Suggest best ways for affliatte marketing

Hi there,
anyone with a prior experience suggests me a possible way to do affiliate marketing for my product to generate leads for my product

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Hello judymitchel,

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Our advertising platform has several tiers, each unlocking additional platforms on which to display your products. You can choose what percentage you’d like to opt into and our computers will go to work making bids on your behalf to get your item in front of every possible buyer.

Each tier builds upon the last, unlocking new channels. Here is a link from our Help pages.

If you need additional support please email our support team and they will be glad to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!
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You really cannot do much about it, except have good pictures and make your items as ‘alluring’ as possible to the affiliates so that would want to share your items..the affiliate advertising is handled by bonanza and the affiliates themselves

When you opt into Bonanza Affiliates, the Broadcaster will share your items with our network of third-party bloggers and websites. These individuals can choose to advertise your items on their site. When a sale is made as a result of a Bonanza Affiliate link, you will pay up to the maximum commission rate selected, and the affiliate partner will also receive a commission payout. Bonanza Affiliates is available for the Basic (9%) commission rate and beyond.

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See ccmom's booth

You may try discounts.

answered 19 days ago

Affiliate programs, also called Associate Programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant web site is paying you a commission on the bases of sales you give. These affiliate web sites post links to the merchant site and paid according to an agreement. This agreement is usually based on the number of traffic you send who buy something or perform some actions. Saving Rite( is also doing the same work on an Affiliate Program, where this site provides you the best discounts and deals to buy any products.

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What is the nature of your product? is it a physical product or a digital product? if you have a physical product you can run an ecom dropshipping model in which you will have to run social media ads such as facebook ads, insta ads or tiktok ads and you can also use Google Adwords to promote your product to the right audiences.

Or, if you have a digital product you can use JVZoo or Warrior+ to promote your digital product where you will have to provide commissions to digital marketers, who would write reviews of your product online and get leads for you.

Note: You can alternative try those methods, it’s working for me. I have recently launched a live sports streaming app ( and I am doing good with my digital product which has good searches online.

answered 17 days ago

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