Recent Changes at Bonanza

This page is intended to (more or less) chronicle the new features and bugfixes that are added to Bonanza on a day-by-day basis. It will be haphazard and sometimes hard to interpret, because... well... I'm busy, and you're a little weird if you check this regularly. I think I'm mostly doing this for the benefit of Mark and our competitors.

    Improve stats on Pricegrabber/Nextag feed diagnostics pages
    Use bigger images when publishing to eBay where necessary
    Fix booth banners being too tall sometimes
    Redesign category pages
    Fix worldwide shipping not working on CSV
    Add daily sync of Amazon listings

    Update booth page to use greater width
    Add options for all sellers to publish items to Pricegrabber, Nextag, TheFind
    Allow tracking number to be given via email
    Allow store syncing to happen without a membership
    Allow seller to give buyer a note about shipping
    Don't email sellers when an import is completed when that import is a sync
    Update category pages
    Miscellaneous site speedups
    Allow flat discounts to pricing
    Fix Background Burner upload button in Safari and Chrome
    Add Amazon Importer
    Various improvements to quality of imported descriptions
    And two months of other changes I haven't the time to list

    Update Background Burner landing page to be free and no-login
    Improve item viewing and checkout flow for mobile users
    Reduce latency of eBay and CSV imports
    Improve conversion of item detail page with "free shipping" banner and other bling
    Setup continuous cart monitoring to ensure that cart can never be broken
    Add holiday trappings
    Fix "distance to you unknown" on booth page

    Add Kaleidoguide entries to search
    Speed up CSV processing
    Add price guesser to new item form
    Ensure that United States is first in "Made in" lists (
    Allow recent sales to be searched from orders page
    Allow Titans to market merchandise on cart receipt page
    Start publishing items to Pricegrabber
    Start publishing items via Google Remarketing
    Allow customers to upgrade memberships without month delay.
    Speed up generating feeds for Google Shopping by 3x
    Sexy-up the Bonanza API documentation
    Provide embedded graphics to allow sellers to make referral sales free of charge
    More accurate eBay importing

    Hi changelist long time no chat!
    Plethora of new item form (NIF) fixes (categories, background burns, shipping profiles, etc)
    Add help page for CSV FTP upload
    Update Paypal implementation to allow multiple simultaneous purchases
    Improve traffic flow to Google Shopping feeds
    Remove Google Wallet
    Implement means to allow item publishing to Amazon Product Ads and Pricegrabber (experimentation)
    Add email invoices (one or multiple items)
    Only show most relevant traits on NIF
    Fix support ticket image uploading not working
    Numerous Bonanza API improvements, including means to update shipping info
    Shipping location determination more robust
    Add most categories to Kaleidoguide
    Allow search to work with item IDs
    Freshen most icons
    Allow misimported images to be reported
    And other such things

    Add fee-free sales for referral traffic

    Remove buggy CL Beta Exporter
    Add Titan Series memberships
    Allow buyers to background burn catalog images for tokens
    Fix feedback reminders not being sent out
    Ensure that Amazon items only show up in searches with few results
    Update category pages to link to interesting product reviews
    Assorted catalog fixes.

    Give kaleidoguide an "about" page
    Allow user to set level of detail in kaleidoguide listings
    Fix product reviews erroneously telling user its a dupe
    Add traits to floating search/kaleido header

    Swap out collections for recent reviews on home page
    Freshen up various crusty old icons
    Add inline box to subscribe to item alerts from kaleidoguide
    Numerous bugfixes

    Add ability for sellers to create their own brand
    Add link to "recent sales" from My Bonanza menu
    Remove non-functional sales booster graphs

    Give new users advance notice of whether their desired user name has been taken
    Fix presentation of errors on new user form
    Allow users to pick a saved address from cart when checking out
    Fix uncatalog requests not working on items
    Fix redundant pages showing during catalog browsing

    Allow bigger booth headers
    Freshen look of booths to go with freshed booth header

    Add catalog entries to product detail pages
    Add catalog entries to autosuggester
    Add means to report miscataloged items to admins
    Better reporting of Google Shopping warnings sent to sellers

    Fix unsubscribe link in "The Dig" and "Doctor Obscura" emails
    Fix some batch editor operations not finishing for booths with more than 10,000 items
    Add support for voting product reviews as helpful and receiving tokens when your reviews are up-voted
    Speed up search result display in some cases

    Allow item filtering on catalog pages
    Show catalog entries from item#search when applicable
    Improve NIF category guesser
    Community Help improvements to picking the best answer
    Include message to explain why condition added in Google Shopping
    Cut down on clicks and popups to checkout with Amazon
    Allow Community Help questions to be tagged
    Add report for Gold Members on top selling entries from product catalog

    Add comments to Community Help section
    Make Community Help searchable
    Fixes to custom booth categories and booth search

    Ensure that Checkout by Amazon payment popup doesn't get blocked in Google Chrome
    Fix items manually moved into custom booth categories not showing up right away
    Use space below search filters side-bar to show more items
    Fix "favorite types of items to buy" not being clear-able
    Fix eBay occasionally automatically re-assigning category for exported items

    Update Community page, add section for listing new features/improvements, which will generally supercede this sad little list for describing any changes that matter
    Fix old coupons showing up on items
    Image verification improvements
    Finish implementing v1 of product catalog pages
    Fixed possibility of booth searches being multiple seconds
    Add "Did you mean?" functionality to search
    Improvements to Google Shopping feeds
    Fix filters on similar items page not working

    Only the OP can reply to promotion forum topics
    Fix filtering of search results on similar item pages
    Improve edge scroller in search to work more seamlessly as mouse moves
    Allow better/bigger zooming on item pictures
    Allow bigger pictures to be uploaded for items
    Assorted improvements to catalog pages

    Revise similar items page to do better job of presenting the similar item
    Fix inventory sheet not allowing ordering or item filtering
    Fix new custom booth categories not showing until refreshing page
    Fix product reviews not getting shushed

    Search relevance improvements
    Update presentation of category pages
    Allow users with product reviews turned on to view the catalog entry for an item
    Fix Google Shopping banning listings that take 5+ days to ship
    First pass at product review leaderboards
    Fix mobile browsers not viewing search two items wide

    Forward Google Shopping errors to sellers
    Center credentials in footer
    Improve clarity of product reviews page

    Freshen up home page look
    Improve ease of category selection on NIF
    Use wider format for similar items page
    Fix reviews being double-submitted
    Fix booths not being renewed when the "renew booth" button clicked from email
    Move legacy booth options into their own section for tidiness

    Larger pictures in item search, simplify clutter of search design
    Simplify header design
    Restore tote as a token reward
    Fix "forgot password" link
    Background burns apply only to thumbnails (not main product image, where it is more prone to look weird)
    Minimize watermark for unpaid Background Burns
    New buyer login makes it easy to find the purchase they recently made

    Fix booth referral widget being misformatted
    Remove references to Managed Merchants on Sales Booster page
    Default to notifying buyers when offers are marked as shipped
    Fix feedback importing
    Better tracking of checkout process to ensure that errors never occur
    Fixes to seller FTP uploads
    Add magic brush to Background Burner

    Allow users to review products
    Allow gold members to create coupons to retain past buyers
    Lookup Amazon items when no items for a search exist on Bonanza
    API fixes
    Increase size of product picture on item page when user has a wide monitor
    Improvements to catalog builder

    Allow members to have a widget that shows multiple items from booth on item detail page
    Improvements to Background Burn editor
    Increase haste with which Product Catalog suggestions become tokens

    Fix unregistered users being prompted for login during Paypal checkout
    Update first time login screen to allow profile picture upload and Bonanza tote
    Add catalog builder
    Design improvements to My Bonanza page
    Set Background Burns to have tiny watermark
    Fix item description editor in IE 10
    Improve deliverability of Bonanza emails
    Restore Bonanza gift cards
    Update categories and traits, mark items that have been updated for reference
    Fix sold items getting double-duplicated in sellers' booth
    Various improvements and speedups to Background Burn editor
    Be less lazy about documenting updates

    Restore item ads, minus the more competitive text ads, and plus a link to report competitive ads so we can spot and remove them expeditiously.
    Fix search issues.
    Improved welcome and item alert emails.

    Allow saved search creation without a Bonanza account.
    Allow modification (including unsubscribe) of saved search from email without logging in
    Fix saved seach creation form search results when not logged in
    Add option to receive new saved search results via email immediately (instead of once per day or once per week)
    USPS rate calculation improvements
    Fix HPL clicks not always being counted

    Fix traits guessed based on title not being the most pertinent
    Improve infrastructure for eBay and CSV imports to significantly speed up imports
    NIF: Trait selection drop-down box fixes
    Fix Google Wallet payment of Bonanza fees
    Fix post to Facebook button
    Add batch edit option to reset SEO attributes

    Add links to feeback forum, integrate with Bonanza sign-in
    Allow pro members to configure side bar content on item detail pages
    Fix initial snap when viewing certain pages on wide-screen monitors
    Add option to adjust similarity style when viewing similar items
    Fix back button to booth/search pages in IE10
    Background Burn editor improvements
    Fix two suggestions for a tag counting towards 6 tag limit as 2 instead of 1
    NIF: Trait selection fixes and improvments
    Fix category list on search results occasionally not including all child categories
    Allow individual SEO attribute values to be removed in the batch editor
    Prevent eBay publish button from being clicked multiple times
    Allow semicolons and spaces in SEO attribute values
    Fix overdue notices incorrectly showing on bill page under some circumstances

    Show time google last generated error and data quality warnings at
    Export to eBay fixes
    NIF: Fix shipping insurance not being saved
    NIF: Fix cursor jumping around when editing price
    Fix CL exporter filtering

    Import international and calculated shipping for eBay items
    Add option to import inactive (unsold and/or sold) listings from eBay
    Send email on CSV import failure
    Clarify some CSV import error messages
    Fix coupon page display issues
    Fix "condition is required" errors when exporting items to eBay

    Allow CSV imports to run longer than 4 hours
    NIF: Add "custom" crop option (no aspect ratio restriction)
    NIF: Fix edited images not being refreshed in booth view after editing
    NIF: Fix images not counting towards item completion

    Show detailed info when CSV imports are pending or fail.
    NIF: Add image editor (replaces crop/rotate).
    NIF: Allow sorting of pictures while uploading.
    NIF: Fix sorting of pictures sometimes causing pictures to dissapear
    Batch item editor display fixes
    Fix listing of recent HPLs

    Fix errors when uploading 6 pictures at once on NIF.
    Fix cart and offers using mis-sized pictures.

    Finish changing over booths to use tall images.
    Allow drag and drop picture uploading to NIF.
    Add category guesser to NIF.
    Remove search term suggestions from NIF until they're better behaved.
    Allow search by item number in site search.
    Fix feedback suggestions being potentially wrong buyer v seller language.

    Make edge scrolling in search easier to use.
    Allow eBay importers to authorize via the eBay API.
    Allow buyers to leave offer notes in more places during checkout process.
    Improvements to Google feed generation.

    Improvements to similar items browsing.

    Added shipping time estimates.
    Added more relevant recommendations for "similar items"
    Updated search to use taller thumbnails.
    Re-added coupons to home page.

    Infiniscroll hand picked lists.
    Improvements to booth infiniscroll (better perfomance in IE, cleaner URLs, etc)
    Add option to request username change from account cancellation options page
    Improvements to buyer "Chat with support" option during checkout
    Ad clickthrough and reporting improvements
    Fix some eBay export errors
    Fix coupon formatting issues

    Infiniscroll booths.
    Let buyers chat with support during checkout.
    Better formatting for users list of HPLs.
    Fix feedback reminders.
    Better tracking of a seller's Google Shopping results.

    Framework for updating categories and traits out of 2008.
    Ensure that trait labels & choices are properly capitalized.
    Replace "my fave items" with "my HPL items" on profile page.
    Improve call to action email when a buyer's offer is accepted.
    Fix "search for similar" not always working from search (and speed it up by 2x).
    Fix search options not functioning consistently.
    Fix "new comments on your HPL" email.

    Hiding items from seller in search doesn't reload page.
    Fix white stripe on mobile site search.
    Collection items title & price shows without mouseover.

    Add link to fundraising with Kabbage.

    More accurate referral source listing on #view_stats
    Give pricing guidance on NIF.
    Fix international calculated shipping not sticking on batch editor.
    Items with multiple quantity have item views travel with them into the land of the sold item.

    Fixed some spots where burned HPL images weren't showing the burned image.
    Fix coupon discount not being shown in cart.
    HPLs now live for two weeks.
    (re-)Enable order exporting for sellers who want to download a CSV file of their orders.
    Update Privacy Policy for the 2012s.
    Setup to keep traits and categories more up-to-date.

    Add action bar to items in search to allow for finding related items in search, and one click adding to a recent HPL.
    Add ability to have an online chat with support for Gold and Platinum members.
    Fix home page potentially showing same two lists consecutively.
    Email user if their HPL makes the home page.
    Allow users to burn images they add to their HPL (and add ability for sellers to prevent it via advanced seller settings).

    Fix eBay importer failing to import some images
    Improve HPL item management

    Improve hand picked list creation process: give link to HPL when item added from item quick view, allow items to be removed from HPL edit page, and more.
    Fix Paypal requiring Bonanza login unnecessarily.
    Fix HPLs not limiting shown items to 30 as it promises to do.
    Fix missing PP/GC payment buttons for users with automatic payment enabled.
    Unsqueeze sponsored listings at top of item search results.
    Fix 3.5% advertising rate not sticking on advertising page.
    Fix coupon page being blank.

