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Can anyone explain Highwire?

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Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I get AuctionBytes in my emails. I read the article, just read the Blog post. Went to their web site, and I guess my blonde roots are showing. Can anyone explain in simple words what it is and what it does, and why I would want or need it?

I really don’t mind change, but an explanation would be helpful. I know it’s not just me either.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by jsgeare, Whitehall VA 22987, VA. 8,255 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

List your stuff on Highwire. And use Highwire to post your stuff on Bonz, and the other sites with whom Highware is associated. You list just ONCE – and Highwire feeds everything else (where you have a presence). That’s it.

Posted by StarChild3, Omaha, NE. 212 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

If an item sells on Bonanza or on the other sites which Highwire is associated with, will it automatically be removed from the remaining sites? I ran into a problem with Addoway…I sold a toy train on Bonanza and a week or so later it sold on Addoway. I had forgotten to remove it so of course it was my fault…and don’t want worry about that happening again.

U Finally Foundit
Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

So then we have to relist our stuff at Highwire (sounds like a circus, LOL) and somehow it magically shows up at Bonanza too? This still isn’t making any sense. Can anyone explain it in very plain English for us stupid people?? I am so tired of relisting stuff!!!!!

G's New-N-Used
Posted by Bad_Chics, Charlotte, NC. 1,927 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

So can we import it from Bonanza to highwire

Bad Chics
Posted by TimeSpanTreasures, -------, New England. 2,418 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I don’t get it, either, Germaine!

For those of us who only sell on bonanza, what is the point of Highwire?

Posted by MyTexasTreasures, Houston, TX. 6,036 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

@jsgeare, I just watched the video demo and read the site info, but see not mention of Bonanza. I read ‘sell on Ebay & Facebook, but no mention of Bonanza. And for $19.95 per month, you get a ’live’ shopping cart and can sell on Google.
I ‘think’ I read Paypal is the only payment method allowed.
I am really confused.

MyTexasTreasures' booth
Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I never saw any video demo when I was looking, just “Sign up”. If I have to buy something, then maybe it’s not for most of us??!!

G's New-N-Used
Posted by Ms_Prissys_Patterns, Rantoul, IL. 1,790 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I am doing pretty well managing my own stuff for free. For now I’ll pass.

Ms Prissys Patterns
Posted by pacificarising, . 1,626 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

“..where you have a presence”

So, Highwire is just an easy feed for seller’s that choose to sell on multiple sites? Is that it?

And, will we have a choice?

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I am so hoping that someone who KNOWS this will come along and spell it out for us. I’m not stupid, but so far this isn’t making any sense at all.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by viewsofthepast, North Central IL, IL. 96 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Looking forward to the explanation. I have read all the posts since last night and still find myself in the dark. When I hear of sites like that who want to manage my business, I get suspicious/

Posted by PlushHotel, Nanaimo, Canada. 761 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

To join the free one setup with account you have to have Highwire setup on Facebook page with Highwire app. You have to set it up like a store from scratch.
The 19.95 is a store through Highwire. Which you also set up with account and have more control.
You list items and Highwire feeds it back to Bonanza your account and ebay if you sell there and on Facebook and Twitter. You have to give them permission to do it. You can not transport items listed here already to Highwire as far as I understand it. But maybe you can and I missed it.

Posted by sasswbe, Miller, S Dakota. 123 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Sounds like another unnecessary monthly expense to me. I have all my items saved to disk so I can cut and paste to any site without much work for free. Paying out 19.95 month when sales are so slow does not make any sense to me. Be better to just keep listing here and hope it will bring in more traffic here rather then into multiple sites.

Whatnots, Books and Etc
Posted by Alilbirdy2, Oark, AR Customized Banners,Logos.... 13,244 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Sounds like duplicate listings would show up which google does not like.
So far I have not seen anything that would make me want to bother with the Highwire thing.

Digital Designs and More
Posted by BotanicaBookshop, Morris, CT. 504 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

No-one has to worry about duplicate listings any longer…

because Google Product/Shopping no longer will accept or feature any products/items which are NOT PAID ADVERTISEMENTS….

effective the Fall, but they have started implementing the change already.

Google Product/Shopping no longer will be free …It’s become a Paid site. No more free feeds from anyone.

So,without the rules of Google Shopping because the only products on it will come from sellers with paid advertisng campaigns, any seller can list the same items on multiple sites.

Thus, sellers are scrambling to build a business plan where they can have their items appear on as many sites where it’s likely their products will sell.

Posted by shakeitup, Cottage Grove, OR. 113 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I checked out hotwire and for me it would be just another venue site. Hotwire does what I already do myself. From just signing up with hotwire it would link to ebay and facebook, twitter to bonanza. Thats fine for most people but I extend alot more than just thoses sites and I cannot afford the 19.95 a month for the extras.
Hotwire did give me an idea, i am going to search for a site that you can upload products to sell, then they would automatically list on the site that you want it to go, such as bonanza, ebay, addoway, facebook, twitter, yardsellr etc. Or to any advertising site all by just putting the link of the site in with your main listing. Like a central hub.
Anyways I am thinking to much, if hotwire works for you fine if not?

