Hand Picked List: Vintage Ashtrays

"Our History Recorded in Vintage Ashtrays"
Brought to you by vintagesuffolk
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Published on 03/01/23

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User comments on Vintage Ashtrays

VintageVarietyShop says: March 02, 2023

There sure are a lot of them out there. A nice variety of picks.

Starfisher says: March 03, 2023

I used to be a smoker and had lots of unusual ashtrays. Glad I don’t still need them, you picked some winners.

Robin1 says: March 04, 2023

Great collection!

AudiLee says: March 04, 2023

Same as Starry Jan.. X for many years and also had some unusual ones. Love the vintage alien abduction, very cool picks, vintage!