    New old home page.
    Add Advertising stats.
    Tidy up appearance of gift guides, coupons, browse pages.
    Suggest possible keywords to use on new item form.
    Update operating system.

    Freshen look of My Bonanza page.
    Fix an assortment of reasons that eBay items wouldn't export.
    Incorporate suggestions for higher ranking Google items.
    Create brief overview page for how Bonanza Ads work.
    Allow suggestion of non-existing trait from new item form.
    Be more explicit with Facebook about which item picture it should use.
    Fix wretched formatting of Tweet box from item detail page.
    Allow user to change the eBay ID they export with.
    Show FVF percentage of each offer on user's bill.
    Fix back button not always working when traversing from search -> item -> search.

    Update Bmail inbox formatting.
    Fix API not working right for item variations.

    Fix newsletter formatting.
    Update CSV importer to accept SKUs.
    Fix homepage coupons being old.

    Launch advertising platform.
    Add better SKU integration for inventory management.
    Suspend rushes.

    Enable seller reviews to be shown in Google Shopping.
    Fix cards not being update-able.

    Replace "fave" buttons with Pinterest pinners for more traffic.
    Fix a handful of traits that weren't converting to Google Shopping attributes.

    Add Lexity for realsies.

    Fix international shipping not "sticking" from new item form.
    Optimize cart conversion by skipping the popup when item added to cart.
    Automatically log user in if we recognize their Paypal ID (no need to separately do a Bonz login).
    Fix "Edit traits for filtered items" not actually showing filtered items.

    Add new rewards for tokens.
    Give free Background Burns to subscribing members.
    Fix links in forums.
    Fix a bunch of broken icons.

    Add more structured information to item detail pages (item title, pricing, etc) for better search clickability on Google.
    Add Lexity Live to stats page.
    Allow direct responses to bmails.

    Prevent Google from using stupidest possible text in their preview snippet.
    Trait list is alphabetically ordered instead of randomly ordered.
    Stop defaulting international shipping to worldwide.
    Don't take items off reserve when editing.

    Reimagine batch editor.

    Add ability to manage credit cards more efficiently.
    Improvements to mouse over image zoom.
    Add average shipping time to metrics shown on item detail page.
    Show tall thumbnails in booth where booth has fashion items.

    De-uglify home page tabs
    Move up HPLs on non-personalized home page. Add coupons tab.
    Email sellers when booth is first crawled by Google.
    Add ability to mouse over item image to zoom.

    Added mobile site.

    Added seller's inventory information to item detail page, viewable by seller only.

    Fix eBay imports not grabbing certain item traits.
    Add polygon editing tool to Background Burner.
    Halve the download footprint of files that need to be downloaded to use selling pages (=faster load times).

    Add new page to explain benefits of selling on Bonanza.
    Add link to view all items from a seller on the cart page.
    Remove personality questions/links for the time being.

    Fix tweets not being clickable from "Community" page.
    Fix Paypal payments not being applied to bill.
    Fix offers not always being mailed out.
    Added magic wand, different sized brushes to Background Burn touchup tool.
    Show available burns embedded in "Background Burn" button.

    New, lower Background Burn pricing.
    Fix display of batch edit page.
    eBay importer improvements.

    Facelift for People page.

    Add ability for buyers to leave item feedback without logging in.
    Fix booth panel adding.

    Add background burner to NIF.
    Update Fashion Exchange guidelines.
    Assorted bugfixes.

    Update booth setup pages to be clearer.
    Fix tooltips shaking screens.
    Update help pages for the 2012s.

    Update offers page to be more consistent with rest of site.
    Update more booth details to be consistent with rest of site.
    Add email response rates per blog.
    Pretty up account settings pages.
    Add miles and price range sliders to search.
    Add possibility of custom HTML signature for plus member bmails.
    Fixes to speed up & unbreak CSV importer.
    Speed up editing for Background Burns.

    Fix checkout graphics.
    Add bulk pricing for Background Burner.
    Fixed receipt page taking 20 seconds.
    Fixed background burn images not being refreshed sometimes.
    Show membership type on each month's bill.

    Deploy Beta Background Burner. Coming soon: free Background Burner credits for Managed Merchants.
    Improvements to search indexing to reduce likelihood of errors.
    Fix for autoload search results with quotes.

    Deploy white sale.

    Added fashion personal collection based on your styles, trends, or occasions. Show which brands are associated with fashion personalities as you mouse over them. Updated Switchboard look and feel.
    Freshen up profile page.
    Freshen up browse by category page.
    Fix tabs on Rush signup page.
    Prevent showing search dropdown after user has completed search.
    Cart icon shows cart status.
    Fix occasional error when viewing item preview.
    Fix users page taking four seconds to load.
    Setup & removed stuff for free shipping day.
    Added system to monitor status of our search servers.
    Allow BIN sellers to accept only Amazon Checkout.
    Update home page.

    Added brand questions to the feedback process.
    Automated detection and blacklisting of spambots.

    Add means for users to report images that don't show the item (e.g. template images automatically imported from other sites).
    Fix to invoice editing.
    Update HP hero.
    Added item view stats to My Bonanza page.
    Allow back button on search.

    Allow sellers to specify their ships-from location, show it to buyers when it is outside their country.
    Provide Managed Merchants 800 support number.
    Make back button work better in search. Show when end of search results reached.

    Fix users not being able to upload pictures in rare circumstances.
    Fixed search showing link to "see more options" when more options may not exist.
    Fix formatting of user feedback page.
    Show users richer representation of their recent searches and saved searches on My Bonanza page.
    List traits that are applied to a search in its breadcrumbs.
    Allow Rush to search on multiple traits, fix Rush missing its loading icon.
    Fix Rushes showing active when they aren't.
    Booths can now paginate backward and forward.
    Improved formatting on bmail page for readability, and so message is marked as read once it gets clicked.

    Update Rushes not to be filled with page after page of same seller.
    Revise tags for more clarity, less redundancy.
    Fix issues with Managed Merchant program not doing work.
    Improvements to the multiple size selector.
    Better inference of gender in Google Product feeds.
    Fix new item form in IE.

    Update first tab on home page to highlight Cyber Monday.
    Added survey of which third party solutions (randomly selected) sellers are using.
    Make combined item discounts stand out better.

    Dress up home page for the winter.
    Fix issues with importers not grabbing pictures.

    Added Sales Booster page to help sellers identify areas of potential improvement in booth (currently in experimental features).
    Added new Men's/Women's Outerwear image to home page.
    Updated Men's Fashion page.
    Updated search browsing.

    Allow tag browsing from item detail page.
    Allow buyers to brag about their purchases from receipt page via Facebook.
    Fix CSV importer breaking on processing certain items with calculated shipping.
    Improve automatic guessing of item traits for sellers.
    Less atomic greens.

    Fix some issues with AdSense in search, re-enable ads.
    Fix Paypal gift card issues, re-enable gift cards.
    New women's fashion page.

    Fix "background" attribute getting removed from listings.
    Fixed gold members not having items promoted in search showcase.
    Setup search ads to sponsor holiday advertising.
    Fix item tags not being saved on new item form.
    SEO improvements on item detail pages.
    Fix missing items not getting redirected properly from Google.

    Fix menu dropdowns in IE.
    Fix tall thumbnails sometimes being missing.
    Fix sorting HPLs not being accurate.
    Simplify search formatting.

    Fix "Featured Seller" module on home page not showing items.
    Added Bonanza gift cards.
    Revise platinum maximum discount.
    Search speedup of indeterminate quantity.
    Infer sizes from existing merchandise.

    Improve handling of search terms containing special characters like / " @ \ - and more.
    eBay importer now recognizes and imports item variations like color and size.
    eBay importer now properly imports shoes.
    International sites can login via Facebook.
    Highlight seller in search results when results are filtered on a particular seller.

    Update search results to properly title-ize ALL CAPS TITLES a la Google and Amazon (booths are unaffected).
    Better recognition of size and other traits in imported items.
    Allow more types of background css properties into descriptions for better importing/template presentation.
    Seller setting to keep whole image in crop also applies to imported items now.
    Fix signup for API.
    Updates to category pages, emphasis on hand picked list items.
    Fix titles in search when filtering on a trait.
    Improvements to Google Product feed exports.
    Streamline ORC.
    Fix items not being fully deleted sometimes.

    Fix users not being able to delete saved item alerts.
    Fix fashion page showing items of the wrong gender.
    Fix tags not showing up in search.
    Fix rush items not showing up.

    Revised Facebook/Google login to new service provider.
    Fixed offer page not being scrollable in Chrome.
    Fixed inventory file uploads not working via FTP.
    Sped up item page.
    Color traits now show prettier in search.
    Added a few thousand new brands for clothing categories.
    Fix appearance of search box in Chrome.

    Links to search from Fashion category page now respect gender selections.
    Added Styles links to Fashion category side navigation. Showed gender-appropriate styles in the tag selections on the Fashion page. Fixed an issue with the Fashion page style mixer not properly "mixing it up." Fixed coupon tab on the home page not always showing the most recent coupons. Fixed Community dropdown (and others) flashing inappropriately in some cases with IE.
    Item detail page and cart page work independently of Javascript = more robustness.
    Fix ebay synchronization not removing items when auto-syncing.
    Fix too many items being removed for synchronization of large stores.
    Add more better tags.

    Fixed font ugliness for Windows XP users on Firefox or Chrome.
    Add Portuguese as supported international language.
    Featured seller tab on home page tries harder to pull from selected category.
    Black magic to make pagination in search appear instantaneous.
    Swap booth pickup time panel for shipping days panel.
    Fix eBay importer not recognizing strings placed in description.

    Launch new site, internationalization.

    Improved trait drop-down UI on NIF
    Improved support for listing variant items

    Rewards popup now displays correctly in IE
    Fix second-level booth custom categories not retaining the specified sort order
    Fix tag approved emails being sent even if user has unsubscribed

    Added option to keep individual items out of GPS feeds
    Added automatic Google attributes to "Search Optimize" batch editor page

    Launch personalization.
    Setup inventory file importer to give more detailed error messages.
    Speed up times on Rush page.

    Increased size of packing slip text; made packing slip a full-page wide in Chrome (though the text in Chrome is still smaller than in other browsers).
    Added ability to suggest untagging of items.
    Added ability to specify booth category via CSV.
    More additions to the Bonanza API.
    Optimizations to page load time.
    eBay importer smarter about not taking items offline.
    Added ability to filter for items missing categories or shipping info in batch editor.

    Fixed errors when looking at comp bags on bag site, or at the end of checkout.
    Added more failover mechanisms for search.
    Fixed error in making find requests to Bonapitit.

    Reduced the likelihood of a single booth dominating the first page (or more) of search results.
    Fixed hyphenated searches not working.
    Added worldwide shipping as option to inventory importer.
    Added pubDate to booth RSS feeds for easier integration with more services.
    Speed up batch editor pages.
    Consolidated some item traits for better searching.
    Experimented with CDN.

    Added new Fashion landing page.
    Additional feedback when claiming daily tokens fails.
    Fix collection nomination error.
    Darkened the item view count text.
    Added option to not show each sold item individually in item view counts.
    Added view count for today and yesterday to listing details section of listing view - only visible to seller.
    Added ability to specify shipping as calculated from inventory importer.
    Added ability to create custom column names on imported inventory files.

    Split up reporting of today's item view stats from historical (past week, 30 days, 60 days) item view stats.
    Visual updates and clarification for item view stats.

    Sped up stats page.
    Separate item faves that should be used for personalization from those that shouldn't.
    Give tokens for faving items.
    Improve personalization algorithm.

    Add Checkout by Amazon as payment option.
    Allow users to link to external images from descriptions without the scary warning page.

    Update WYSIWYG editor.
    Reposition CIJ banner.
    Add new per-category tags.

    Added beta version of personality questions as experimental feature.
    Instant offer price no longer experimental.
    Updated fees page, users registering on or after July 1st use simplified fees.
    Setup current tags to be specific to fashion, jewelry, crafts categories. New tagset for other categories forthcoming soon.

    Improvements to item preview mode.
    Fix packing slip missing links.
    Christmas in July graphics added.

    Allow CSV inventory uploading/syncing via FTP (beta).
    Allow item pages to be printed out all pretty-like.
    Fixed some cases where invoices not being properly calculated.
    Fix a number of reasons for item alerts not being sent.

    Ran some hardcore database maintenance.
    Added ability for plus members to automatically synchronize inventory on a daily basis.

    Sexier item browser swooshing.
    Add item browser to HPLs.
    Re-added "hide this seller" to search.
    Add bubble tips after faving an item.
    Re-added Rush voting.
    Attempt to fix some of the weird cases in which the "next" and "previous" buttons on HPLs didn't work.
    Updated CSV importer to allow full item synchronization a la other importers.
    Speed up load times for booth edit.

    Added ability to declare an "Instant Offer Price" for faster offer processing (accessible with experimental features enabled).
    Added tall thumbnails to search for Fashion categories.
    Tweaks and improvements to "Quick show" popup.
    Moved "apply to all items" batch editor button and added additional info to confirmation dialog.
    Added selection of item size in cart if an item with multiple sizes gets added to the cart without selecting a size first
    Added preview hover to quick view, showing thumbnail of next and previous item. Updated the quick view animation between products, providing a better sense of where on the page you are at. Fix missing "don't show items from this seller" link. Fix Rush voting; you can once again code items up to the Top of the Rush (from within the quick view).
    Add ability to fave items.
    Revise item preview to happen on click (and be bigger when it happens).