Posted by HavensRainbow, NC. 6,503 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

From the way I understood the blog is that folks who already use Highwire will then have their stuff listed here on Bonz, too (or we can also “choose” to list on Highwire and the same would go for us but we do not have to). It seems if someone lists on Highwire their listings will go to other sites that they are associated with.

It increases our inventory here on Bonanza, which in turn will create more reason for shoppers to come here and back again. And from what I understood, Bonz is aiming towards advertising in the 4th quarter? They are trying to increase our inventory so that buyers will come back. We’ve got to have more inventory here on Bonanza. This is what I understood from the blog. I’m sure if I am wrong someone will clarify please?

For myself, I’ll more than likely pass being a part of Highwire, but if it increases our inventory here on Bonanza for folks that are already a part of Highwire and creates more traffic, I think I feel okay with it.

Posted by HavensRainbow, NC. 6,503 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Recent Blog: Bonanza Now Integrated with Highwire

We are very excited to announce that Highwire has completed a full Bonanza integration, allowing their users to easily manage their inventory via Highwire, and have that inventory added to their store on Bonanza. Highwire has been working fast and furiously not just on their Bonanza integration, but on adding a wealth of other features that make it easy for merchants to build their online brand in whatever selling channels they like. We couldn’t be more pleased to have them as one of our early partners.

Isolation is not the best recipe for success

Those who read the recent AuctionBytes story on this integration will note that it’s our intention to unify not just Bonanza and Highwire, but to continue building partnerships such that Bonanza can feature the broadest assortment of inventory of any marketplace. While we are very proud of the user experience we’ve built for our sellers and buyers, we recognize that at the end of the day, buyers need to be able to reliably find what they are looking for to adopt a marketplace as their first, favorite destination.

Over the summer, we will be looking to continue to build new partnerships with channel providers and marketplaces alike. By Q4, we would like to be advertising not just the great shopping experience Bonanza provides, but the opportunity for a buyer to find most anything they are looking for when shopping here (except, of course, for the ordinary — commodities like computers and books that Amazon does so well). Our existing sellers have built an amazing catalog of 4 million items, but we believe there are still too many times that a buyer wants a certain size of a certain item in a certain color, and we don’t have it available.

For Bonanza to become the most visited marketplace destination, we need to help buyers find what they are looking for — consistently. And have fun doing it. That doesn’t happen when Bonanza is an island, separate from the many great ideas, services, and items that other sites have to offer. We want our sellers to have access to the best tools, and in turn, we want to give our sellers the opportunity to drive buyers to their store in droves. In particular, we want to empower our small-to-medium merchants to have a chance to build professional-looking inventory (the purpose of the Background Burner), and build their online brand both on Bonanza and beyond.

We know it’s not always easy to be a small seller, but when the services you use work together to make your life easier and bring more buyers, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Here is the link to the blog


Posted by PetsMisc, . 535 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

So the next time I list, I should open a free account at Highwire, give them my bonanza booth, and they will send the listing here to my store, and if I gave them a Facebook account that I have gone to a lot of trouble to integrate with Highwire, they would send the listing there. If I give them my Twitter account, they will tweet that listing (ONCE?). If I sell on another website which they have integrated with, they will send that listing there BUT it will not be compliant with that venue unless we are going to a lot of trouble to set up individual policies within Highwire for each place we sell.
Someone said, sellers already members of Highwire will be seeing their listings come to bonanza. That sounds like a disaster such as all the editing required when importing from eBay. I mean their initial listing may be perfect for Addoway but does not suit eCrater or Facebook or the editor at Bonanza, none of which are compatible.
So if I have this all wrong, can more people who have used it, please explain in Grade School English WHY anyone should do this?

PetsMisc's booth
Posted by BotanicaBookshop, Morris, CT. 504 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

If you want to list on several venues and have your listings immediately compatible with the various venues—Bonz, Ebay, E Ecrate, your own website…I recommend Sellersourcebook.

For only $8.95 a month, you prepare your listing at SSB and upload it to Bonz and Ebay with just a click. SSB is already integrated with Bonz.

You need only prepare each listing ONCE…store it as SSB…
edit it anytime you wish in the future…resubmit to all the venues or only the venues you choose.

The compatibility is controlled…because , for each listing, you choose the venue where you want to launch.

As an example, I save the listing I just completed….then bring it up and launch it a Bonz with a click. A second later, I bring it up, again, and launch
it on Ebay with a click. For the same listing, I’m choosing from a drop down box where I want to launch it.

SSB has already done all the work to configure the listing for the venue of choice.

Your completed listings are saved at SSB by venue..Bonz, Ebay. etc.

I’ve subscribed for years and love them…great service, too.

Posted by PetsMisc, . 535 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

To be fair, it is said Highwire will delete listings everywhere it is listed once it is sold. That is a nice thing to have for the money. Seller needs to tell Highwire?

SSB is a beautiful template gallery, I am glad Bonz is integrated. I can even use more than one bonz booth and it magically appears with only two items needing editing. But it is only a template. All policies needed to be set up first for each venue, then automatically go in subsequent listings, which are saved along with the pictures in case pictures get lost off harddrive.
Perhaps Highwire works the same way?

