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Posted by Abrafox, Northern UT, UT Sneak into the warehouse!. 5,352 total posts | Posted 3 months ago

Glad your doctor visit was ‘boring’!

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Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,520 total posts | Posted 3 months ago

And the afternoon goes on with this b-mail I received from Dee

She asked me to share

I want to let someone from WFC that I’m not ignoring you sweet gals, I’m having way to many problems/physical ailings going on here.
I will soon be having only in home care.
Unfortunately certain things have happened so fast. I am not sleeping well, the pain wakes me or doesn’t let me rest well. Even the natural herb Valerian doesn’t really help.
Also I’ve been hallucinating, or doing hand gestures like I’m cooking but I’ll be sitting down, sautéing mushrooms, only problem is there’s no pan, there’s no mushrooms, no butter nor am a near the stove I am hallucinating that I am, but I am not…other stranger hallucinations have happened to me too, Like the pillows move when I look at them, or a towel gets stuck on a part of my body, after a shower, but not only is that not happening, there’s no towel and I’m in a robe.
Anyway…most times I am AOK and lucid, but I list on eBay this time of year and that keeps me very very busy.
I have a
Let everyone know that I miss them and hope after I see some more in home people to get all this totally set up, I will pop in, or I’ll try to do so sooner…but a few times typing descriptions for ebay the letters went all jumbled (I was hallucinating they were) and I got very upset and started to cry.
I already told my one doctor I am NOT going on heart meds, I’m DONE doing any extra meds.
My wheelchair should be coming soon too, I try to walk with my cane but the Plantar Fasciitis is MUCH worse. I did get foot doctor to come to my home, unfortunately he doe NOT do in home shots so now I have to find one that will give me a steroid shot for pain.
I thought we would have GREAT coverage from GM, but I find out we do not. We would be better off piss pot poor in order to get the multiple type of IN HOME services I now need. Nevertheless and just the same, I am Grateful to God for what I still have or can do.
Just wanted to let someone know, my energy levels are so low after working in eBay daily, that I just want to go and put my feet up and I haven’t been in WFC…I miss each of you!
Take Care to let the gals know I miss them, thank Joyce!
Enjoy your New Home!

Guess earlier when I was wondering where Em has been I should have mentioned wondering about Dee as well…..also Kay. Our group is a small group but keeping track of just the few of us is something I do try to do.

Charlotte, my old residence in Greentown was shy of 2600 people by a few folks.
BTW, SUPPORT Jon tells me he has no idea why my location still shows to be Greentown. I did the only thing they told me to do which was clear all cookies and caches. Did that mainly because of my paypal address which wouldn’t change. Won’t know until my next paypal purchase if clearing cookies/caches helped./

Collectibles and So Much More
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,336 total posts | Posted 2 months ago

An interesting thing happened recently to one of my buyers. She purchased 2 items; Paypal set her the incredible shipping fee of over $26 to buy 2 $5 items of doll clothing.

I sent her a note, asking if she was sure she wanted to go through with it, since shipping to Israel was so costly.

She wrote back, and said she lives here in my home state of New York.

Actual cost to ship was under $3!

Turns out there’s some sort of protocol BEFORE you buy anything, that you let Paypal know your change of address, or they won’t let you use their service…..

Who knew that? Who would even think to wonder?

In your case, Joyce, you may need to go higher up the chain of command here, right to the very top to get this straightened out, because you have no idea what bad things may occur if it goes unchecked.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,336 total posts | Posted 2 months ago

I am so sorry to hear that things are going so badly with Dee!

When you next communicate with her, Joyce, please let her know that I – as well as the whole gang here, think of her, miss her, and hope her medications will begin to kick in soon.

Being sick is definitely not fun!

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,335 total posts | Posted 2 months ago

Working on the next phrase.

I am so sorry to hear about Dee.
I wish her health and happiness. Wishing her needs are met and that Dee can join us again.

Emily has been busy with work. I did talk with her a couple of nights ago. She does check the forum when she has time. So far, she is okay. (and sassy)

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,335 total posts | Posted 2 months ago

And it has stuck to the grow. Wet stuff that likes to cling to the bottom of your shoes. UUggggghhhhhhh!
It is still showing very light flakes.

  • I just let the kittens out and they don’t know what to do with it.
  • I have trying to re-organize the kitchen to accommodate the kitties.
  • Still trying to figure out an inexpensive door. I have some heavy gauge fences that I thought about framing. I could go easier and use clear vinyl and frame it, but it wouldn’t let the cats check each other out.

Ugghhh I hate thinking LOL

Posted by Abrafox, Northern UT, UT Sneak into the warehouse!. 5,352 total posts | Posted 2 months ago

Sending love and prayer your way, Dee!

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