What kind of sex toys can i sell on bonanza.com?

I see others selling sex toys on bonanza.com, but I want to know is there a list of toys I can sell or am I prohibited to sell certain types of sex toys? I have reached out to Customer Service 2xs with no response.

asked over 4 years ago

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This is an official Bonanza response.

Hi there, we currently do not allow adult items like that to be sold here at Bonanza. Our team is constantly going through booths and removing these types of items. Here is a link to our Prohibited items [URL removed] https://www.bonanza.com/site_help/general_selling/prohibited_items.

We appreciate your patience regarding the emails you’ve sent. I’ve alerted our team who reviews booths about your emails and they’ll be reaching out to you here shortly!

answered over 4 years ago

oh thats interesting, is there any particular reason why bonanza doesnt allow adult toys to be sold? I thought it was perfectly fine as long as the photo and description are not showing nudety or sexually explicit things. Interesting, I guess you learn somethin new every day. I find that quite odd tho that you wouldn’t allow that…. p.s. they allow them on amazon and ebay, think thats why I found it odd that bonanza doesn’t.

answered over 4 years ago

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Calhan_Mercantile says: June 19, 2018

Holy crap, don’t seach “sex toy” on Bonanza. I think they must have missed a few dozen pages.

Hello Dear

Did you received my request?

Waiting to hear from you soon

e-mail. [email protected]

answered over 4 years ago

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I am very confused by the topic of sex toys. I’ve never tried it, can you imagine? But recently I joined a chat on [URL removed] via video and girls started playing with sexy toys while chatting with me. Now I constantly think about it and see these pictures before my eyes. What toy do you think should be ordered for the first experience?

answered almost 2 years ago

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