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Setting up my bonanza booth right now. want to add my top ebay products, but someone's already using my ebay photos & descrip, etc.
I am just setting up my booth tonight. One of the main things I hoped to sell here is one of my best/ oldest ebay listings (almost 7K sold in 5.5 years). But I see here on Bonanza that someone already sells it using my photos and description (it i...

asked 11 days ago

2 answers
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When i make a price change on 1 item on ebay, do i have to import my item to etsy all over again.
I'm going to try Bonanza again. When I make a price change on 1 item on Ebay, do I have to import my items to Bonanza all over again.

asked about 1 month ago

4 answers
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How do i get items to go ahead and import back and forth with ebay, it is synced and i've tried twice
I'm new to Bonanza, I've been using eBay off and on for years but have decided to switch for several reasons but still want items to show on eBay. I have the accounts synced but I only got the unsold items listed on eBay and none of my active lis...

asked about 2 months ago

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New seller
Ok, what am I missing here? I have stats that my items have been viewed? I did not create a booth just imported listings from ebay so what are the stats indicating?

asked 2 months ago

4 answers
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Ebay items are not importing properly
Hi, I am a longtime Bonanza seller. I have always imported manually from eBay. I revised listings at eBay a couple of weeks ago and decided to delete my Bonanza listings for a clean import. The problem? Only 201 items imported to Bonanza of 1...

asked 4 months ago

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