    Fix formatting of rushes on buy page.
    Fix Google Product feeds not being emailed to seller when requested.
    Start process to improve image quality for thumbnails sitewide.
    Less tall NIF progress bar.
    Minimized NIF bar contains progress.
    Update copy on NIF.
    Added BUP attendee badge.
    Fixed welcome messages and badge messages not being sent out.
    Redesign for forgot password emails.
    Fix full amount of tags not being able to be applied in rare cases.

    Allow forum search results to be sorted.
    Link to PP/GC tracking numbers from offers.
    Link to shipping info from offers when on-site.
    Improve user's personal hand picked list index page to provide more helpful info.
    Make link to operate on all booth items from batch editor more clear (as a button).
    Allow sellers to filter offers by those that have not been shipped.
    Allow wishlist items to be removed directly from the wishlist page.
    Give clearer error messages when a tag can't be suggested.
    Show more relevant traits in search.

    Make it more obvious when an item is added to wishlist from item page.
    Fix incorrect message being potentially sent in counteroffer emails.
    Fix searching in Rushes being broken (after next search update).
    Improvements to auto-search term translator.
    Fix UPS shipping estimates not calculating on NIF when reloaded.
    Set CK Editor as default NIF editor.

    Setup item URLs to be more SEO-friendly.
    Restore visible quantity to NIF.
    Fix pause/play button on home page disappearing.
    Fix ugly green button shadows for active rush and bags site.
    Improve logic of booth auto-categorization such that the categories' words have to present, in order, in the item title or description to match.
    "Newest" collections considers how long the HPL has been a collection, rather than how long its been an HPL.
    Fix messages in forums not getting auto-linked when they're URLs.
    Fix offers not being able to have ORC cases started if they had been hidden.
    Remove online users checkbox from users page since it doesn't work anyway.
    Improve clarity of CTA on newly created booths.

    Fixed cropper not zooming out on some crops.
    Fixed empty international shipping destinations being saved.
    Added Etsy importer.
    Added ability to specify return policy from a list (either in booth advanced options, or on the new item form) so return policy can show on item detail page.
    Fixed error on Rush page preventing users from voting up items.
    Fixed hand picked lists not being published in rare cases.
    Fixed Google Product feeds not being registered in rare cases.
    Setup item page so that it shows bonthreads suggested even after being refreshed.

    Add ability to keep entire image in crop as an experimental feature (in booth -> advanced settings)
    Add ability for seller to get more insights into their buyer satisfaction via Transaction Impressions.
    More 2011-y formatting to feedback leaving page.
    Add ability to translate search terms into categories for better results.

    Fixed packing slips printing as two pages.
    Clarified meaning of 'Price Negotiable' on NIF when booth 'Advanced Options' tab has OBO disabled booth-wide.
    When an item has multiple 'Size' entries, they are consilidated in the item details section into a single 'Sizes' entry.
    Fix slowdown on item page for old versions of Internet Explorer.
    Fix tags not showing up in search.
    Fix certain item traits not being accessible via API.
    Allow data attributes to be embedded in elements for Seller Sourcebook.

    Remove experimental feature label from sales tax
    Add shipping price to search results
    Add ability to combine shipping price with standard price in item search
    Fixes to email informing sellers about new tags
    Add CK WYSIWYG editor as an experimental feature

    Allow global OBO default via booth advanced options.
    Fix average booth score on NIF.
    Fix issues with item image zoom window.
    Fix full screen mode on NIF description field.

    Revised new item form for better clarity and detail.
    Added ability to specify multiple sizes within a single item listing.
    Re-added new-style item tags to site.
    Cleaned up packing slip display
    Better formatted notice and error messages.
    Improve display of quick text box.

    Added ability of search to search through traits in the keywords.
    Fixed weird size filtering for searches like "jeans"
    Fixed collections not being re-orderable by non-admins.
    Added Tumblr to bags homepage.

    Fixed removal of items from widgets
    Add ability to only show feedback received as a buyer or as a seller.
    Added tax computation for sellers to experimental features.
    Added ability to filter in search on checkbox traits.

    Implemented multiple trait values being concurrently selectable in search
    Updated search to use ajax for faster page loads
    Search styling improvements
    Retire beta affiliates program (see also:
    Fix block buyers not working
    Fix issues with booth chat
    Fix CL exporter
    Fix errors causing some saved searches not to be emailed to users

    Reformat search filters for lighter aesthetic.
    Improvements to booth chat.
    Fix batch edit not setting price on items with shipping services.

    Fix checkbox traits not saving.
    Fix international shipping cost not showing on new item form.
    Added "worldwide" as an option for intl shipping.
    Setup item importer to speak the language of intl shipping.

    Added ability to filter by size for women's clothing.
    Added ability to sign up for weekly seller updates from support team.

    Google attribute labels are downcased so they don't get accidently duplicated with traits.
    Add chat option to "contact seller" button when seller is online.
    Fix API duplicating images upon items being revised.

    Add item preview slideout to Collections pages.

    Consolidate parent categories containing less than 1% of overall inventory
    Add Google identifier traits where applicable
    Fix email form on sold offers page
    Fixes for money order emails
    Fix infinite error messages when an exception occurs from an SSL page
    Built backup system to protect against server crashes when memory leaks occur

    Revise traits such that any trait in a parent category is also available to all children categories.
    Re-add change list to help page (but you probably figured that out, now didn't you?)
    Fixes to collection emails.
    Add "Condition" trait to all categories.
    Style updates to Bags Blog.

    Launch collections
    Launch simplified header/footer
    Launch simplified item detail page
    Invoice bug fixes

    Added ability to "view original" email in a web browser from emails.
    Improve messaging when API add item fails.
    Forum posts show 30/page
    Moved to new Google Product API.
    Setup website to automatically save itself if one database server goes down.

    Fixed bags item pages double rendering.
    Improvements to Google Product feed exporting.
    Fix edit booth page not remembering sort preference.
    Fix shipping insurance not working in batch editor.
    Fix hot booths not updating on People page.

    Added ability to post videos to booths
    Added ability to get data from Google Product feed on what errors Google has detected

    Update membership pages, add new benefits.
    Remove merch match from people page.
    Update operating system for application servers.
    Fix three weeks worth of bugs (too many to list)

    Fix possibility of incorrectly submitted invoices
    Fix offers being interpreted as "cancelled" when they were partially refunded
    Enhanced security against potential CSRF attacks
    Fix some incorrect errors being generated when users sent to Paypal

    Deploy new cart.

    Beautified offer and many other emails.
    Remove manual specification of Google Checkout tax so user-specific settings can work.