PetsMisc's booth
Posted by Galrion, Clearwater, FL. 428 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

The blog post by Bonanza does say “By Q4, we would like to be advertising not just the great shopping experience Bonanza provides, but the opportunity for a buyer to find most anything they are looking for when shopping here”

They are going to advertise?

Amazon and eBay both got to where they are by advertising.

I think that the blog post is by Bonanza management, happy that they will have a chance to pick-up more listings from any users of highwire. I don’t think that any of us who don’t use highwire need to use it. If the highwire users get even more exposure for their items (that they sell on lots of different sites) and if Bonanza has a chance to capture some of those sales, then it is good for both enterprises. That has very little to do with the existing Bonanza sellers, unless there is actually some ADVERTISING to get buyers to Bonanza.

Posted by calicoseas, Eugene, OR. 1,468 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

When I first read about it today, I thought Bill might see the potential to expand our/Bonanza’s visibility outside of Google Product Search.

Many of us have been very concerned, and have expressed our concerns, about losing visibility with Google’s current and pending changes.

We’ve seen the effects of Google’s changes in lost sales, especially in May; just through some change such as requiring flat-rate or free shipping—not calculated; or, when GPS changed the algorithms for some categories, causing many who sell glassware, collectables, and some other things, to disappear from search. And Google Shopping’s move to advertise only those who “Pay to Play”. With the direction Google Shopping is going, it’s time to find ways other than GPS or GS for small to medium merchants to become visible outside of Google.

It was suggested in the comments section of Bill’s recent blog about the GPS changes, that maybe a site will emerge as a search engine for buyers to find smaller merchants of the kinds of things the “big box stores” don’t sell; i.e., stuff like ours, Etsy, eCrater, etc.

Maybe it’s a beginning? A “search engine” like GPS, only for small to medium sellers? If not Highwire, hopefully, ONE WILL appear. Or more than one; i.e., Bing, etc.

Here’s the blog I’m referring to, posted May 31:


Near the bottom of his post, Bill says:

“Regardless of how the traffic balance shifts, our commitment will remain toward diversifying our traffic sources so that our sellers can experience reliable & sustainable sales through many different channels. Delivering buyers a great experience has been at the forefront of our traffic gathering strategy. As our first-place finish on the Ecommercebytes 2012 “Best Usability” measure attests, many users believe we’re succeeding at that goal."

I may be wrong, but this move MAY be related.

Calicoseas Mercantile
Posted by JRMB7339, Mount Isa, Australia. 133 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

“Highwire will delete listings everywhere it is listed once it is sold”

This would never suit my stores or items – no matter which store – apart from the fact that I doubt that Highwire would be compatible with any of my stores and websites.

I wouldn’t want them to be deleted anywhere – unless they were a 1 off item – and that is generally rare for my items in any of my 4 stores.

Plus I doubt the postage systems, or currencies will ever be suitable for a seller for me.

What do we do in my situation ???


Posted by MyTexasTreasures, Houston, TX. 6,036 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I must be looking at the wrong website.
I see no mention at all of Bonanza integration either in the descriptions or the demo video. If we are ‘integrated’ I would think a mention of Bonanza would at least let people know we are here and they might come by to check us out.
Can someone PLEASE post the URL of the website that mentions Bonanza integration or let me know where you see it.

MyTexasTreasures' booth
Posted by hartmann219, Morganton, NC. 104 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Maybe Bonz will be picking up some sort of extra affiliate sale dollars from Highwire and that is where the advertising money will come from in Q4??

Chris Hartmann, Bookseller
Posted by BookbinEtc, Canada. 13,955 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Tex, Bill just posted the blog yesterday. Maybe HW hasn’t updated their stuff yet to mention Bonz.

Bookbin Etc Country Variety
Posted by csbsews, Harrah, OK. 6 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

The Seller Sourcebook mentioned earlier looks very interesting. Here is my own explanation of the sync between Highwire and Bonanaza: I have a Highwire store with all the benefits that accrue to having your own web store, including your own domain name and store design Highwire has offered its subscribers the change to list on Ebay or Bonanza and sync your inventory if you choose. If you sell an item on Bonanza, it will reduce your item count on Highwire. Highwire only charges a flat monthly fee, there are no listing fees (i.e.Ebay) and no sales fee percentage (i.e. Bonanza). ALso you can itegrate a credit card service with your site (I use Swipe which is fee and only charges a fee, i.e., Paypal if you sell an item). You can also use Google, Paypal and Amazon checkout. Many of us at Highwire have chosen to have out items listed on Bonanza because they have a Bing Feed. We opt out of the Google Feed, as our stores (for now while it is free) are sending our own Google Feed. You can see my shop at http://csbsewsdollclothes.com, and you will see that the inventory I have there is identical to the inventory on Bonanza. I will be looking at the Seller Sourcebook, and other alternatives for listing items, to see which works out best.

Posted by fairytaledesigns, Mountain View, WY. 54 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I read about this, and do not get it either, think I will wait and see what happens…

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