Hand Picked List: Have A Merry and PEANUTTY Christmas

"Christmas is just not Christmas without the Peanut Gang!"
Brought to you by vintagesuffolk
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Published on 11/29/22

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Do you remember the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

VintageVarietyShop says: November 29, 2022

Of course I remember and we still watch the special every year. What a lot of great choices in this list!

Starfisher says: November 30, 2022

One of my favorites, love this list.

QuakerMaid_VooDoo says: November 30, 2022

Did this make Front Page? If not, is should.

AudiLee says: November 30, 2022

Hi vintage, I love the Christmas tree! I always enjoy watching the movie when it airs. Great list! Merry early Christmas and happy holidays to each of you! ~Audi

OVYEE says: December 01, 2022

Peanut Gallery of happy memories,I agree it should make the front cover…OVYEE jewels~

SecondNatureSales says: December 02, 2022

The best Christmas movie EVER!

quadrina says: December 02, 2022

Congratulations vintagesuffolk well deserved!!! Peanuts never goes out of style ….. from quadrina. :)

Robin1 says: December 11, 2022

I’ve always loved Peanuts! Congratulations on the home page