What is the purpose of having orders requiring my approval?

Hello, It looks like this has been discussed here before although even after reading of a few older threads with similar situations, I still cant understand why this is occurring.

Every now and then I receive a notification informing me about “A buyer order awaits your approval on Bonanza”.

Of course I try to follow up with the customer and have also manually approved these but most always this usually results in a lost sale at this point. Which I can understand as I myself would also find this interruption a bit odd during checkout when trying to place an order through anybody.

I have never seen this occur on other online selling platforms. Why does this occur on Bonanza?

I offer free shipping so I presume this situation would not be attributed to any inabilities to calculate shipping costs during checkout.

Also, under Buyer restrictions I have chosen “Shoppers can have any shipping address”.

So location shouldn’t create any shipping issues…

Any other reason that could or would be causing this? Something I’m missing to update in the setting?

I sure would like to somehow override any manual approval requests and have the Bonanza system approve all our orders automatically without requiring my approval.


I tried responding back to your comment ccmom but was only allowed a limit of 300 characters. Hardly enough to satisfy my reply. So I decided to edit my initial comment in response to your message.

ccmom: thanks for your reply. I sure do appreciate you taking the time going over all those possible scenarios.I been using bonanza for several years now and still can’t seem to figure out the international shipping.

Under “Buyer Restrictions” I do have it set to “Shoppers can have any shipping address”. I figured this would be helpful if a buyer wanted to send an order to a family or friend using another shipping address that their own within the USA. Unless this option was not intended for that purpose.

Perhaps I should just change it back to “Shoppers must have a shipping address in my country of residence”, since all my orders have been from the USA anyways.

Every-time I check the order which requires my approval, there always in the USA and I can’t ever see anything wrong with the order. The zip and address never shows as incorrect. I try to reach out with the customer and have approved a few. But at this point, most all of the customers are already apprehensive and usually doesn’t want to have anything to do with the order anymore.

Now I did have 1 buyer that was international which required my approval and that was understandable. But that was the only one out of the over 50+ lost sales due to this approval requirement prior to completing an order which appears to happen several times a week lately.. :(

And your correct, there was one item that did have calculated shipping although the order details noted Free Shipping. I have now corrected this although I never received any approval requests for that one.

And none of my orders are OBO so this wouldn’t be the trigger to the approval requests.

And both “Invoice Settings” have not been selected (Not Checked).

It’s so strange that this is occurring so much to our listings. I have never experienced such a thing under other marketplaces. It must be something going on with Bonanza that causes this to happen. Would be nice if somebody from Bonanza would view this message and take the time to further look into what the cause for this is.

This has been going on for a long time now. And it looks like there have been others previously that’s also mentioned this very same occurrence and no fix offered. :\

asked about 2 months ago

4 Answers

There are many reasons why the system would send a purchase as needing approval..

Most of which you seem to have handled

The most common is the buyer is in a location you do not have shipping set up for (international)…..You have buyer Shoppers can have any shipping address..but do you have the shipping set for international buyers?

I just did a run through using UK as address You do not have international shipping set up or at least shipping to UK is not set

Second buyer miss typed (usuall it is) the zipcode and the system cannot determine location.

Third..may wish to check the shipping set-up on those particular items (in my case), I clicked on Details are in item description and therefore shipping was not set-up for the item

Fourth..shipping was not set for that particular item…I did find one of your listings that says “Free Shipping in the listing” but it is set up for Calc shipping..

Or the item was an OBO

And there is always the possibility of a glitch.

I had an Offer awaiting approval last week..thought it was an OBO but it was for the full price…not really sure unless the buyer hit the wrong button on checkout…

One thing you can do is go to
Account Settings
Seller Settings

Make sure these two items are NOT checked

Invoice settings

When I approve an order, send the buyer their invoice automatically (don’t prompt me to review the invoice) Definitely do not check this one or all orders will need approval

Copy me when invoices are sent to buyers…Optional, I don’t but that is up to you

answered about 2 months ago

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Incredible_Deals says: August 13, 2020

as I wThanks for your responce. I edited my comment with my reply back as I’m limited to the amount of text I can input when responding to a comment…


answered about 2 months ago

I’ve gotten that message when a buyer has made an offer… rather than just buying at the stated price on the listing.

answered about 1 month ago


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