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Affilates? Syndicated Sellers? What's it all About? Getting More Product Exposure!

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Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I don’t know how many of You read Bill’s blog post http://www.bonanzle.com/blogs/135 about Affiliates and Syndicated Sellers, but I’m really surprised that there isn’t more excitement about this program. I suspect it may just be confusion, so I’m going to see if I can help.

There are 2 parts: Syndicated Sellers and Affiliates

They are related, but are not the same.

Most sellers here can benefit from being a Syndicated Seller, a limited number of sellers can benefit from being an Affiliate. You can sign up to be both, but you don’t have to participate in both programs. Both are 100% free to sign up.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?
Wikipedia says: Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising. The really cool thing with the Bonanzle Affiliate Marketing program is that participating sellers don’t pay a single penny until after an affiliate directs a customer to the seller, the customer puts an item in their cart, and they pay!

What’s an Affiliate?
An affiliate is someone (not necessarily a Bonanzle seller) who adds a special Bonanzle link to their webpage. Why would they do that? Because Syndicated Sellers pay them a small commission when someone clicks on that link and buys certain items at Bonanzle.

Affiliates can chose any of these links to feature on their site
Product Links
Search Box Link
General Link to Bonanzle Site Home Page
Search Results Link
Any Page Link

Affiliates only get paid these ways:
If it’s a link for a particular product: the customer must click-through a Special Link on their site to the Bonanzle Site and during a single session, add the Product to their shopping cart, and checkout.

If it’s a whole site link or a search box link then they will get paid a commission on any products the buyer completes checkout on (as above), as long as the items have a commission amount set. If the buyer ends up buying items that don’t have a commission set, the affiliate doesn’t get paid. If the buyer purchases a mix of commission items and non-commission items, the Affiliate gets paid for only the commission items (Hang on, I’ll explain commission in the next bit )

Who pays the Affiliates? Syndicated Sellers. Well, they pay Bonanzle and Bonanzle takes care of all the tracking and paying part. Affiliates are paid via their Paypal account.

For more info on Affiliates: http://affiliates.bonanzle.com/site_help/affiliates/least_to_know?help_title=The+Least+to+Know+About+Bonanzle+Affiliates

Affiliate Terms of Use: http://affiliates.bonanzle.com/docs/affiliate_tou.pdf

Existing links you have on blogs or anywhere else won’t be affected at all by this new program. You need to sign up to be an affiliate to get paid as an affiliate. You will have to do a separate application for each website you will be putting a link on. Once you are approved Bonanzle will give you special links that will enable them to track the buyer from your site all the way through checkout so you can get paid.

When you add an affiliate link to your page, you can’t use it for your own purchases. That’s a big no no and will get your dropped from the program.

Affiliate sites must be pre-approved by Bonanzle management. Just like here site they will not tolerate anything not considered family friendly.

What’s a Syndicated Seller?

Any seller on the Bonanzle site can sign up to be a syndicated seller. It’s no risk advertising that you only pay for when you make a sale – how cool is that?

The simple way to explain it is you can pay a small fee (commission) to other people to refer buying customers to your items. *You only pay if there is a paid sale as a direct result of them referring the customer to you. You do not pay a commission if the sale is made the usual way, through Bonanzle site searches and search engine (Google, etc.)??

You need a credit card to sign up to be a syndicated seller. That card will be used to pay your fees once a month.

If you have multiple booths you will need to sign up separately for each one

Buyers can see absolutely no indication of whether items have a commission on them or not.

Affiliates can see that information because they have to be able to pick and chose certain items if the want to do the one by one links on their site, and they are going to want to make sure it is worth their while.

If you are a Plus or a Premiere member, you’ll be able to see specific affiliate sites that send traffic to your items.

The Syndicated Seller FAQ explains the nuts and bolts – it would be silly for me to reiterate all that here http://www.bonanzle.com/site_help/booths_setup/syndication_faq

What’s a Commission

This is the amount you decide to pay for the referral.

You chose how you want it figured, and Bonanzle will tell you up front how much the commission will be if your item is sold as a result of an Affiliate referral.

The options are:
_% less than I would pay on (chose eBay or Amazon)
% of the item price
Exactly $

You find these options in your “batch edit” after you have signed up to be a Syndicated Seller.

