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How can I tell an item is "real"?

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Posted by Chicago48, Chicago, IL. 167 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I went to a Gold Coast (wealthy peeps) Yard sale in Chicago and bought a “supposedly” genuine Louis Vuitton bag. The woman sold it for $10. I went online and found the bag and it sells for $995.
Fake or real?
Looks real to me; how can I tell?

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

If you have a Louis Vuitton store in the area you can have them look at it and also there is a purse web site, I can’t recall it’s exact name, but hang in and someone who knows will come along. There are people who also authenticate for you at a price. I have a piece I will take in one day when I have time to burn to have it inspected for me.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by pacificarising, . 1,626 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Hi Chicago.

I can’t tell you anything about Louis Vuitton bags so I will leave that to someone with experience in that area.

What I will say is that in the fields I am knowledgable in, when perusing ‘wealthy people’s’ yard or estate sales, it’s always been amazing to me how much fake and cheap garbage I find there. My point is.. don’t believe it’s a real Louis Vuitton just because you found it in an upscale neighborhood.

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I concur with Pacifica, we have many wealthy neighborhoods down here too and I see lots of fakes in those areas as well. The one item I have awaiting I am in no huge hurry to sell, and by the way in case no one else thinks to tell you, it’s very illegal to sell fakes online or anywhere. In California it is an arrestable offense, not sure where Illinois stands on the issue. Check with a real expert first though, going to jail would be such a bummer over a $10 purse.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by BookbinEtc, Canada. 13,955 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I think G is probably talking about TPF – thepurseforum.com. If you’re lucky, they will authenticate, but I’m not sure how impartial they are.

I agree with Pacifica – many well-traveled peeps buy fakes to have ‘the look’ to show off.

Bookbin Etc Country Variety
Posted by momspennies, Salisbury, NC . 26,821 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Be prepared with lots of clear crisp photo’s and a good description.

Moms Pennies From Heaven
Posted by osaunt, MO. 347 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

They are impartial at the purse forum. You’ll need to find the date code on the bag—those ladies will know where it is and what it is supposed to say—that is a great way to tell authenticity.

When you post pics. on the forum be sure to take really clear shots of any logos and hardware on the bag.

Once you find out come back here and let us know what they said—

There is also a service http://www.caroldiva.com/ This woman charges $7 for authenticating — but it is well worth it. If someone buys it and calls fraud eBay / Pay Pal accepts her judgement in the case + if you said you had her authenticate (she sends you an email) it puts buyers minds at ease and you will most likely get a higher price for the bag.

It is possible you snagged the real deal at a garage sale—I’ve gotten Burb., Gucci and Brahmin at these sales for just a few dollars. It’s amazing!

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Word to the unknowing, I joined the purse forum but until you have participated in 10 discussions, you can’t post your query. What a waste of my time!! I was most disappointed in that site, read most of the other posts and it was pure snobbery. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that was my experience. A nice lady from here, and I’m sorry I don’t recall at the moment who she is, posted my item for me as she has enough posts to be able to. They told her it was a fake in a one line note. Not encouraging at all, not even a why it was a fake, so I am taking my item to Vuitton itself for their opinion there.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by coolgrammy6, Carol Stream, IL. 7,487 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

HI Neighbor. If I were you I’d take it to Nordstroms., I believe they sell them. I have found that the “wealthy” many times buy fakes. Check to be sure yours is real.

coolgrammy 6's booth
Posted by osaunt, MO. 347 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Vuitton will not authenticate for you — It is possible that you’ll hit a nice person and the manager won’t be there and she might do it..but they are not supposed to. You want to see snobby just walk into an LV store with a garage sale purchase

I don’t think Nordstroms sells Vuitton —unless there is a Vuitton boutique within your branch. Only Vuitton sells Vuitton.

Go to Carol Diva,(see my post a couple up for the link) pay the $7 — she’ll be nice to you.

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I’ve read also that only Vuitton sells Vuitton as well. We are to be suspect of any being sold as new, unless the person also has the receipt for the bag from Vuitton. They can sell their own personal property, still, until that changes!

G's New-N-Used
Posted by TOPPER2, Los Angeles, CA. 574 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

i ripped open a LV and Prada bags … they were fake and had cardboard and scrap material inside. i read a post on the E and one person wrote a list of how to spot fake B&D , LV, prada etc. then another more authoritative reply said more than half of the points to look for were incorrect. Some sellers in NY are pushing for a law to criminalize the wearing of fakes! like writing a ticket for it and confiscating it.

Posted by AbbysAttic, NJ. 8,845 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

You can also try Effen Haute


They’ll want pictures, of course.

Abby's Attic
Posted by sparklemotion, Kirkland, WA. 2,587 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Most of the counterfeiters have fake authenticity cards and receipts to go along with their brand new fake bags, at least for premiere designers like LV.

LV is one of the most replicated brands and is the target of “superfakes”. These are bags that copy the originals down to the minutest detail and cost a few hundred bucks, themselves. They’re not low quality and there may not be any obvious tells that the bag is a fake. It really takes someone well-versed in the brand to spot these.

Posted by Ms_Prissys_Patterns, Rantoul, IL. 1,790 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

I tried to verify something at a store that sells name brands, and they refused do it.

The moral is don’t buy something like that with intent to sell, only if you want to use it yourself.

Ms Prissys Patterns
Posted by Tweety7777, Olmsted Falls, OH. 4,091 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Don’t take it to Nordstrom’s, either. Employees are not allowed to authenticate items. Neither are LV store employees.

As another poster suggested, investing $7 and sending clear pics of all pertinent parts of the bag to caroldiva is well worth the money. If it turns out it’s authentic and you decide to sell it, you have authentication that fetch a higher selling price.

I hope it turns out to not be a fake. It’s hard to get it into folks’ heads counterfeits are illegal to sell anywhere.

Posted by johngermaine, Topanga, CA. 6,432 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

Yes, Tweety “It’s hard to get it into folks’ heads counterfeits are illegal to sell anywhere.” is so true. It’s a crime here and you can go to jail!!! If you are found in posession of a whole bunch of it, depending on the values, it’s a felony. Definitely not worth the hassle or possible jail time or worse.

G's New-N-Used
Posted by xxCleosFleaMarket, Canada. 3,851 total posts | Posted over 5 years ago

There are a few video on Youtube that show you how to make the difference!


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