Hand Picked List: Love Is In The Air

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Published on 01/21/22

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Do you ever decorate with or give balloons?

AudiLee says: January 21, 2022

I always decorate with usually 5-7 balloons, any birthday.. just got to be a part of my decorating. The kids take them away. The adults don’t want to take them so I put them out on a light pole by the sidewalk with a sign that says free. We live by 3 schools so they never last long!

Starfisher says: January 22, 2022

Balloons are great, we always have the big ones floating around the living room on birthdays. No kids around, just kids at heart! Terrific list.

VintageVarietyShop says: January 22, 2022

A very cute list! I remember at my daughter’s 7th birthday party I had the kids play a game where they were supposed to try to sit on the balloons to burst them, and she got extremely upset because she wanted to save all the balloons. Guess I should have checked with her first!

quadrina says: January 22, 2022

Such a cute list! Balloons are always to give or receive. The best is to ride in a hot air balloon!!!! Lol!!!! ….. from quadrina. :)

Robin1 says: January 23, 2022

Great list!

basketballstars says: January 29, 2022

I love birthdays, I often prefer to decorate them with balloons. Children love balloon decorations very much. Thank you for the new ideas.. basketball stars unblocked