    Add ability to put an item in an HPL directly from search results page
    Fix items that had been on reserve ending up "for sale" when taking booth off vacation
    Fixed buyer getting error message when returning from Paypal when they had been checked in as a guest but already had a Bonz account setup
    Updated home page
    Updated top 10 reasons to use site
    Added contest rules
    Reduce notification of Rushes on pages of site that aren't the home page.
    Added more advanced manipulation of HPLs
    Probable fixes for secure operations not working with API
    Ensure new HPL items added to end of list rather than arbitrary point at beginning or milddle
    Fix "hide items from this seller" not working
    • 12/28/10
      Re-add subject line to messages sent from profile or booth
      Add secondary caching mechanism to reduce load time for item pages by 10-100%
    • 12/27/10
      De-holiday-itize site
      Allow sending messages on profile page from same interface as item pages
    • 12/20/10
      First pass at improved item popups.
      Added knockdowns to Rush.
      Updated items sold messaging.
      Booth page renders approximately 30% faster.
      Fixed unusable shipping addresses being seletable in checkout.
      Item removed messaging now shows in cart rather than on later pages.
    • 12/13/10
      Increased login options available from item question form, improved graphical look of form
      Fixed item alerts not being creatable from My Bonanza page
      Fixed possibility of 0 item booths being shown for coupons, or blank images being shown on category page
    • 12/12/10
      Update coupons listing page.
      Roll out beta version of 2x faster search.
      Fix Google Checkout link showing up in cart for non-registered buyers when seller doesn't accept GC.
    • 12/7/10
      Update user feedback page to clarify issues uncovered in user testing
      Allow signup for item alerts without logging in
      Items lacking pictures de-prioritized in search
    • 12/5/10
      Shipping services now available for all sellers, not just those with "experimental features" enabled
      Allow new users to enter chat message prior to registering, and direct them through one-step registration process to
      Allow users to scroll through community gift guides
      Fixed "forgot password" email not being sent
      Removed status messages from chat
      Fix possibility of invoicing a buyer who has cancelled their order
      Fix money order customers not being able to open ORC case
    • 11/29/10
      Tweaks and improvements to gift guides
      Improve responsiveness of alternate chat server
      Fix chat not remaining shown or hidden
      Fix shipping discounts not working correctly for single items with multiple quantity
      Fix booth coupons list
      Added ability to temporarily ignore user during chat
    • 11/28/10
      Update home page with cyber Monday coupons
      Formatting improvements for gift guides
      More fixes for combined shipping discounts
    • 11/26/10
      Update formatting of gift guides
      Fixed combined shipping discounts not working
      Setup better monitoring and maintenance for real time chat
    • 11/23/10
      Rework Bags Bonanza homepage
      Fix discount not showing up during Rush
      Add more debugging features to chat
    • 11/22/10
      Fixed fee comparison on booth summary screen
      Added popups to item search page
      Added option for sellers to disable buyer protection badge (Booth -> Advanced Options)
      Added Paypal Buyer Protection badge to cart for sellers that haven't hidden PP badge
      Added trust credentials to footer of site
      Fixed affiliate options in search being incorrectly formatted
      Updated free shipping icon to be less vague
      Updated security credentials on Bags home page
      Fixed shipping services only being whole dollar amounts
    • 11/21/10
      Fixed cookies potentially getting too big and causing site error
      Improvements to item importer such that it catches up on its 400 pending jobs
      Fix back and forward buttons not working in Rush
      Fix shipping service checkboxes being unclickable in IE and GC
      Fix other assorted errors in setting shipping services
    • 11/18/10
      Freshen up buy page (farewell, vestiges of 2008)
      Holidayitize site
      Add shipping services to shipping profiles
      Add Paypal Buyer Protection program reminder to item page
      Freshen cart on item show page
      Update booths "bonanza" panel to booths "rush" panel
      Setup site to use dual asset hosts for faster downloads
    • 11/17/10
      Added ability for sellers who have experimental features enabled (My account -> Other options) to specify multiple shipping services for their items, and to see real time shipping estimations as they are listing their item (full page new item form only).
      Added ability for buyers to choose from multiple shipping services during checkout for sellers that have enabled it.
      Added ability for sellers to specify their UPS or FedEx drop off location, for more accurate shipping calculations.
      Images on home page take up about 30% less space = 30% faster page loads
      Booth follower notifications look pretty
      Restored status icons in booth edit view
      Improved chat history
    • 11/16/10
      Fixed eBay importer giving bogus status messages or not giving messages at all
      Uploaded images get metadata stripped, saves about 20-35% of image space (for faster image downloads)
      Cache more stuff on Bags Bonanza home page for about 60% faster page loads
      Fix some issues in the item popup in IE7
    • 11/14/10
      Fixed sorting by newest not working properly
      Re-added "re-send activation email" to login page
      Fixed items purchased in Rushes not being marked as such after 24 hours
      Updated pictures pasted into chat not to take as much space
      Updated formatting of Browse Categories page
      Fixed items on Bags Bonanza home page/blog getting stale
      Fix for Rush search page sometimes loading twice
    • 11/10/10
      Users receive more detailed info on the result of their item imports
      Change Google Analytics tracking to Google's new and highly recommended (by Google) asynchronous tracking
      Added branded formatting to item alert emails
      Fixed possibility of adding item to cart and not having it show up in checkout if checkout button clicked quickly
      Fixed impression that Rush can be joined while Rush is in progress
      Added email signups to Bags Bonanza
      Improvements to make bags on Bags Bonanza homepage rotate more frequently
      Switched to sexy new souped up database.
    • 11/9/10
      Freshened up seller feedback page
      Add new credentials to homepage rotation
      Speed up search
      Fix search returning no results when last filter is removed
      Fix Rushes potentially getting into an infinite refresh state
      Moved search to top of Rush area
      Fixed counteroffer email linking to wrong place
      Fix link on Google Product attributes help page
      Add new admin tools for support team
      Rush notice is now minimized by default except for home page
    • 11/7/10
      Allow eBay imports without providing user name and password.
      More easier page linking from within Rushes.
      Happy birthday mom!
    • 11/3/10
      Finished preparing Rushes for launch!
      Updated search so that any kind of filter shows in top row for easy removal.
      Fixed eBay imports not working well for sellers who have sold multiple items at Bonz.
      More extracting of Bonanza remnants.
      Fixed some users being registered without email verification.
      Chat functionality improvements.
    • 11/1/10
      Fixed facets for search disappearing.
      Fixed cart showing $0 when it couldn't compute shipping price (due to "see shipping in description" or error in shipping calculator)
      Fixed facets for search evaporating when a price filter applied.
    • 10/31/10
      Added Rushes to home page.
      Added Rush index page.
      Removed Bonanzas from Buy page and Category pages.
    • 10/28/10
      Implemented real time booth chat.
      Fix feedback importer.
      Add newsletter opt-in to cart.
    • 10/18/10
      Sped up homepage by around 3x
      Sped up people page by about 2x
      Sped up item page by about 10-25%
      Fixed some issues with 1KM redirects
      Improved product catalog suggester
      Added links & resources to Bags Bonanza
    • 10/17/10
      Mouseover title on home page allows user to stop animation.
      Items now published to Bing Shopping.
      Fixed HPLs not being sortable in Firefox.
      Allow users to suggest additions to our product catalog at Bags Bonanza.
      International shipping set via batch editor sticks.
    • 10/12/10
      Launch Bags Bonanza.
      Update full page new item form to automatically infer applicable traits from item title.
      Update "notifications" tab not to get half stuck when mousing off page.
      More fixes and amendments to Bonapitit.
      Updated SSL provider to Verisign, added Verisign logo to checkout for increased trust.
      AuctionInc. shipping calculator background testing underway.
    • 10/4/10
      Add "Rush" tab to booth, allow sellers to sign up for Rushes.
      Bugfixes and functionality adds for Bonapitit.
    • 9/29/10
      Fixed search not working for local searches.
      Fixed Bonanzas not showing up on buy page.
      Fixed some errors in API.
    • 9/27/10
      Re-added notifications to, in top bar.
      Getting an item indexed in search now takes ~5 minutes rather than ~5 hours ( only).
      Completed 1000 Markets merchant setup.
      Fixed some Merch Match problems.
    • 9/20/10
      Nothing much (unless you count changing our name, refreshing our look, and fixing a bucket of bugs while we were at it)
    • 9/6/10
      Added ability to follow updates over email for a given booth.
      Added ability for non-logged in users to access applicable links from within booth toolbox.
      Fixed full page new item form zeroing out international shipping that was set as "see description" or "calculated".
      Added randomly selected premiere member items to top of search in gray "premium listings" box when 3 or more premiere items found.
      Added link to view booth details from item show page.
      Updated Twitter to use Bonanzle Teleporter to be compliant with new Twitter authorization scheme.
      Fixed non-US users not being able to turn off country filtering in search.
      Updated blog software to allow for tagging, categorizing, and a bunch of other nifty features.
      Fixed shipping profiles not being applied to new items on full page new item form.
    • 9/1/10
      Fixed "Next" link from HPLs not working when visited from home page
      Fixed item search URLs to stay as short as possible
      Update featured sellers on category pages to ensure seller has a moderately large number of items
    • 8/29/10
      Added ability to like HPLs on FB, improved formatting of messages posted to FB in general
      Improved reliability of billing reminders.
      Added Merch Match high score badges to profile (for Merch Match high scorers), updated plus and premiere stars
      Merch Match cycles through top scores for 2/3/4 player games.
    • 8/25/10
      Sped up category showcases by about 3x
      Improved Facebook posting from booth page
      Fixed some reasons that eBay importer would hang
      Fixed HPL occasionally not being published after they had previously been in draft mode
    • 8/22/10
      Added newsletter signup to footer
      Update category page to only feature sellers if the category is one of the top couple in their booth
      Update category page "more highlights" section only show plus/premiere items
      Fixed more merch match bugs
      Fixed some search trait filters not working
      Fixed item trait suggestions not being processed correctly
    • 8/18/10
      Added Facebook publishing of booths/coupons
      Improved formatting and deliverability of saved item searches
      Factor HPL inclusion into items that get shown on category pages
      Fixed link to trait on "Complete Category List" page
    • 8/16/10
      Re-added ability to search by description
      Setup search to pick traits in best possible category, even if a category isn't currently selected
      Removed text regarding category images
      Set maximum HPLs per day to 5
      Changed user location displaying as blank to displaying as "parts unknown" on user index page
      Setup booths to order by highest price (as before)
      Fixed some graphical admin tools
      Fixed formatting of highlight box in search.
    • 8/15/10
      Added ability to save HPLs in draft mode
      Setup home page and category page item rotation to have greater variety
      Removed references to category showcase images
      Added ability to see an item's ID and creation date when mousing over picture in batch edit
      Added help page on APO/FPO addresses
    • 8/11/10
      Updated search results page.
    • 8/10/10
      Added home page A/B test.
    • 8/9/10
      Added link to edit item from item/show page
      Added link to edit roundtable question from rountable show page
      Sellers notified if their IPN appears to be setup incorrectly
      Fixes to ebay importer
      Merch Match fixes
    • 8/4/10
      Updated Category pages per results of user testing.
      Fixes and updates to Merch Match.
    • 7/28/10
      Fixed feedback getting left on expired offers
      Fixed expired/canceled offers being able to get accepted
      Fixed formatting on blog comments page
      Improvements to Merch Match
    • 7/26/10
      Round of polish to Merch Match
      Added Merch Match to People page
      Updated text on item page back to simply telling quantity in stock rather than "only X left"
      Updated cart graphic
      Fixed cart sometimes not updating price when quantity of item changed.
    • 7/25/10
      Updated item show page to version with 16% better sell-through derived via testing
      Various tidying to cart page and buy splash screen preceding cart
      Clarify steps for buyers looking to propose an offer
      Fixed certain items with foreign characters in description being misformatted in Google product feed or API results
      Censored users can't comment on HPLs or blogs
      Updated shipping profiles to be purely additive -- they will no longer remove previous shipping attributes from an item (removing attributes must be done via batch editor)
      Clarify help documentation on seller refund process
      Added canonical URLs for search and category pages for improved SEO
      More updates to improve TheFind feed
      Setup better monitoring system for servers in distress
    • 7/19/10
      Updated search results to clearly delineate when a seller matches the search query (and other aesthetic improvements).
      Updates to cut load time for People page and profile pages down by about 40% and 70%, respectively.
      Added ability to mark a forum topic as "collecting user opinions" when we want feedback to be captured by support inbox directly.
    • 7/18/10
      Added A/B test for new (=non-logged in) users on product page.
      Fixed chat lines not being deletable.
      Fixed TheFind feed not being generated.
      Implemented ability to change order tracking number post-haste.
      Fixed batch editor resetting chosen section when changing from one page to another.
      Fixed batch editor possibly showing no results if a user was not on page 1 when they apply a new filter.
      Improvements to ORC.
    • 7/14/10
      Updated About Us page.
      Updated Contact Us page.
      Setup more detailed tracking for traits that are removed.
      Fixed bug that could rarely lead to items in booth being deleted after canceling item edit.
    • 7/11/10
      Simplify login and registration pages.
    • 7/5/10
      Added ability to synchronize items from eBay (to remove previously imported items that no longer exist over yonder).
      Ensure that feedback can only be left on completed, sold offers.
    • 6/27/10
      Added ability to login or create account through Google or Facebook.
      Fixed eBay importer not working when user name is changed.
    • 6/21/10
      Update format of user favorite items display.
      Provide buyers with notification of the shipping address used in their order so they can notify seller if its incorrect.
      Remind sellers when tracking info hasn't been provided for a sold offer.
      Improvements to order resolution center.
    • 6/15/10
      My Bonanzle refresh.
      Added "System Announcements" to My Bonanzle page.
      Added ability for users to login with email address.
    • 6/13/10
      Added failover mechanism to better determine when emails aren't being properly delivered and fix it
      Added more stats for affiliates to see how their sales are doing
      Added more supported formatting to item importer
      Mail that is being responded to is now marked as read
    • 6/6/10
      Item imports can now use styles embedded in the HTML page (not embedded styles yet, though).
      Fixed more rare cart errors.
      Fixed Google Product exporter potentially getting stuck.
    • 6/1/10
      Updated RSS feed link to filter based on the category currently selected in the booth
      Updated RSS feed link to allow filter based on custom booth categories
      Booth favorites attached to deleted booths automatically removed
      More improvements to item importer
      Order exporter strips out commas and quotation marks for easier parsing
      Fixed a variety of uncommon errors with cart
    • 5/30/10
      Laundry list of changes to improve item importing, including: allowing for background images, not breaking images where links include words that we remove, getting rid of weird characters, including title import when item comes from "Motors" category, etc.
      Implement early beta version of Buyer Protection Pledge for A/B testing.
      Fix search not working from Roundtable Question page.
    • 5/25/10
      Overhaul shopping cart internals to be based on users rather than browsers: cart now more reliable, and travels across browser sessions with user.
      Added ability for buyer to specify that cart items have already been paid for from cart page (if, for example, seller hasn't setup GC correctly)
      Added character counters to HPL setup
      Re-styled message to newly arriving users on item pages
      Updated item indexing and other tasks to happen on new server to speed up turnaround time on getting items indexed.
