Hand Picked List: It's A Wrap...

"so wrap it around and wrap it up!"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 11/18/20

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In using any of these items...have you, would you, do you?

AudiLee says: November 18, 2020

I have, I would and I do LOL. But what I would REALLY like to do is tackle that tower of wrapped goodies.. yum! :D

ATEHO says: November 18, 2020

Very clever! Thanks for including ATEHO.

quadrina says: November 18, 2020

So many pretty things to wrap in. Thank you for adding my Wrap Around RING. …… from quadrina :)

teristrunk says: November 18, 2020

Great list! Thanks for including my wrap blouse.

Starfisher says: November 19, 2020

The title is perfect for a Christmas list, not what I expected. Thanks so much for including one of mine! I’d share that tower, looks yummy!

QuakerMaid says: November 19, 2020

Neat-o, clever list idea. Thank you for including my scarf. I think I like that satin head wrap the best. I also like that mohair scarf.
Them baby slings look so convenient. I’m glad they’re finally making a ‘come around’ here in the States.
Your drink charms would be great for the Holiday table setting!

VintageVarietyShop says: November 19, 2020

A very clever list Audi with great variety! I like the boots!

AudiLee says: November 19, 2020

Hi everyone, thanks so much :) I love all of these items, it’s so fun browsing, would be hard to pick a favorite ;) Starry Jan, that’s what I aim for.. the unexpected and heck yes, let’s tackle that tower!! LOL :D Should we pass the plate around? :D

bvaughnfamily says: November 20, 2020

yes, yes, yes
(to some not all)

thank you for including Katie’s Handmade Crochet Cowl/Infinity Scarf for American Girl/18 Inch Doll :)

gladustopped says: November 20, 2020

Wow! Super list, AudiLee.

sparkleize says: November 20, 2020

Thank you for adding my Airwalk Women’s Boots to your HPL. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

MamasStuff says: November 20, 2020

My kind of HPL, Audi! I may have mentioned that I love using multiple meanings of words for HPLs. Thanks for selecting my hair turban for this one :)

AudiLee says: November 23, 2020

Hi bvaughan, your daughter is quite talented with that crochet hook :) Hi gladustopped and I sure am (glad you stopped) ;) Thanks!

AudiLee says: November 23, 2020

Hi sparkleize.. I really really love those boots.. they were made for walking ;):D
Hi Nancy, you are super-creative in your titles.. I always like playing with words and being a little different :) You are welcome! :)

jewelrywiz says: November 23, 2020

beautiful list! thanks for including my Amethyst Necklace!

AudiLee says: November 23, 2020

Hi jewelrywiz :) That’s so pretty! You’re very welcome!