You can set up different options and percents for various items in your booth.

You may find that one option won’t work for all your items. You will almost certainly find that one percent or flat rate won’t work for all if your items.

It may sound complicated, but it’s really straightforward. The best way to understand how it works is to sign up as a Syndicated Seller and play around with the amounts for your items. Look at the “Affiliate Commission” column, the “Commission Description” column, and the “Total Fee” column. You may have tweak a bit until you are happy with all three.

When I was doing mine I found that by using the “Filter items” box, setting up a small price range to work with, I was able to set things up pretty fast.

The Bonanzle fee breaks will play an important role in this process. Because it is a flat rate that remains the same over a fairly large range of prices and then bumps abruptly there is not a smooth progression of values that your can assign to commissions.

Current Bonanzle Final Value Fees
Less than $10 = $0.50
Less than $50 = $1
Less than $100 = $3
Less than $1000 = $5
$1000 or more = $10
Remember, any shipping you charge over $10 is added to the sale amount to arrive at the FVF

You can always change your mind on the commission amounts later or remove certain items from the program any time you want.

You don’t have to limit paying commissions on just your high priced items. You can do it on a few, or all. Obviously you are going to want to watch out on commissions on the lower priced items so you aren’t giving them away after your fees, but you want to watch out on the pricey things too. 10% of a $100 item is $10 – be sure you are willing to pay that.

One thing that many have discovered that when you try to set up your commission is it won’t “take” on certain items. That’s because the total fee you said you wanted to pay either matched or was under the Bonanzle FVF for that item, all you need to do is increase the total amount you are willing to pay so the affiliate gets a bit too.

For more information on setting up commissions: http://www.bonanzle.com/site_help/booths_setup/syndicated_seller_setup?title=How+do+I+setup+commissions%3F

Why is all this so Important?

Many sellers have wanted Bonanzle to begin marketing more, rather than doing all our own promo.

Affiliate Marketing IS Advertising The only work a seller has to do is sign up, and set up the commissions they are willing to pay. That’s IT. When an item sells as a result of a referral, you pay a commission, but it’s behind the scenes, you do nothing once you set things up.

Affiliate marketing can be extremely effective. Amazon.com was a very early adopter of the idea. Some credit it’s amazing growth out of the starting block with it’s use of Affiliate marketing. They still make extensive use of Affiliates as part of their marketing.

Signing up as an affiliate will be lucrative to a minority of sellers that have a well-trafficked website. Sellers that have a site that gets moderate traffic can still make money at it, although not hand over fist.

The benefits of being a syndicated seller are wide open to every single seller here that is interested. Even the smallest seller can use this marketing opportunity since it is 100% free until they make a sale, and best yet, each seller can decide for themselves how much to the penny they are willing to pay to the website owner that sends them the sale. Advertising that you only have to pay for when you get a referred sale is pretty darn cool.

Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Oh, wow. That’s long. LOL

Posted by forgetmenot, Pure,Natural,Luxurious Mineral Makeup. Avondale, AZ. 617 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Wow Night Owl .. thanks so much for taking the time in putting together this very extensive, and very informative post together for the community!!

It will be very helpful to those that seem to be confused! Great info.

Posted by sofyblu2, Fraser,MI, The best of the best!. 14,089 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Nice job Elizabeth

Posted by SkiddiesBookMobile, MI. 36 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I agree. Nice Job. I signed my other booth up right away. Still working on this one so it will have to wait a bit.

Posted by brokentreelane, Rising City, Nebraska. 122 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Thanks Night Owl – very helpful. I appreciate your taking the time to put this together.

I’m very excited about this – I love how we have the choice in how much we offer or whether we participate, and also that it is a pay per sale vs. pay per view.

Posted by shoppingnetty, Bluffton, SC. 1,177 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Great info! I’ve already signed up as an affiliate and a Syndicated Seller. I’ve also set up my commissions.

Now I’m just waiting for it to all start. Any ideas of when???

Collectible Teddy Bears
Posted by bogcandle, OR. 4,138 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

That explained it all perfectly!