      Fixed about 1% of images not loading.
    • 5/16/10
      Body of bmail now sent to user's inbox, rather than mere subject line.
      Updated Google Product feed account names to not be ALL CAPS so they don't get disapproved by Google.
      Added reminder to feedback leaving to consider using ORC.
      Numerous admin improvements for ORC and evaluating potentially fraudulent booths.
    • 5/14/10
      Updated booth RSS feeds to expire in a maximum of one day to catch the remaining untrackable weird RSS issues.
      Fixed booth chat potentially being open when chat has been locked.
      Improve clarity of what has happened when a Roundtable Question is removed for not abiding by the policies.
      Moved booth vacation to "Advanced Booth Options" page from "Cancel options" page
      Updated booth stats to use secondary database so they don't get so dreadfully slow during the late evening.
      Updated screenshot for setting up Google Checkout.
    • 5/9/10
      Fixed user password not resetting correctly for unactivated users.
      Re-fixed booth RSS feeds not always updating.
      Round of changes to ORC.
    • 5/5/10
      Updated coupon list such that when a booth is clicked on, the corresponding coupon will automatically be applied to that booth (and the discount visible when browsing).
      Updated item show page to show buyers published coupons prior to buying.
      Fixed cart formatting going awry after making changes in cart.
      Fixed a bunch of Bad Things that could happen to item prices if using batch editor or updating booth during Bonanza.
      Fixed booth RSS feeds not being consistently updated.
    • 5/3/10
      Updated Google Analytics to use newer asynchronous tracking for better recording of metrics with less page lag.
      Update booth coupon list with pictures and with more relevant text.
      Updates to better track why auto-registered users might not be able to login with password they're sent.
    • 4/28/10
      Fixed "not as described" order resolution cases not getting submitted properly.
      Added jobs page to site.
      Attempted fix for booth RSS feeds not always updating when booth is updated.
    • 4/24/10
      Added cannonical URLs to booth and item pages for Google's benefit.
      Fixed some situations where users' addresses were not being correctly saved.
      Improvements to ORC (admin can send messages directly to users, users reminded when Paypal claim deadline is approaching).
    • 4/20/10
      Fix shipping profiles not setting international shipping correctly.
      Fix offers with $0 amount and $0 shipping charging seller $0.50 (if either shipping or price is greater than $0, the $0.50 still applies).
      Improvements to Order Resolution Center.
    • 4/19/10
      Fix affiliate/bonapitit application forms not recording user address (leading to frequent rejections) and ignoring user names.
      Attempted fix at password resetting mechanism for users who haven't input their address despite being sellers.
      Fixed local search not working with Bonapitit.
      Added a bunch of automated tests to detect errors before users come across them.
      Improvements to Order Resolution Center.
    • 4/15/10
      Added means to download transactions to CSV file (link at the bottom of offer list page)
      Pass at bug fixes to Order Resolution Center.
      Bug fixes for fee refunds.
      Better translation of traits to Google attributes.
    • 4/9/10
      Added automated tool to submit fee refund requests for offers that meet eligible criteria (see current bill)
      Fixed many traits being erroneously translated to Google feed as "brand." Note that this change does not affect past items, which may still need to have their brand attribute removed.
      Updated Google Products feeds to use smarter guess for what "product_type" attribute should be.
      Numerous functional improvements to Order Resolution Center.
    • 4/5/10
      Added past newsletters to site.
      Bunch of fixes for ORC.
    • 4/5/10
      Implemented Order Resolution Center beta version to improve post-transaction communciation between buyer and seller when things don't go according to plan.
    • 3/31/10
      Implemented first pass of Bonanzle Classifieds program (see blog).
      eBay importer imports six images, fixed problem where the primary image would be undersized.
      Fixed Google Product exporter failing on about 0.1% of booths.
      Users that are missing account information like addresses or zip codes now notified of such when logging in.
      More changes to detect potentially fraudulent sellers earlier.
      Updated Newsletter section so new newsletters can be input by others besides bharding.
    • 3/28/10
      Fixed Craigslist exporter for select Windows users with which it wasn't working.
      Fixed error in login for first time users.
    • 3/23/10
      Added more advanced detection mechanisms to catch previously suspended sellers signing up.
      Added detection of unusual transaction patterns to analyze for potential fraud.
      Numerous fixes for the address/zip code saving after address storage changes.
      Censored users can't interact at roundtable.
    • 3/22/10
      Updated offer filter to allow offers to be filtered on the characteristics that buyers and sellers actually use.
      Updated offers show page to update aesthetic for the 2010's.
      Clarified link to email the other party in the offer to facilitated communication.
      Added affiliate into to Bonapitit.
      Fixed some cases where clicking on "Contact seller" button wouldn't pop up contact form for non-logged in users.
      Under-the-hood optimziations to address storage.
    • 3/18/10
      Updated offer emails to provide specific details about transactions, link to email other party, etc.
    • 3/17/10
      Updates to offer page styling.
      Add link to leave feedback for completed offers.
      Offer page always shows (and sends message to) the other party in the offer, not yourself.
      Added numerous safeguards to detect and prevent against underpaid offers (and to show them on "all other offers" page).
      Fixed description text when posting booths to Facebook.
      Update the user picker used in a couple places to our now-standard jQuery autocompleter.
    • 3/14/10
      User profiles now have better preview text in Google.
      Re-fixed item pictures sometimes not enlarging.
      Search suggestions now use uniform lower-case.
      Fixed rare issue occurences where error messages were be stymied by Switchboard updates.
      Pass at spelling and grammar fixes and clarifications throughout site.
      Show sneak peek of newsletter for users choosing whether to signup for newsletter while registering.
      Fixed Switchboard not going as fast as usual for newly registered users.
      Shaved 5-10% off of item search time.
      Email older than 6 months (if read) or 12 months (regardless) now removed unless put in "Saved" folder.
    • 3/11/10
      Setup super-optimized version of item page for first time visitors for fastest possible page load times.
      Updated picture enlarger to be more similar in dimensions to previous picture enlarger, keeping the better presentation of the new version.
      Optimized CDN for faster asset load times (no cookies sent to CDN anymore).
      Fixed Switchboard showing favorites for the wrong users.
      Shaved off about 10% of time loading My Bonanzle page.
      Setup monitoring of sellers with high percentages of negative feedback to be put on probation and/or removed from site.
      Fixed bug where a big booth that's been newly can potentially slow down site.
      Setup more detailed Paypal tracking for detailed analysis of any potential transactions that aren't marked as sold properly.
    • 3/8/10
      Setup mechanism to increase speed of search by about 10%.
      Fixed forum preferences not being used on People page.
      Re-enabled use of content delivery network for hopeful faster downloading of assets.
    • 3/7/10
      Fixed a few reasons that upcoming games wouldn't show up in games list.
      Updated People page to use more optimized database query, cuts load time in half.
      Set Switchboard to be turned on for users without experimental features enabled. It can still be turned off.
      Enabled full range of smileys for quick texts.
      Added link to mark quick texts as spam.
      Added link to configure Switchboard to user edit options.
      When picture can't be cropped, error message given rather than a mysterious return to new item form with no explanation.
    • 3/4/10
      Fixed Switchboard not updating any sections when one section is hidden.
      Updated Switchboard to allow all messages to be marked as read at once.
      Fixed a couple more reasons QTs might not immediately show up when using Switchboard.
      Better explanation of how to use Roundtable Questions.
    • 3/3/10
      Fixed some anomalies with quick texts being highlighted/not with Switchboard.
      Fixed flagging of Roundtable Questions not working.
      Added tooltip text for new users considering sending a quick text.
      Increased rate of Switchboard updates.
    • 3/2/10
      Removed barely used Category forums. Subbed in Roundtable questions in their place.
      Added hook to Roundtable Questions from search page.
      Added ability to give details about Bonanzle games, and associate forum topics with specific games.
      Various polish on Switchboard.
    • 3/1/10
      Roundtable Question progress: A) only one answer can be posted per user per question B) reputation increments properly C) only users with sufficient reputation can downgrade an answer D) answer shows when its been voted on D) questions and answers can be flagged E) Answers can be revised after submitting F) Question asker can choose the best answer to give more reputation to the best answerer
      Switchboard progress of various sorts. New Quick Texts change header as they did with standard quick texts. Etc.
    • 2/28/10
      Added more efficient photo zooming to item page when thumbnail clicked.
      Turned on Bonanzle Switchboard for users with Experimental Features enabled.
    • 2/23/10
      Sellers now able to see offers where Bonanzle is awaiting a response from Google Checkout or Paypal on whether payment was accepted (under "All Other Offers" in My Bonanzle).
      Fixed links to items from "Create a Bonanza" page.
      Taking another stab at allowing users to destroy imported feedback.
    • 2/21/10
      Added new application server to our collection.
      Upgraded Javascript library for site (purported to speed up Javascript tasks by factor of 2x).
      Fix offers not being marked as sold if items were on reserve.
    • 2/9/10
      Setup new items to be indexed more frequently.
      Updated eBay price comparer to factor in eBay price increases.
      Fixed delete link not working when full page NIF used.
      Changed verbiage on profile upload picture text.
      Fixed potential for site crash if a 5-10k item booth has subcategory page refreshed repeatedly shortly after a booth update.
      Fixed Craigslist item scraper.
      Progress on the Next Big Thing.
    • 1/26/10
      Fixed image popups not going away on full page NIF.
      After editing item on full page NIF, user returned to page from whence they came in booth.
      Fixed some situations where full page NIF wouldn't show all pictures in picture slots.
      Transactions now processed immediately for users that use instant payment from Paypal (which we don't recommend, but still...)
      Work on speeding up indexing of newly added items into search.
    • 1/25/10
      Added much functionality to full page new item form, changed its label from "early beta preview" to simply "beta."
      Fix the "save pictures for new item" checkbox not working.
      Fix pictures being removed from image gallery after crop.
      Fix eBay importer not grabbing pictures in some cases.
      Fixed duplicated items not having pictures copied.
    • 1/20/10
      Much tweaking and polish to full page edit of items.
      Fixed intermittent issues with items on new item form (new and old) becoming unsynced from item itself, and/or pictures getting deleted from new item form during edit.
    • 1/19/10
      Added early beta sneak peek of a full page form for editing items, including all pages of the standard new item (HTML editor, image gallery, item traits) form in one location, no page swaps. Currently accessible if you have experimental features enabled (under user settings) form new item form. Not tested in Internet Explorer yet.
      Fixed new items not having their category recorded for site search.
      Allow up to six pictures per item, rather than four.
      Fixed more inconsistencies by what's shown in the WYSIWYG editor and what is actually shown on the page. Should be pretty much identical now.
      Fixed WYSIWYG editor not remembering to keep paragraphs in Internet Explorer.
      Responding to email now autofocuses the response field.
      Swapped out some old icons for some new icons.
    • 1/13/10
      Fixed calculation of what users and items are "online."
      Fixed display of bullets in full text editor.
      Fixed possibility of user being stuck at pre-checkout "Buy" screen if they didn't pick a valid country when they created their account.
    • 1/11/10
      Upgraded to newest version of site search software, should eventually allow for new items to be added to site search within minutes rather than hours, amongst other things.
      Updgraded to better WYSIWYG item description editor, as recommended by jsgeare.
      Fixed bug if user clicked twice on the link to update their email address.
    • 1/7/10
      Updated to newer, bigger caching server for better performance in long term.
      Added ability to enable sound in booth chat.
      Fixed item search on affiliate site not working.
      Chat messages starting with @ that can not be prased give user error message rather than outputting to chat window.
      Fixed some HPLs not appearing.
      Hopeful fix for user being asked about opening new window when they want to see how their item will look from new item form.
    • 1/5/10
      Emails asking about an item now have direct link to item in the email.
      Fix duplicate items taking the posting time of previous item.
      Fixed booths not showing more than 20 categories when using default categories.
      Updated "Summon seller to chat" text to "alert seller you wish to chat"
      More security enhancements.
    • 1/4/10
      Update contact form to be less messy & inconsistent.
      Fixed unregistered users not being able to send messages to sellers.
      Various measures to prevent XSS attacks.
      Added "created at" date to offers.
      Fixed "save defaults for next item" on new item form.
      Probable fix for some users not being able to be found via user search.
      Returned to standard site header.
    • 1/3/10
      Added means to test browser caching for users with persistent booth display issues.
      Reformatted white spacing in booth slightly for better alignment when chat window closed. Also revised booth panel pictures so that newly uploaded pictures will be 80 pixels high instead of 70 pixels. Still 150 pixels wide.
      Clarified process regarding users who repeatedly violate forum policies. Forums now operate on a "five strikes you're out rule," with each forum violation being emailed to poster with an explanation. ("You're out" = "you can't post to the forums for awhile". Count resets every 3 months)
      Users can now use same formatting tricks from forums (i.e., *bold* or _itallic_) when writing their booth policies.
      Non-logged in users no longer shown chat options that don't apply to them.
      Fixed formatting of tabs on user feedback page.
    • 12/31/9
      Workaround for cookie issues until cookies get cleared naturally. Should fix hint areas in booth staying open.
      Added new default avatars.
      Fixed booth presentation during Bonanzas.
      Fixed rounded edges not being able to be turned off after turning them on for custom banners.
      Added option of manually setting no freebie policy in advanced booth options.
      Fixed booth chat popout.
    • 12/30/9
      Fixed newly uploaded profile pictures being blurry.
      Users who haven't chosen an avatar are now given one of five default avatars until they upload a real one.
      Re-added product counts to booth.
      Fixed booth banners getting cropped to 725x109 pixels, but only showing 96 pixels high. Split the difference, now they'll be cropped to (and shown at) 725x105 pixels.
      Added ability for sellers with custom banners to get the slick rounded edges effect by clicking "Make edges rounded" from the banner upload page.
      Added ability for sellers to force chat window to always start closed (under Sell -> Advanced Settings).
      Fixed weirdnesses in "Who's Here" list when mousing over a user when lots of users are together in a booth.
      When clicking on seller policies, page now jumps to the policy the buyer clicked on, highlights the policy, and gives a nearby link back to the booth.
      Allow users to change default number of items shown per page via Account Settings -> Other Options.
      Fixed links in upper left corner of booth details page being unclickable.
      Fixed "Clear filter" link being missing after doing a search from the booth setup page.
      Fixed ellipses (...) sometimes showing up in top paginator on booth page.
      Added item IDs to packing slips.
      Fixed link to "Knowledge Base" being broken.
    • 12/29/9
      Overhaul booth show page to clean up circa 2007 design, with changes including:
      • Added ability to paste items into chat window.
      • Added ability to perform user actions in chat window.
      • Added help index to chat window
      • Added ability to message users directly without clicking on them
      • Added ability to summon sellers into chat window
      • Added a bunch of new emoticons to chat window.
      • Full list of categories can now be seen in booth (no more scrolling categories)
      • Search is now visible in booth without clicking a link (assuming seller has more than a few items)
      • Chat is now automatically hidden when user starts filtering items (research has shown these users are generally more interested in shopping than chatting)
      • Increased room available for booth banner (new size is 725 pixels wide)
      • Added direct links to buyer's two most popular policy questions (return policy and shipping policy)
