Hand Picked List: Raggedy Andy Collectables

"the lesser-known of the twins."
Brought to you by QuakerMaid
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Published on 09/11/22

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Do You Prefer Ann, or Andy?

Starfisher says: September 12, 2022

I had both of them when I was little. I guess I would choose Ann if I had to pick one. Cute list!

VintageVarietyShop says: September 12, 2022

A super variety of cute choices!

Jay_Carberry says: September 13, 2022

Great list! Thanks for including my wooden spool dolls.

gladustopped says: September 13, 2022

They are both so cute. And to get them both together is special. Great list!

QuakerMaid says: September 13, 2022

@Jay_Carberry: You’re welcome. Hopefully this will bring you some sales! Many people collect RA&A.

QuakerMaid says: September 13, 2022

@gladustopped: I think I was able to put some items of yours on this list. I think I like Andy because he’s less-known.

AudiLee says: September 15, 2022

I love Ann and Andy, I had both <3 I have an Ann that a friend’s Mom made, she’s a little unconventional. Very special. This is a sweet list with awesome picks, QM!

QuakerMaid says: September 16, 2022

@AudiLee: I don’t recall having a Raggedy doll as a kid. But I might just not remember.

QuakerMaid says: September 17, 2022

Yeah! I’m on Front page!