Why would bonanza have to put my fabric under review, it's not a poison or questionable item

I have been selling mostly all cotton quilt shop fabrics on Bonanza since it was called Bonanzle, and I decided to list more today, but I find the 1st one I listed today was put ’’’under review’’’ so that in 1 to 2 days THEN it will show up in my Booth. I understand that some items – like perishable, possibly health hazard, questionable products/items might be put ’’’under review’’’ but fabric? I don’t understand why an all cotton piece of fabric would even need to be reviewed? Maybe it’s just me? I wanted to list a bunch of fabrics today, and Tweet those…looks like I might have to wait a bit I’d like to know why my item’s under review? NOTE! Below where my comments say ’’Bond’’ I typed BONZ but spell check interferred…

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abigdogmom says: February 07, 2020

They put a Kasa Smart Plug of mine in review and then deleted it without telling me anything until I emailed about it. Others were listed but mine got kicked out.

ccmom says: February 08, 2020

sometimes an edit will trigger a review (it is just a random automatic thing that occurs, according)..if not up in a day or 2 send a message…happens to me on occasion

divinefabricsnmore says: February 09, 2020

Ugh. It is Sunday & my I am still waiting for 1 item to show…methinks Bond needs to redo HOW the do a review

divinefabricsnmore says: February 11, 2020

Well it’s TUESDAY, & I Thought I could list some fabrics WITHOUT me/my Booth going through MORE Review- As items= PERFECTLY SAFE like Quilt Material that’s All Cotton, but No-o-o-o, Looks like my listed fabrics do not show up-so frustrating, ’specially that MANY here get away listing INAPPROPRIATES!

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Hello divinefabricsnmore

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!!

If you need additional support please email our support team and they will be glad to assist you further. support@bonanza.com

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered 19 days ago

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divinefabricsnmore says: February 10, 2020

I have written to Bonanza as I am still waiting for 1 particular fabric to be AOK’d…it’s ridiculous that ALL COTTON fabric should even come under review, it’s not inappropriate, it’s not dangerous, it’s not go buzz words in description that would make it unlistable…I wrote Support, Thanks, Dee

I believe that Bonanza randomly selects new items that are being posted for a manual review. It’s not that it takes two days for your item… it’s probably just a backup of those randomly selected items. This is just one of Bonanza’s methods of screening for inappropriate, copyright violating, etc. items.

However, in the case of your fabric, I wonder if a keyword (for example, “Disney”, “Batman”, etc.) might have caused a review for potential copyright laws. Some companies are very fussy about their trademarks. So, those kind of items are subject to review so that Bonanza can make a ruling based on what those copyholders demand.

answered 20 days ago

I get the same thing quite a bit and I sell toys (Die-cast, games, comic books etc), yes let me repeat…toys, yes they put holds on toys, yet I see so much adult oriented items on here it has become crazy, but, they put holds on just about anything that triggers their system. Luckily, other than weekends, it usually only takes 24 hours to review and take the hold off if accepted.

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abigdogmom says: February 09, 2020

I think they review and delete items without telling the seller anything just because they can. Mine was deleted while there are still at least 10 listed and lord know how many from ebay.

divinefabricsnmore says: February 09, 2020

I have no Disney fabrics or others liken to that. With so many items on Bonanza that I have questioned how those could even be allowed, I think all cotton brand new old stock quilt fabric is or should be exempt from review but of course meanwhile other items that should

divinefabricsnmore says: February 09, 2020

Oooops. As I was saying other items that should be under review somehow get to be listed right away. This is very frustrating and methinks Bond should find non robotic ways of reviewing Just my own opinion.

ccmom says: February 10, 2020

I get it with my toys also…

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