      Unregistered users have emails delivered with full body so they don't have to figure out how to login until they're ready to reply.
      Fixed a couple rare cases where new users might not get their Google Product feed registered.
      Reduced size of initial download when visiting site to grab all stylesheets.
    • 12/22/9
      Removed ubiquitous Facebook connect in favor of targeted links from booth and item pages. FB's servers are too fluky to count on, and their downtime becomes our slowdowns... lame.
      Replaced Facebook posts on People page with posts made from Category forums. (TODO: find some way to make a link to see all posts in item category forums).
      Fixed potential errors on auto-discounted items for unregistered buyers using Paypal.
      Suspended buyers prevented from accepting payments in any way.
    • 12/20/9
      Updated "Contact Us" page to submit questions to support via ticketing system, so we can ensure support has the info they need to be able to respond to problem, and so that we can measure the effectiveness of our support response.
      Added "Knowledge Base" to help system, so support team can add answers to advanced questions that aren't officially in the help documentation (TODO: Ensure that the knowledge base gets indexed by our Google-based help search tool).
      Update formatting of booth swatches in booth list and People page.
      Update formatting of HPL swatches on HPL page.
      Added ability to specify specific height/width/length for hardcore calculated shippers.
      Automated database cleanup of old/unused email, offers and items (not that you'd be able to notice, remember this list is for me :)).
      Updated booth cancellation feedback form to gather relevant information instead of irrelevant information.
      Fixed calculated shipping given to intl buyers from item page being potentially wrong.
      Fixed affiliate commissions being shown on item page to buyers who aren't affiliates.
      Fixed intl calculated shipping not getting updated if weight/dimensions of package are updated via new item form.
    • 12/14/9
      Update formatting of HPL page to include snippet pictures like gift guides, and link to creating HPLs.
    • 12/13/9
      Setup CDN to allow users from around the world to download Bonanzle assets at a fraction of the speed.
      Added more help for new sellers with ready to sell items in the booth activation process.
      Added "Select all" option to Bmail for users with 5 or more bmails in their box.
    • 12/10/9
      Added direct link from new item form to view item as buyer would (top rated Next up)
      Rounded corners on buttons in Firefox and Chrome.
      Fixed possibility of item quantity being modified after a sale is complete.
      Updated homepage to link to inventory file import, rather than seldom-used Craigslist import.
    • 12/4/9
      Inventory file importer can now import traits (see help docs attached to page).
      Buyer's "offer shipped" email now includes direct link to track shipped items, using seller-provided info.
      "My Bonanzle" page now displays prominent links to newly bought and newly sold items.
      "Complete Category List" help page now shows item traits as well.
    • 12/2/9
      Improved fraud detection algorithm.
      Potentially fraudulent booths now reviewed by support before being posted to site.
    • 12/1/9
      Clicking links in listings to external sites now warn about dangers of leaving Bonanzle for newly created items.
      Form submissions no longer allowed in item listing body for newly created items (risks outweigh rewards from potential fraud standpoint).
      Setup fraud detection system using point-based scheme to proactively notify when fraudulent sellers may be lurking.
      Credit card verification now required for all new sellers accepting MO.
      Fixed some errors in Bonapitit.
      Updated item HTML parsing mechanism (this one seems to allow more types of valid elements, like background coloring).
      Changed "bonzbuyer_12345" to "bonzbuyer12345"
    • 11/30/9
      Provide sellers a link to edit invoices on orders even if they have setup their user settings not to review all orders.
      Fixed published coupons not being limited to two monthly.
      Buyer redirected to cart after payment if they have more items awaiting checkout (i.e., from other sellers)
      Wishlist and saved items removed from lists if the items are no longer for sale.
      Switching pages on booths automatically snaps upward so user doesn't have to scroll alternately up and down (too weird).
    • 11/28/9
      Fixed offer page sometimes switching to use wrong coupon discount rate some time after an offer has sold.
      Added link to past newsletters from My Bonanzle page.
      Updated formatting of coupon list to include pictures of items in booths.
      Added another set of links to previous and next HPLs from HPL show page.
    • 11/26/9
      Added category filter to booth coupon list.
      Added ability for plus sellers to specify a secondardy sorting criteria when using custom sort.
      Update site to remember if visitor prefers list view or grid view.
      Updated information presented when "list" view is used for site search.
      Items imported from other marketplaces with a higher price are indicated as marked down on item page.
      Added explanation on item page of where an items' markdown stems from (seller or automatic deduction)
      Fixed Facebook link disappearing.
      Added item clickthrough count to info presented with HPL.
    • 11/23/9
      Fixed incompatibility between Google Products and calculated shipping items.
      Fix item alerts not firing.
      Setup image backups.
      Fix smattering of other rare errors (commenting on HPL, viewing Bonapitit clients, custom sorting booth items, adding new traits with Google attribute conversions)
    • 11/22/9
      Added Holiday deals to home page.
      Added ability to publish booth coupons.
      If buyers fails while logging in during making offer, they're redirected to same page, rather than std login page.
      Fixed automatic failover system not working if the remote search server itself is down.
    • 11/18/9
      Added Gift Guide mislabled category tagging.
      Fixed ebay importer getting stuck when importing unavailable images.
      Added automatic conversion of "condition" trait to Google Product attribute for about 400 traits where it wasn't happening yet.
    • 11/16/9
      Added gift guides for holidays.
      Added markdown manager for premiere members.
      Behind-the-scenes cruft removal.
    • 11/9/9
      Added FedEx shipping calculator.
      Updated formatting of "ask seller a question" form.
    • 11/8/9
      Updated service used to get calculated shipping estimates to newer/more popular provider (will also allow for grabbing shipping status in future).
      Added ability to use calculated shipping on international transactions (setup exclusively via batch editor, for now).
      Added intermediate page to help buyer find checkout page (or similar item discounts) after adding item to cart.
      Added emails to buyers that haven't been heard from in months.
      Added "See all users" button to People page.
      Added ability for buyers to leave note to seller about their transaction (via "checkout complete" screen).
      Upped size and boldness of "make offer" button on checkout page.
      Fix Bonapitit user feedback being incorrectly returned and a couple other Bonapitit bugs.
    • 11/3/9
      Setup live failover mechanism so site doesn't crash if secondary database or search should happen to crash.
    • 11/2/9
      Fixed cart not updating shipping price when quantity of item changes.
      Fixed search using "Afghanistan" as default country when it doesn't understand the country the user had registered with.
      Fixed booths not updating item addresses in Google Product search when the booth URL changes (i.e., because user has to change user name)
      Further measures to reduce errors in kropper under high load.
      Fixed exceptions given by new item form and Bonapitit when returning JSON results with Unicode
      Added means to put booths on/take them off vacation
      Fixed booth stats for "yesterday" actually being for last two days.
      Fixed items not being able to be added to cart in Firefox if item was missing a picture.
      Disabled importing contacts via user importer until it can be fixed.
    • 10/29/9
      Emails sent to no-reply address now automatically responded to, minimizing confusion.
      Setup mechanism for automatically handling and notifying sellers of feeds deactivated by Google.
      Fixed errors given by Amazon when high volumes of files being uploaded simultaneously.
      Fixed user search not finding users when a substring of full user name is given.
    • 10/27/9
      Fixed possibility of booth being posted without a valid payment option.
      Fixed cart not knowing how to handle offers where multiple items have multiple quantities available.
      Fixed memory leak, slowness, and occasional crash when sellers with 1000+ items editing booth.
      Fixed various user submitted typos in help text, categories, and item traits.
      Added more detailed error tracking for problems in verifying credit cards.
    • 10/25/9
      Added Bonapitit calls to add item, edit item, get categories, get traits, get unlisted item, get multiple items at once, associate account with a user, and more.
      Fixed occasional errors when users try to activate account.
      Fixed users not being reminded if they owe fees.
      Fixed a reason that traits suggested to be copied couldn't be approved.
    • 10/21/9
      Sped up rendering of header by half, other optimizations to item show page to reduce time about 20%.
      Moved item search to dedicated server.
      Updated feedback count on item page to be consistent with other marketplace sites (=positive fb - negative fb)
    • 10/19/9
      Released early beta version of API and Api Docs
      Switched over item show and item search to use new secondary database.
      Users who enter as trial users now named "bonzuser_" rather than "unknown_user_"
    • 10/14/9
      Site updates to be compatible with a secondary database (secondary database launch still in progress).
      Implemented API for booth lookup, feedback lookup, user details, sending buyers to cart, and partially done with adding items.
      Started documentation of API.
      Fixed booth panels picture links not working with underscores and numbers.
      Suppressing a GB feed proactively removes items from Google Products, in addition to not sending items in the future.
      Better tracking for when credit cards go missing for memberships.
    • 10/11/9
      API now working for search and item fetching.
      Fixed prices being potentially inaccurate during and after Bonanzas for future cases (for past cases, if you update the item you should be golden).
      Fixed a few cases where item trait suggestor wasn't working.
      All items now show quantity.
    • 10/5/9
      Updated user search to use indexing, should take it from averaging 1+ seconds to less than half second.
      Added link to home page for finding a user.
      Added ability to link a booth panel image to another Bonanzle page.
      Premiere items in search sidebar now pop out when moused over.
      Visiting an item or booth redirects to standard page.
      Duplicating item no longer duplicates creation time and quantity.
      Changed various typos and grammar issues pointed out by users.
    • 10/4/9
      Fixed last 10% of booths not being submitted to Google Product search -- all booths now being submitted.
      Added ability for seller to see the Google Products feed we're generating on their behalf (My Bonanzle -> Make more sales -> Optimize for Google).
      Removed all references to Google Base (no longer used for products), changed them to "Google Products" or "Google Merchant Center," depending on context.
      Cache item details when showing items, speeds up item page render time by around 25%.
      Added fancier checkout buttons on item page.
      Added to help section Mark's new videos for setting up/suggesting traits.
      Created A/B test to evaluate whether showing item quantity leads to more conversions.
      Removed user Facebook profile picture from header to cut down on slower load times and picture popping in Chrome.
      Reworked sitemap generation to give Google crawler higher indexing priority for items published by sellers who have logged in recently and who have setup traits for their items, amongst other things.
      Setup more tracking to get better information for those who have had trouble setting up autobilling or updating their credit card.
      Setup better tracking of sellers that don't pay bills.
      Upon picking a selection in the item search auto-suggest box, that search will take place automatically (as opposed to requiring user to click "submit" button afterwards).
    • 9/28/9
      Finished version 1.0 of Facebook Connect functionality.
      Added recent Facebook & Twitter comments to People page.
      Updated site not to time out (rather than crash) when calculated shipping prices aren't available.
      Changed "anon_buyer" to "bonzbuyer".
    • 9/23/9
      Fixed uploads in IE8.
      Bonanza link from home page now goes to item search of Bonanzas.
      More work on Google Base subaccounts.
      Added option to enable experimental features from My Account -> Other Options. Enabling this shows reveals version of Facebook Connect commenting.
    • 9/22/9
      Enlarged Bonanzle logo.
      Darkened some text on item page.
      Fixed affiliate commisions showing up to non-affiliate users in search under certain circumstances.
      Added ability to give explanation when traits aren't approved.
      More work on Google Base subaccounts & Facebook integration.
    • 9/20/9
      Got rid of brown background on item page for better contrast and less color discord.
      Pictures on item show page now automatically enlarge if there's room for them to do so.
      Booth titles now have some SEO juice to them.
      Numerous internal improvements to Google Base item auto-exporter.
      Added Mark's video on how to mark items as "new" for Google Products.
      Removed references to setting up Google Base.
      Booth url is updated when user updates after changing user name.
      Fixed error when user wants to relist "payment declined" offer.
      Added super chicken to scams page.
    • 9/17/9
      Fixed booth panels in Internet Explorer.
      Google Base feeds not automatically upload to Google.
      Added option to disable automatic feed uploading to Google (Sell -> Advanced Options)
      Setup boothname.xml to show booth RSS feed since Google Feed files no longer needed.
    • 9/14/9
      Caching booth and item search items, should speed up both by 20% ish.
      Google Base feed generator more permissive about what words it allows in.
      Finished implementing API for Google Base, now working with Google to finalize transition.
      Fixed credit cards not notifying credit card holder when automated transactions fail.
      Link to traits now provided after every booth update, traits now ordered by newness by default.
      Improved database backup system.
      Improved fallback system if caching system fails.
    • 9/9
      Added booth panels.
      Set all stylesheets and javascripts to be compressed, reduces download size of pages by 50%+.
      All stylesheets and javascripts (SSL and non) now served from Amazon for better stability.
      Fixed new buyers being taken to shipping information page unnecessarily.
    • 9/8
      Moved all image uploads to use Amazon for infinite scalability.
      Fixed shipping cost discount not taking into account invoice discounts.
      Fixed booth not being creatable when two users sign up with a name that varies only by type of symbol.
      Progress toward getting Google API working.
    • 9/1
      Slight search optimizations.
      Fixed bug wherein ridiculously large item quantities could cause cart and/or site to crash.
      User not nagged for fees if they have autobilling setup.
    • 8/30
      Added options to search to 1) exclude a seller from results 2) see more of similar items or 3) add an item directly to cart.
      Added ability to respond to negative feedback.
      Fixed inventory file importer not setting items as "ready for sale" when they were in fact ready for sale.
      Overhauled code to save and update credit cards to work more reliably and consistently. Also now send users warnings when their credit card fails to get charged, so card can be updated before it is removed (which would take down syndicated items).
    • 8/26
      Users can now update credit cards via Account Info -> Seller Settings page.
      Visual overhaul of user edit area.
      Fixed shipping profiles not saving international information.
      Fixed a bunch of characters that couldn't be put into Google Search Attributes (-, +, <, >, etc.)
      "product_type" can now be given as a search attribute.
      Updated help explanation on inventory attributes.
      Probable fix for Californians not having Google Checkout assess tax correctly.
      Renamed "combined item discounts" to "combined pricing discounts" or just "item discounts", since they don't necessary require multiple items.
      Fixed Australians (and others with 4 digit zip codes) not being able to buy without registering.
      Affiliate reports now reveal how many click-throughs an affiliate's widgets have generated.
    • 8/25
      Fixed email change not working.
      Buyers now given more details after their transaction is complete.
      Added Mark's growing collection of videos to help section.
      Fixed sort order and items per page being discarded when changed on edit booth page.
      Added fall assets to Asset page.
      Improvements to eBay importer.
    • 8/12
      Fixed batch editor double-applying operations.
      Double database server memory, doubled memory of backup application server, doubled bandwidth available.
      Fixed user pictures and home page images not being moved to Amazon image servers like item images.
      Fixed image cropper not working after server update.
      Fixed forums sometimes loading really slowly (and fixed topics getting deleted for a few hours).
      Fixed remote chat (i.e., chat via IM) sometimes getting stuck in non-working state for long periods of time.
      Got newsletter ready for launch.
