Hand Picked List: Let's go everywhere!

"Travel Gagets to Enjoy the Journey"
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Published on 05/25/22

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User comments on Let's go everywhere!

Starfisher says: May 26, 2022

That backseat organizer is a great idea for traveling. I’m sure the roads will be crowded this summer.

bvaughnfamily says: June 03, 2022

I’ve been thinking about road trips here lately. As I age, they aren’t as easy… the knees, the back… the bladder… but I see you’ve packed the good stuff. Including the pup and pup accessories (they get EVEN MORE excited about car rides than young’uns….). Hmmm… this must be one of those confirmation things – time for a journey by car. Good thing I drive a hybrid…
ALSO: good idea to pack a road atlas – buy a new one – because GPS isn’t always 100% reliable…

ColorfulLife says: April 13, 2023