the site but definitely report it pronto for the sake of other sellers., too :)

apextactical says: December 07, 2017

I too am encountering this issue with the incorrect shipping address being displayed. When I select any order, the name and address shown are for the latest (last) order made. All orders display this address.

2 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

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Hello everyone,

We can confirm the issue is on our end and our tech team is working hard on getting this bug fixed. We appreciate your patience during this situation and we hope to have things back to normal here shortly!

answered about 1 year ago


Hello bonanzajon, thanks for acknowledging the situation and for the update. I’m glad to know that this bug was brought to the attention of the tech team. I went to process a few shipments this afternoon and all seemed to be back to normal working order.

I’m so glad to have this working normal again. Thanks to you and the staff for getting this back on track as quickly as possible. Cheers! :) Happy Holidays…

answered about 1 year ago

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