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Is bonanza deleting posts about creating more sales?
Hi, Every time we try to engage anyone on these Community Boards, it seems our Comments disappear. Why have the Community Boards if we're not allowed to use them to help make the selling experience better? Can't we even talk about Setting...

asked 8 days ago

4 answers
4 votes
If bonanza advertising syncs items to ebay why do buyers have to come here?
I've read a lot of advise here stating to increase sales and draw in buyers, don't list the same items on eBay and Bonanza because buyers will go to eBay first since they are a destination site. But doesn't syncing Bonanza items with eBay do exac...

asked 11 days ago

6 answers
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With ebays new managed payment can we still link bonanza items to it
with ebays new managed payment system can we still advertise our Bonanza items on ebay without signing up for their managed payments?

asked 16 days ago

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