    • 8/9
      Buyer can now specify whether shipping is included in the offer amount they propose or not. If it isn't, then seller can add shipping while accepting offer.
      Various performance optimizations to booth show and search.
      Various performance optimizations to forums.
      Bonanzle messages show their subject in the email sent to receiver.
      Correct coupon discount given when a seller has created multiple coupons with the same coupon code.
      Item condition traits involving the word "mint" now register as "new".
      Fixed a reason that sales wouldn't be marked as complete in rare circumstances.
    • 8/4
      More updates to eBay importer to better handle items with free shipping and items with markdown prices.
      User feedback page now paginated at 50 feedbacks/page.
      Added help page: Bonanza scams: How often do they happen? Can we blame the outer space aliens for them?
      Sellers are only notified about inclusion in a hand picked list if their item is visible in the list.
      Prevented some possible ways that items could be double-sold.
    • 8/3
      Searches by an affiliate on main site now show referral commissions as part of search results when filtering commission.
      Searches by an affiliate on main site ordered by amount of referral commission when filtering commission.
      Searches on affiliates site show amount of referral commission.
      Wrote script to start removing unused images to save disk space.
    • 8/2
      Updated Bonanza items on Buy page to pop bigger version of item a la widgets.
      Updated Bonanza search items to reveal when their Bonanza is and what their discount is in Bonanza.
      Added ability for affiliates to link to a Bonanzle search.
      Setup tracking of clickthroughs for affiliates, in addition to tracking sales made (haven't created interface for viewing clickthroughs yet though).
      Fixed affiliates link to products pointing at Bonanzle affiliate site.
      Fixed user being taken to home page under some circumstances when credit card couldn't be successfully processed.
      Fixed user invites attaching Google Base help doc (d'oh!)
      Fixed items not being marked as sold when a seller with a full 10k item booth sells item.
      Upgraded operating system & server software used on site.
    • 7/28
      Renamed all instances of "affiliate commission" and "referral fee" to "referral commission." Added ability to set a booth-wide default for referral commission (see Edit Booth -> Advanced Booth Settings).
      New sellers without an existing eBay reputation required to verify identity.
      Booth setup process now guides sellers toward setting up item traits, google product search, and syndictaion.
      After new user imports eBay items, they've given a direct link to register account (instead of being forced to wait around while their items import).
      Submitting small tasks to batch editor sped up (especially for big booths)
      Added visual indication of steps required to setup booth for new sellers.
      Affiliate widgets now contain affiliate tracking code.
      Added referral commissions to main site search and to item show pages for registered Bonanzle affiliates.
      Updated formatting of Google Base feeds for shipping service and price.
      Fixed commission of ".75" being interpreted as "$75.00".
    • 7/21
      Added ability for sellers to syndicate items.
      Added beta version of
      Batch editor shows "real" value of condition search attribute, rather than approximation, so that condition attributes can be more consistently deleted.
      Users that registered as buyers given option to change their user name, password, and other fields upon their first login.
      Added topic for sellers who wish they made more sales, complete with information about the topic poster's booth.
      When changing item traits, if a Google Attribute can be found that's associated with the trait being changed, the attribute is removed (so for example, if you have a Google attribute "[[condition:used]]" and you change your condition trait to "new," the Google Attribute will now be "[[condition:new]]". Prior to this change, your Google Attributes after changing a trait would be "[[condition:used]] [[condition:new]]").
      Updated monitoring software to not periodically crash site, or so they promise.
      Updated eBay importer to be compatible with new eBay product pages.
      User must now re-confirm email address if they try to change it.
      When receiving transaction from an unregistered buyer, will now transfer the order to a previously registered buyer if we can find an account that matches the email address provided by GC or PP.
    • 7/8.
      Added search widget.
      Fixed some items giving errors when going to pay at checkout.
    • 7/7.
      User comments can now be attached to widget items.
      Widget items now pop up more details when moused over.
      Added quick interface for adding/removing items from widgets.
      Widgets can now have more than one page of items, user can specify how many items they want per page aka how tall widget will be.
      Work on SEO of item and forum pages.
      Added ability to paste widgets without Javascript (for Facebook, Livejournal, etc).
      Added backup link location if a visitor without Javascript goes to a page with a Bonanzle widget.
      Widgets now automatically calculate their exact height rather than guesstimating.
      General spiffing up of widget building interface.
      Refactored widget to be generic enough to allow for multiple different types of widgets to be created (stay tuned!)
    • 7/1.
      Setup memberships to be payable without Paypal.
    • 6/28.
      Fixed guest users not being able to use the unregistered user email sending mechanism.
      Added table of domestic/intl shipping rates to item page for Scrapbookingandy and other registered out of country buyers.
      Fixed traits getting modified when edited by admins.
      Setup automatic translation for Google Base attributes like condition and year that need to have a certain value format (i.e., "1999" rather than "January 1999").
      Modifications to sitemap generation for better organic Google results.
    • 6/25.
      Fixed potential multi-minute waits when filtering a booth by subcategory.
      Fixed batch editor category filter not working in IE.
      Fixed "copy trait" giving errors.
      Fixed shipping prices not updating after items are removed or quantities changed in cart.
      Updated items for better Yahoo presentation.
      Freebies no longer included in Google Base feeds.
      Fixed payments not being selectable in booth.
    • 6/22.
      Rebuilt cart from scratch to remove "change" links, improve clarity and generally foster awesomeness.
      Sellers can now create and send invoices to buyers when buyer attempts to make a full price purchase that isn't completed via "Buy now."
      Removed "cash" and "pickup" as cart options, since only about 1% of transactions were using them (far less than 1% for cash, actually) and they were making cart a lot more complicated.
      Updated formatting of packing slip to incorporate same information as invoices.
      More informative error messages when unregistered users are unable to send emails.
      Google Base exporter no longer gets stuck for hours when a user has incorrectly setup their account and they try to use API export.
    • 6/16.
      Added ability for an "official response" from Bonanzle to be demarcated within a given forum topic.
      Added ability for moderator to specify reason that a venomous topic is taken down.
      User now has to hover (rather than just passing mouse over) Bonanza item for it to pop up date/discount info.
      Smartened up checkout a bit more about what to do if it can't figure out a buyer's location.
    • 6/15.
      Bonanza items on Buy page can now be customized per a buyer's favorite categories.
      Buyer no longer has to pre-register to ask question to seller.
      When filtering out Bonanza items in main search, "relevance" considers how soon the Bonanza will be starting.
      System makes better effort to get buyers country before they enter checkout / make offer.
      Inventory page displays quantity of item available.
      Browsing through categories in search now shows all subcategories, rather than top 25.
      All Google Base items now give "Used" or "New" status.
      Fixed one reason that users would sometimes be notified they had received an email when they hadn't.
      "Offer summary" renamed "Cart summary"
    • 6/8.
      Added customizability to widgets.
      Generally tightened up instructions around and process of creating new widgets.
    • 6/7.
      Created popout window for chat, linked it from item show page and main chat window.
      Give seller option to proceed directly to traits page after setting up booth.
      Fixed some CSV files giving error that title column was missing when it wasn't.
      Fixed coupons giving incorrect amount during checkout when same coupon code used repeatedly.
      Fixed offers expiring when they had been marked as paid.
      Progress toward making chat transports stay online more reliably, particularly AIM (Jordan).
    • 6/4.
      Batch edit doesn't reset page after performing an operation.
      Purchases made via echecks email seller to give them a rundown of their options.
      Fixed information not being saved for newly-registered buyers.
      Traits edit list gives a pagination bar at top of page.
      Traits edit list lets seller sort items from on the page.
      Seller account info gives more details about setting up remote chatting.
    • 6/2.
      Booths now show subcategories when main cat checked (Next Up request frontrunner complete).
      Added help page to explain how batch editor shipping options work to clear up rampant misconceptions that only one international shipping rate can be set.
      Added ability to specify that an item ships internationally, with the price specified in item description.
      Added ability to set multiple of the same Google attributes (i.e., two colors).
      Fixed checkout button not turning green when item added via item show page.
      Fixed sent messages not showing up in Bmail.
    • 6/1.
      Setup search to let buyers choose whether they want to weight results toward online sellers or not.
      Setup booth browse to use indexed search. Should fix the sometimes 30+ second load times for the page.
      System changes to double amount of memory available to database and caching systems.
      Updated style of booth presented on booth browse and People page.
    • 5/31.
      Removed superfluous "for sale" dots from gallery view in booth and search. Replaced the green dots with icons to indicate whether seller is available for chat, and whether item offers free shipping.
      Reformatted item show page to specifically indicate whether seller is available to chat.
      Fixed users with "." in their name not being able to view wish list.
      Setup ability for a user to hide their profile, and setup auto-registered buyers to be hidden by default.
      Setup site to be resistant to possible crashes of server cache.
      Setup CSV item importer to work with images that have spaces in them.
      Setup CSV item importer to know that shipping price of "0" means free shipping.
      Added database indexes to speed up viewing of email, wish list, bill, and some other stuff.
      Google base feeds made smarter WRT to "new" or "used" status of item.
    • 5/25.
      Added item description suggestions to help imported items become more Bonanzle-specific.
      Added ability to set a deadline for offers being checked out (after which items are returned to booth).
      Fixed larger booths not being updated sometimes.
      Fixed "You sold items" message being sent to buyers when a counteroffer was accepted.
      Updated offer notification emails to provide links to see the offer list, not just vague email about visiting "My Bonanzle" page.
      Submitted application for TrustE.
    • 5/20.
      "Checkout complete" screen reformatted to be less cluttered, added item suggestions to page.
      More subcategories returned in item search page results.
      Item search page suggests users broaden search if few results returned when "only title" filter is on.
      Subcategories in item search results are now alphabetized.
      Simplified presentation of item search page.
      Removed exclamation points from most Otto email titles to decrease spam score!
    • 5/17.
      Fixed occasional errors creating seller accounts.
      Fixed one reason that newly registered buyers wouldn't have shipping address correctly shown on packing slip.
      Fixed Google attributes not working if they contain a period.
      Fixed exceptional items page taking minutes to load every once in awhile.
      Fixed CSV uploads randomly failing about 1/3rd of the time.
      Added ability to specify country to Account Info page.
      Progress toward suggesting similar items after checkout.
    • 5/14.
      Sped up viewing of booth stats by a lot (though Thursday's stats won't be available until Saturday, stats will compute as usual starting Saturday)
      Added custom booth categories to new item form.
      When editing item on new item form, category browse now shows the correct hierarchy of categories that had been selected.
      Fixed error given when changing to blank category on item edit form.
      Another secret update... who can guess what it is first?
    • 5/13.
      Fixed occasional errors when updating hand picked lists, checking out from a seller who incorrectly setup combined shipping discounts, saving credit card for auto billing.
      User has to have active account to send quick text.
      Added more hooks to let sellers know about trait suggestions.
      CSV importer no longer imports items with duplicate titles.
    • 5/12.
      Added ability to specify shipping country on item search page. For logged in international users, search defaults to show only items that ship to their country.
      Item show page now shows international shipping price if user is logged in, or if we can determine their country from their IP address.
      Updated profile page to allow users to specify which kind of items they like to buy/collect, and hide outside contact info by default to make the page a bit less cluttered-feeling.
      Updated outside links on profile page to be plain text so Google hates on us for our count of outgoing links a bit less.
      When a trait suggestion is approved, the submitting user is notified via email.
      Users submitting item trait suggestions now given a cheeseburger.
      When searching for "recently listed" items, search now considers the time the item was put online, not the time the item was created.
      Google feeds cause less slowdown on background tasks server.
      Search only searches titles by default for improved relevance.
    • 5/11.
      Optimized load times for My Bonanzle page.
      Optimized load times for fee comparison tool.
      Optimized load times for updating large booths.
      Optimized load times for forum topic pages.
      Fixed some problems with trait suggestions.
    • 5/10.
      Optimized load time for browsing through categories by a factor of 10x-ish (Jordan).
      Optimized load time for item show page by about 10-20% (Jordan).
      Optimized load times for booth show page, particularly for big booths.
      Added item traits to item show page.
      Added ability to remove pictures from booth gallery (#2 requested feature on Next Up List, woot)
      Fixed FVFs not considering shipping discounts.
      Fixed some errors given when trying to suggest traits.
    • 5/6.
      Added item trait suggestions and the whole mess of supporting functionality (admin console, help pages, etc.).
    • 5/4.
      Users can now configure which forums they want to see updates for.
      Fixed recent messages list being misformatted in Safari and Chrome.
      Setup all background tasks to automatically restart if they go down for whatever reason.
      Added a couple new features to Next Up list, some progress toward being able to remove booth gallery images.
    • 5/3.
      Item traits now give counts of how many items match each trait.
      Yahoo Messenger back online, improvements made so all instant messaging clients can better detect if users are online (Jordan).
      Fixed bug where credit card bill payments round down.
      More than one item trait filter can now be applied at concurrently.
      Item trait filters can now carry from parent categories to child categories (i.e., applying a "New" filter on a base category will be remembered when child categories are chosen.)
      Item trait checkboxes now output correctly in batch editor.
      Item traits only shown in search if there are items matching those traits.
      Fixed bugs if buyer goes to GC or PP then returns to Bonanzle, then goes back to GC or PP.
    • 4/30.
      Rewrote entire underlying data storage/structure for traits to be compatible with search and user-given trait suggestions (coming soon). Wrote translator from old trait structure to new trait structure.
      Setup search mechanism to understand traits.
      Fixed most trait checkboxes not showing up.
      Re-skinned search to be work with trait searching, be smarter when no search results are found, give better titles, and to generally make it a little less light brown.
      Updated cart so that new buyers don't have to provide any information on Bonanzle before heading off to Paypal or GC to complete their order (only setup currently for offers with fixed/free shipping, since calculated shipping requires us to know about their exact location in advance).
      Google checkout now gives line-by-line summary of items, discounts, shipping, etc. rather than lumping it all into one line. (Jordan)
      Updated new item form so user can scroll up and down page when new item form is up, even if they aren't in IE.
      Setup rudimentary calculation of suggested items (for seller newsletter). Todo: add to site somewhere.
      Added patriotic Bonanzle assets from Kaycee Studios.
      Removed misleading "new" or "used" condition from item show page until full traits are shown on item page (prob next week).
      Added pagination to wishlist (can see more than 20 items).
      Fixed feedback reminders not being sent for the last couple weeks.
    • 4/23.
      Fixed search engine not working with price ranges.
      Item importer now imports some item traits.
