Bonanza partner commission on paypal transaction

i sold an item on bonanza.bonanza charged 3.5% on bonanza website. i set up my seller payment through paypal.
On paypal transaction, it shows bonanza partner commission 9% fees + paypal fees 2.9%.
so bonanza charge 9% on paypal and 3.5% on bonanza site.
does anyone here use paypal for their booth.
can anyone please help me explain this. Is there anyways how we can avoid the extra paypal fees ( bonanza partner commission ) on paypal.
thank you much for you’ll help

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While it is true what others are saying about fees, I found that the PARTNER COMMISSION amount is the TAX (if buyers state participates). If you look at the Bonanza Packing Slip, the amounts should equal to that.

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Starfisher says: January 16, 2020

I agree that the Partner Commission is the sales tax that PayPal collects from the Buyer and submits back to Bonanza. Bonanza submits the tax on behalf of the Seller.

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answered over 2 years ago

Bonanza seller fees and PayPal fees are not related. PayPal is always going to charge you that 2.9% (plus the $0.30per transaction) when they collect the payment for you. Bonanza has no control over that.

The advertising level (commission rate) that you choose (3.5%, 9%, 13%, etc.) is what you pay for exposing your items to shoppers. At 3.5%, you do not get any Google Shopping exposure. With the other percentage rates, you get increasing exposure to different shopping channels. (see [URL removed]

No matter which advertising level you choose, your items and booth will appear in the regular (organic) Google search results. However, unless your item is unique and/or the search term for your item is specific, the findings may appear buried in Google organic search results.

Bottom [URL removed] If you accept PayPal, the 2.9%+ will always be charged. You have control over the Bonanza seller commission (advertising rate), but it will be hard to be very successful without the Google Shopping exposure at the (very least) 9% rate.

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Glodeo says: January 17, 2020

Very good explaination!!

As tomwayne says…

IF your item was charged only 3.5% then the item sold either through a direct link, organic link or internal search on bonanza..

Your FVF is dependent upon the adveritising level you choose to be in google shopping and have affiliate ads will be 9% and you are only charged up to 9% depending on how many ad clicks your item obtains..

Bonanza does not take those fees from paypal. Those fees are paid in a monthly statement that can either be paid with paypal (and you HAVE authorize the payment) or a credit card.

The only other fee bonanza will collect from paypal is the taxes that are required from certain states…

[URL removed]

The taxes required by some states to be collected by the marketplace…This appears as a Partner Fee on paypal

nowhere on PayPal invoice does it show Bonanza collected 9% fee

However, on your bonanza invoice after a sale it will show you how much your final value fee will be (which can be up to 9% or whatever adverising percentage you chose)

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Bonanza charges 3.5% for a sale of an item that is found and ordered directly on Bonanza. You would need to have your own advertising level set at 9% for those extra 9% charges. If you go to your settings and make sure that 9% is not selected you won’t get the 9% additional fees. However,,, if basic 3.5% only is used it does not promote your items on Google Shopping- we stay at 13% level and find it well worth paying the extra percentage to draw more people to our booth from Google. We have also used 9% and found that it makes a difference. Congrats on your sale!!

answered over 2 years ago

Also, keep in mind that Bonanza charges a minimum fee per sale which can also make that percentage seem higher than what you set it up as.

answered over 2 years ago

Thank you very much for all the answers guys. Very helpful.

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Mig langar að vita hvernig get ég framkvæmt PayPal viðskipti og fyrir það var ég að leita að þeim á netinu. Ég er ánægður með að hafa fundið færsluna þína við leit í raunverulegur peningar spilaviti removed] Takk kærlega fyrir að deila þessu með okkur. Þetta er mjög gagnlegt fyrir mig.

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