What is the secret to sell anything on this site?

I am not having any luck. I’m not sure the stats are working either or do they only update them every few days? I might have to turn to EBay to sell some things and stay on Etsy for the time being since this isn’t working out.

asked 11 days ago

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If you really want this to work and make the booth something for the future..it will be a slow climb to build up to sales. If looking for a place to build and stay..it will take longer than a month…if looking to move items quickly, then ebay maybe a better option…be patient and build your booth…

Make sure your items are google compliant (search optimization, attributes, etc)
Make sure your items are in google shopping
Use any social media you have
Twitter, make a facebook business page and post links back to your booth, make pinterest boards for your items

Let past buyers/return know you are here now…


answered 11 days ago

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it appears like you just signed up for Bonanza and it may take some time to get your search results indexed into Google.

Make sure to select an appropriate Ad rate, so that your products are advertised on your behalf.

I am a seller based in Slovakia, but I am having really good, daily sales on Bonanza, enough to cover a full time income.

answered 11 days ago

It is a joke that is not funny!

answered 8 days ago

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In the Past, Summer was typically a slower time because people were out doing outdoor things and not in front of a screen buying. But with the CV19 situation, all bets are off because it is not typical anymore. What also doesn’t help is more and more states are jumping on the pick your pocket TAX bandwagon and also the big sites push FREE shipping so many think YOU should also be free (as how much can shipping really cost.) Well, as sellers (and not big corporate sites) we all know that Shipping IS NOT FREE and Yes, it costs more than many think it does.
This is not the Auction site and like others have stated, YOU have to work a bit at it here. Advertise at least at the 9pct level to get your stuff into Google (a Necessary Evil here) and if you do Social Media (I personally do not) you need to get the word out there, however you do that. And then WAIT. Eventually when Ebay Self Destructs by forcing their Managed Payments on Buyers and Sellers (where you give Ebay control of your Checking or Credit Card access for payments), hopefully much more traffic will pick up here. Good luck and be Patient. It is FREE to list here (unless you BUY a Store subscription here) which I dont recommend when first starting off, until at least you get more established. Would also help if you could import your feedback from other site you sell at here to show you have a track record of selling.
(actually I just looked and saw that you already did that… My Bad).

Good Luck and Welcome to Bonanza

answered 11 days ago


ToysFromAttic says: June 27, 2020

The last time I sold on Ebay I didn’t really like it there anymore. The majority of my items are on Etsy and I do very well there but they have a new few that is mandatory for my shop and I’m not liking how much they are taking from my sales. Thanks for your help. I appreciate your response.

ToysFromAttic says: June 27, 2020

That was supposed to be fee, not few.

Atomicdiner says: June 29, 2020

One last thing to remember that HERE, Bonz does not charge you their percentage Fee on the 1st $10 of shipping charges. Anything over the $10 ship costs, they will take the percent you chose to advertise at (9 pct?) so that is a decent thing for them to do.

ToysFromAttic says: June 29, 2020

Atomicdiner, thanks, I did not know that.

Sales are VERY slow here, always have been. You have to constantly promote your own items on your social media site just to get traffic, but that will not guarantee any sales. The main problem is that Bonanza does not advertise the site so most people have never heard of it, even after being up and running for 12 years. I’m doing very well on another site, practically making daily sales, without having to promote my items.

answered 8 days ago


ToysFromAttic says: June 30, 2020

If you would like to share the other site you sell on, I would love to know. Thanks..

KarensCollections says: June 30, 2020

Mercari. I’m doing really well on that one.

KarensCollections says: June 30, 2020

Mercari. I’m doing really well on that one.

ToysFromAttic says: July 01, 2020

Thanks KarensCollections. I might have to check it out sometime.

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