Can i use my tokens to buy items

I want to know if I can use my tokens to but items on bonanza

asked about 1 year ago


misskeech says: December 30, 2017

Start collecting them everyday, they do pay off when the time comes to pay your bill.

FrogAndBearCreations says: December 31, 2017

some sellers take tokens for items – just got to look for them!

FrogAndBearCreations says: December 31, 2017

I just set up a discount for coupons – so look for that when you purchase things

misskeech says: December 31, 2017

FrogAndBear, how do you sell something for tokens? How does the buyer transfer them to you?

InspiredCreations says: January 01, 2018

FrogAndBearCreations….the token option does not work for buyers. I had that same issue and a buyer could not redeem the code with tokens. It is an open support ticket I have in to Bonanza support.

InspiredCreations says: January 01, 2018

I would love to be able to accept tokens as payment for an item and just made a suggestion through the suggestion page. Hopefully it will get approved by a moderator. :D

FrogAndBearCreations says: January 04, 2018

Hopefully they get that fixed as I plan to offer so many $$ off for a set amount of tokens

1 Answer

To the best of my knowledge No, the tokens can only be used to pay one’s seller fees or to purchase Bonanza site favors/services or Bonanza site merchandise as follows:
" $1.00 fees discount – Get a $1.00 discount on your Bonanza fees. 500 tokens.
Immediate Saved Searches – Get immediate email notifications when new items are posted that match your criteria. 750 tokens.
Postcard from Bonanza HQ – We’ll send you a postcard from Seattle with as many clever little jokes as we’re able to come up with. 5,000 tokens.
Bonanza T-shirt – Artist-designed, high quality cotton t-shirt of Mongoose on Spaceneedle or Pangolins on EMP 10,000 tokens. Check out shirt options and browse other Bonanza merchandise here
One month of free membership – We’ll take your existing membership and extend it for a month, free of charge. 15,000 tokens.
Booth traffic consultation – One of our Booth Traffic Consultants will spend an hour reviewing your booth, and will prepare a report of specific ideas to improve buyer traffic 15,000 tokens.
One month free Webstore – Receive a free month of Bonanza webstore (regular value $24.95) 15,000 tokens.
Featured item in newsletter – The Bonanza newsletter is sent out to around 500,000 buyers per month. Work with us to select an item of yours to be featured in the newsletter 20,000 tokens.
One month free Background Burner Pro – Receive a free month of Expert-reviewed Background Burner Pro, 200-image tier. Regular value $49.95 20,000 tokens.
Bonanza Hoodie – Artist-designed, high quality cotton hoodie of Mongoose on Spaceneedle or Pangolins on EMP 20,000 tokens.
Hour of programmer time – You tell our programmers what you want them to work on for an hour. They’ll do their damndest to make it happen. 25,000 tokens.
A word with the big cheese – Got a burning question (or great idea) for Bonanza? Share it with the CEO and get a personalized response. 25,000 tokens.
Bonanza gift package – We’ll send you a random item from our office. Team autographs available upon request. 30,000 tokens.
Bonanza Blog Post dedicated to your store – We’ll work with you to write a blog post focused on you and your store. 40,000 tokens."

answered about 1 year ago

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bonanzajon says: December 31, 2017

Thanks for the help, Mrdutch! Here is a link to our Help Center that shows this information:

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