Personally I think syndication for sellers is the greatest idea since sliced bread, especially for higher end items. I will gladly pay a commission for someone to bring buyers to my booth for the more expensive items. It is possible to pay a decent commission plus the Bonanzle fee and still be paying less than that other place.

Posted by AnnappleBonanza, New England, Boston Foods. 7,536 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Hmm… thanks for the info. I try to catch up after work, but often lose some updates. I appreciate your helpfulness.

@shopping pretty, I’m not sure I understand how you set up your commissions?

My understanding is that you elect a percentage as a Syndicated Seller as to what % you would pay someone who referred your product. That doesn’t seem like a commission. That’s what you would pay.

I need enlightenment

Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

The way it works is you specify a total amount in fees you are willing to pay for each item you want to advertise with Affiliates.

I have a $49 Gourd Vase in my booth. I am willing to pay a total of 7% of that $49 in fees to sell it.

I plug in 7% in my Syndication batch editor and this is what I see:
Price: $49
Affiliate Commission: 3.96%
Commission Description: 7% of the item’s total price
Total Fee: $3.43

Bonanzle will be paid their 1.00 cents FVF fee
The affiliate gets 3.96% of $49

I check that the affiliate will get a good enough commission to entice them to pick my item to feature.
I check the final fee.

I can definitely live with paying $3.43 in fees to sell a $49 item.

You don’t have to use the percentage method. There are 2 others to chose from as well.

-edited to fix my math --ooops!

The posts following that mention the 99 cents are a result of how this used to look. I made an error in my math figuring. Math was never my strong point.

Posted by Beadbowl, Stone Glass Beads & Findings, GA. 466 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Wow! That’s good stuff Nightowl!

And I didn’t even need Wikipedia to understand it.

That was AWESOME of you to put this list together. And I am very excited about the possibility of more traffic here.

And even got inspired to list more because of it.

Posted by folse4s, LA. 2,108 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I signed up and got a question answered that I had from the boyz. I am going to tweek mine a little more after this weekend. I am still trying to redo ALL of my listings with bullets and such. I would gladly give $10 to sell $100.

Posted by Paceset9999, Puget Sound, WA. 42,488 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Thanks Nightowl!
Hey, why does the extra .99cents go to Bonanzle again-above and beyone the fvf??

Posted by fashionrunway, Atlanta.....Upscale designer brands....up to 80% Off retail!!, GA....100% Authentic. 1,269 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Thanks Nightowl. Does anyone know when this will take effect?

Fashion Runway's Designer Brands at huge discounts off department store prices!!
Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Pace, it says in the SS FAQ The process of computing this amount varies per the way in which you setup your commission. As a general rule, though, the affiliate commission is what’s left over after we deduct Bonanzle’s standard fees, plus a marginal percentage of the remainder which is used to incentivize affiliates to sign up for the Bonanzle Affiliates Program.

I’m guessing (totally guessing here) that they will be using it to sign up non-Bonanzle sellers as affiliates, a pot sweetener as it were.

It’s officially in Beta now, but people are setting commissions and affiliates are signing up, so I think it’s already live. It’s going to start slowly of course, but once more sellers sign on and more affiliate sign on things will really start hopping.

Posted by fashionrunway, Atlanta.....Upscale designer brands....up to 80% Off retail!!, GA....100% Authentic. 1,269 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Thanks Nightowl. I have mine set up, and was just wondering when it would crank up.

Fashion Runway's Designer Brands at huge discounts off department store prices!!
Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I have to say I find this bit incredibly exciting

“In the near future, we also plan to automatically enroll our Syndicated Seller’s in Bing’s cashback rewards program, exposing them to several million buyers that use Bing for shopping.” http://www.bonanzle.com/site_help/booths_setup/syndication_faq?title=Syndication+FAQ#whoSendsBuyers

Bing! Awesome!!!

Posted by eyecatchingbeauty, Felton, CA. 3,841 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Ok NightOwl I’ll give it a look since you have explained it so well and I am now relieved of my other task and can take a minute to think about silly things like marketing lol

Posted by eyecatchingbeauty, Felton, CA. 3,841 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Ok I did it, but how many items should I do this on?

Posted by fairdeals4u, Humble, TX. 8,689 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I am excited about the syndicated seller program. We decide how much to spend on exposure.

I submitted my application for an affiliate account and hope the boyz accept it.

Thank you ANightOwl, for being you ♥♥♥♥

Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I’m so glad people appreciate this. It took a fair amount of time to type up, but it’s all worth it if it’s helping you.

How many you do is entirely up to you. I am going to do everything in all my booths, but that’s just me. I don’t do OBO, I don’t do Bonanzas, I don’t do promotions all the time so my prices are pretty well fixed all the time. I know what my margin is. I am going to use this program to do my marketing and promoting for me. I have looked carefully at the commission amounts and am going into this with open eyes. I will keep an eye on it and if I feel it’s getting out of hand I can always adjust it. I doubt that will happen – LOL – even if I paid the Affiliate commission on every sale (which won’t happen anyway because not all sales will come that way) I’m still ahead financially when I look at what I was paying over at eBay. (wow, is that a run-on sentence or what? LOL)

Posted by eyecatchingbeauty, Felton, CA. 3,841 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Nope! Not a run on I read it until it ended lol

Posted by ANightOwl, San Diego, CA. 7,173 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I don’t know…a sentence that spans 4 lines? Verrry questionable.

Posted by eyecatchingbeauty, Felton, CA. 3,841 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I read it just fine! I don’t believe in run on sentences lol

Posted by wallyh, Cincinnati, OH. 9,006 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Not exactly what I would call simple math.
How Bonanzle gets an extra 99 cents baffles me also.
Bill’s explanation is different than yours.

7% of $49 surely equals $3.43
FVF on $49 = $1.00
That to me looks like $2.43 for affiliate

I don’t have a clue how a syndication batch editor works.
Was that covered in Phaedra’s webinar on the batch editor or is it a different editor.
The manipulation of percentages is screwy at best, when you are working with simple $.

Posted by Wholesale_Jewelry, Lansing, MI. 4,389 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

So not only do we pay the affiliate but they lose out on money so that the boys get a extra .99.

Well i think i wont be setting it up when i finish my booth. I guess i dont understand why they would get a extra .99 the affiliate is doing all the leg work to get them here so I feel that they should be the ones to get all the commissions taht we want to set up.

Well to each their own, the ones doing it I hope it works well for you.

Posted by collectiblecorner, Redding, CA. 3,897 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

ANightOwl, thank you! for taking the time to put together this explanation. As to the extra .99? A small price to pay, I’m thinking. I won’t begrudge the boys one little dollar if it helps to bring traffic and sales to my booth.

I’m surprised that it’s a point of concern to some. Wasn’t there a post recently where people were willing to spend $5 each for advertising? And that would be generic advertising to bring people to Bonanzle, not to an individual booth. 99 cents per sale to incent affiliates who will then send traffic directly to my booth – I don’t see that as a bad thing.

Collectible Corner ~ Antiques, Uniques, & Other Fun Things
Posted by UknowUneedAnother, NY. 1,253 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Still confused, it’s going to take time for this to sink in. Does Bonanzle get the additional 99 cents as some sort of referral, approval, partnership fee?

I’m a reletive newbie to online sales all the way around, just past one year, ARGH!!! ( “hate tech”, she muttered )

PLUS!!! Now I need to look at the prices of all my stuff and shipping — glassware , Oh Lord and work out ratios and percentages and other nasty little things that go bump in math land.

Eventually, I’ll have my lightbulb moment concerning all of this. I also hadn’t realised that the FVF was being applied to shipping.


From what I think I may understand, and that’s questionable, you have to place bids for these spots. is there any sort of a bargaining process that goes into this? If a potential bid isn’t making the grade do you receive an opportunity to up the ante?

Posted by SunflowerAntics, Cheyenne, WY. 4,143 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

Thanks Night Owl!
I’m like you – VERY excited over the NEW Affiliates Program. I have signed up for both!

Posted by kashmir31, NY. 2,610 total posts | Posted about 8 years ago

I didn’t want to comment on it until I was sure I understood how it worked. Now that I think I have a better grasp of it, I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea!

I signed up for the syndicated seller part, and once I have a blog or website I may sign up for the affiliate too.

kashmir31 Collectibles
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