      Exported some experimental AdWords to Google based on popular site searches.
    • 4/21.
      Access to Drama forum now optional and controlled on an opt-in basis for new users (via user settings page). Existing users are opted in.
      Minor fixes to traits.
    • 4/20.
      Added detailed item traits to batch editor, new item form.
      Added item trait profiles.
      Added first-pass mapping from item traits to Google attributes.
      Added help pages for trait/trait profiles.
      Removed non-item/non-booth pages from future indexing by search engines.
      Batch editor can now filter items by category.
      Google attributes no longer shown in item description on new item form (though they can still be added through description, was causing confusion to show existing attributes)
      Fixed error given after an item is reported as a violation.
      Batch editor no longer forgets page being viewed when filter is removed.
      Fixed some typos.
      Updated plugin for remote chatting in search of generally less anomalous behaviors (Jordan).
      Updated remote chatting not to go offline for 10 minutes/hour (Jordan).
    • 4/13.
      Fixed custom item display in booth order being broken sometimes (for all future attempts, if you're having the problem currently email support and we'll fix it for ya).
      Added link to "Tell a Friend" about a Bonanzle item.
      Added display of shipping discounts to packing slip (was this what you meant, Phaedra?)
      Fixed site being down for a couple minutes around 2:30 AM PST
      Hopeful fix for users search index not being updated.
      Fixed offers chargable amount being able to go lower than 0 (which had a charge of 0.50. ha)
      Fixed cash offers being charged.
      Bonanzle widget no longer has white around the corners.
      Upper right corner of orange booth graphic outline no longer blackish.
      Taught search engine the difference between "crochet" and "crocheted"
    • 4/12.
      Created and added links to the Booth Optimization Project page.
      Added option to view feedback left by a user.
      Reworked presentation of item show page to be simpler and more buyer appealing.
      Reworked presentation of My Bonanzle page to be more organized for sellers.
      Setup sitemaps used by Google to be smarter about which pages to index when
      Added Welcome Message to item show page (and option for subscribers to disable it if they please)
      Added option for premium subscribers to view where buyers who purchase items are coming from.
      Fixed possibility of gaming the Promo limits by deleting Promo topics after they get old.
      Added ability for Tom to reserve multiple items at once and see user flagged items.
      Clarified prohibited items page.
      Fixed assorted typos and outdated text.
    • 4/7.
      Cut down time to rebuild search indexes from a couple hours to about half an hour, in preparation for factoring in item owner's online status at a nearby future date.
      Updated item search so it knows the difference between "cloth" and "clothing," "paint" and "painting," and other words where either the word or root of the word may be searchable.
      Updated formatting of recent messages page to be a little less ugly. Also added option to "search again" after first message search finishes.
      Another pass at clarifying and beautifying new user registration emails.
      Unregistered users can't leave comments.
      Moderators can delete comments from blogs and HPLs.
      Setup booth to potentially be able to use same search mechanism as main site, but waiting until there is a good reason to do so before activating it (i.e., booth search gets too slow).
    • 4/6.
      Added link to external promotion for sellers that have exhausted Promo forum messages.
      Removed Category Showcases for categories that had few items/no HPLs/few-no forum messages
      Added item created at time to inventory printout.
      Fixed a copule loose ends from yesterday's changes.
    • 4/5.
      Added email notifications when seller's items are added to an HPL.
      Added notifications when an unseen comment has been left on an HPL.
      Optimized database queries for all offer pages, My Bonanzle page, and to a lesser extent, booth/item pages.
      Added inventory printout page for plus subscribers.
      Added more detailed survey questions to gauge new buyer satisfaction with Bonanzle.
      Setup Tom with ability to moderate forums and write blogs.
      Updated Google attribute setting so it isn't actually saved in description (just appears to be). This will ultimately lead to faster load times on item show page. Immediate benefits are that setting Google attributes on an item 1) doesn't clobber old Google attributes and 2) doesn't clobber old text that might have been appended to item via batch editor.
      Other means to speed up item show page so more pages get into search indexes.
      HPLs now expire a week after they're published (i.e., after 15 items are put into them), rather than a week after they're created.
      Added help page to better explain how HPLs work.
    • 4/2.
      Added pledge to user to home page.
      Updated promo rules so user can post 5 messages every 3 days instead of 2 every 1 -- better for auction/Bonanza promotion.
      Fixed price not being settable in batch editor.
      Made edit box bigger in profile description edit.
      Fixed formatting of category showcase page in IE.
    • 4/1.
      Wished Bizzy farewell.
      Added quick jump to categories from home page.
      Added more paths through which new buyers can activate their account.
      Throttled quick text welcomes for new users.
      Progress toward further search improvements.
    • 3/31.
      Added Bizzy.
      Fixed promo posts not being editable after two have been posted.
    • 3/30.
      Trappings of Bonanzle Optimization Project, incl. separated blogs.
    • 3/29.
      If seller doesn't have chat window focused, title of window will now change when chat message is received (like quick texts).
      Optimized item searches for Google, submitted most popular Bonanzle searches to all search engines.
      Added ability for buyers to submit a mini-poll about their initial opinions of Bonanzle in welcome emails.
      Setup daily maximum of two messages per user per day on promotion forum.
      Fixed a variety of uncommon errors: cropping images, viewing registration page,
    • 3/25.
      Split up "Account Settings" (was "Account Info") page into different sections. Added a bunch more choices for emailing preferences.
      Added means to get emailed when buyers are chatting in one's booth.
      Revamped database indexes for all around better speediness.
      Set variable weights for user ability to find and mark prohibited items.
      Reclassified topics now moved to the correct (promo or non-promo) list of recent topics.
      Added option to unsubscribe to more types of emails in the body of the email.
      Packing slip line item totals now factor in quantity * price rather than just price of individual item.
    • 3/23.
      Added new "medium" size for item widget pictures.
      Added option for buyers to indicate they want to receive promotional emails during checkout when buying from premiere subscribers.
      Added a bunch more tools for Tom to assist sellers in optimizing their booths.
      Setup maximum daily number of failed logins to curtail hacker activity.
      Added a bunch more help links on the membership page for subscribers.
      More refinement of "Welcome to Bonanzle" emails to clarify our mission and what makes us different.
    • 3/22.
      Fixed related search suggestions mentioning a bunch of identical terms.
      Title now weighted more heavily than description and category in search.
      Revised "welcome" and feedback reminder emails to talk about what makes Bonanzle different and give item suggestions.
      "Item saved search" emails are now actually being sent.
      Integrated option to import eBay feedback with eBay item importer.
      Progress toward MSN IM client not going offline every couple days.
      Fixed old hand picked lists not expiring. Those older than a month are now automatically removed. Embrace the decay!
      Removed categories for item types that aren't allowed (stun guns, etc.)
    • 3/19.
      Relevant suggestions now given while typing in search term.
      Related searches now suggested after search is completed.
      Other polish and revisions of search page to fix bugs and increase simplicity.
    • 3/18.
      Fixed problems with chat and image uploads in Internet Explorer 8.
      Progress toward a better search.
    • 3/16.
      Added saved searches, ability to receive email notification when matching items are added to Bonanzle.
      Added saving of search terms to suggest similar alternate searches, or recommend other items user might like (at some future point).
      Added better determination of when new items are added to site for searching through recently added items or for item email notifications.
      Consolidated a couple search boxes and added a nearby button for refining searches.
      Fixed site maps being submitted to organic Google search.
    • 3/15.
      Added more admin tools for removing bad & nasty items.
      Added more information when automatic billing is not setup correctly.
      More specific instructions provided for those that register while buying.
      Better instructions provided for those who setup their new booth.
      Fixed "$" getting separated from item amount when offer made in cart.
    • 3/12.
      All non-uploaded images, javascript and stylesheets now served from Amazon servers to reduce possible points of error & increase download speeds.
      Fixed error given when tweeting an item and Twitter is down.
    • 3/10.
      Added more details about no checkout process for first time buying visitors.
      Renamed "User Trust Report" page "More Seller Info," and lowered forum messages from 50 to 20.
      Added BBB logo to cart during checkout.
      Item main photo can now be dragged into cart, and changed graphic in empty cart.
      Placing CC on file now tests card validity with temp authorization of 12 cents rather than $10, and notifies user in advance about it.
      Fixed some buyer registration issues resulting from yesterday's changes.
    • 3/9.
      Streamlined no-registration checkout process to eliminate need for shipping address screen.
      Updated login screen en route to cart to make it easier to checkout when not registered.
      Slight simplifications to item show page.
      Fixed choosing an existing shipping location being broken on shipping address checkout screen.
      Hand picked lists expire after a month.
    • 3/8.
      Added comprehensive seller checklist of ways to promote items, promote booth, and verify credibility (accessed via My Bonanzle page).
      Fixed quick texts not being sent to sellers when a message is written in their booth.
      Adding credit card for automatic billing counts as having submitted a verified credit card on user trust report.
      Fixed error given in cart when seller had item where description started with a URL.
      Fixed error given when tinyurl can't be accessed during Tweet.
      Fixed error given some browsers make weird requests to categories page.
    • 3/5.
      Added detailed trustability reports.
      Revised item view page to make it more clear who the seller is and how trustable they are.
      Setup backup plan for when Tinyurl can't be accessed in making Tweets.
      Fixed Oodle feed.
    • 3/4.
      Added ability to write a customized twitter message when tweeting an item.
      Added rotating home page quotes.
      Fixed the little ugly corner in the Bonanzle header.
      Revise help links off of home page for greater clarity and visual impact for newbs.
      Simplify item page a bit.
    • 3/2.
      Added ability to set buyer restrictions.
    • 3/1.
      Help search now broken up into "Bonanzle Help Topics" and "Message Forum" help.
      Added ability for users to submit their bestest Bonanzle stories to Bill & Mark (via My Bonanzle -> Want to Participate).
      When receiving offer from buyer out of country, seller can now see full address of where buyer wants items shipped.
      Updated feel of category page.
      Added ability for admins to lock toxic booth chats.
      Updated "What is Bonanzle" page with more quotes and additional proof that Bonanzle is totally tubular.
      Fixed a bunch of uglynesses referring to unknown_user_XXXX when creating a booth via the "one click to start setting up your booth.
    • 2/26.
      Redesign People page to emphasize usefulness over filler.
      Items in Bonanzas now have original price crossed out when seen in cart.
      Slightly enlarged size of Bonanza images on Buy page so buyers stands a chance of making the pix out.
    • 2/25.
      Added ability to specify additional Google Base product attributes via batch editor or item description box.
      Overhaul batch edit box to handle ever increasing number of options without increase in clutter.
      Hovering over anchors doesn't make them get lighter, such that they disappear over many backgrounds.
    • 2/24.
      Overhaul Craigslist exporter to work with Flash 10.
      Fixes to locked topics not really being locked.
    • 2/23.
      Added help topics for how to SEO optimize listings, specify shipping turnaround time, view booth stats, improve Bonanzle sales, and many others.
      Forum updates to automatically mail support when posts/forums are tagged.
      Forum updates to make it significantly more difficult to get topics & posts moved without moderator intervention.
      Added ability to suggest a topic is reclassified.
      Improved detection of duplicate users.
      Added ability to close blogs/forums from addition posts.
    • 2/18.
      Can now customize time interval of booth stats shown, and removed some irrelevant stats from page.
      Hand picked lists can now be sorted by user chosen criteria.
      Hyphenated words (e.g., "t-shirt") don't confuse search engine anymore.
      Added option to for users to disemvowel caustic forum posts.
      Added more options when reporting an item as naughty, and removed limits on reporting for trustable users.
      Clicking on a link that leaves Bonanzle now opens in a new window for convenience.
      User now reminded to upload to GB after activating their booth.
      Fixed clicking on booth items sometimes being interpreted as a small drag rather than a click (fix only works in Firefox so far).
    • 2/17.
      Added beta version of Craigslist exporter.
      Added more variety to home page HPL rotation.
      More prevention measures to keep users from being double-invited to Bonanzle.
    • 2/15.
      Seller can now mark offers as shipped, provide tracking code for offer, and have Bonanzle mail the buyer with this info.
      Items can now be published to Twitter.
      Seller can now specify number of days it will take for an item to ship via Booth -> Advanced Options, shipping profiles, or batch edit (Jordan)
      Fixed duplicated items missing pictures.
      Non-US buyers/users now prompted for their country during registration so we don't mess it up when inferring from postal code.
      Booth/item view stats now limited to last 60 days to keep speed of stat viewing page zippy.
      Higher precedence given to newer hand picked lists in the master list of HPLs (soon to come: user-specified sorting criteria for HPLs)
      Fixed Category Showcase pages sometimes taking 20-40 seconds to load. Should now stay consistently under 5 seconds.
      Sellers now automatically reminded if their items are soon to expire on Google Base.
      Sellers now automatically reminded when payments are due.
      Clarified "Tell me more!" sections on booth advanced options page.
      Users with special characters in their eBay ID can now be verified.
      Item posting time records (used to tell user how long their average item post took) limited to only consider last month. Was slowing down database.
    • 2/12.
      Doubled number of servers yet again (booyah).
    • 2/8.
      Search now returns up to 10k results.
      eBay IDs now verified prior to actual imports happening to avoid day long waits before discovering login/pw is incorrect.
      Fixed eBay IDs not being verifiable if special characters had been used in PW.
      Wrote code to make recurring FVF billing occur.
      Added page to see details of recurring billing payments.
      Added more administrative features to help manage and track potential scammers.
      Updated help sections on eBay item importing, feedback importing, batch editing, and a few others.
      (from 2/5)
      Hand picked lists now show on home page.
      Feedback now submitted without refreshing page so feedback can be left for many users quickly (and so one doesn't lose feedback they may have filled out that goes away when page is submitted).
    • 2/5.
      Conquered longtime performance nemesis: geocoded IP locations.
      And a bunch of other stuff that doesn't really matter at 3 AM when you've finally conquered your arch nemesis.
    • 2/4.
      Added option of searching for new/used items to item search page.
      Fixed possibility of site hanging if UPS shipping calculator is unavailable.
      Reduced liklihood of duplicate messages being sent out with user inviter.
      Added option to clear eBay import messages from edit booth page.
      Seller only notified when a buyer enters their booth if buyer is registered/able to chat.
      Fixed all spelling errors mentioned in the spelling bee thread.
    • 2/2.
      Overhaul Google Base instructions for greater clarity and more screenshots.
      Update Membership Benefits page to reflect newer benefits of being a member.
      Re-add "find seller" to buy page.
      Added link to "Browse all of a category" to Category Showcase page.
      Changed "Quarrelsome" tag and forum to "Dramatic" tag and forum to better capture essence of what we're trying to avoid.
      When browsing through a category without a search term, the title bar now specifies the category being browsed.
    • 2/1.
      Updated formatting of Buy page to be less cluttered/arbitrary, more in tune with buyer intentions.
      Added link to promo forums to buy page.
      Updated item import messages not to rely on browser session, so they won't disappear when browser is closed.
      Updated "Email on reply" option in forum to be saved in browser session, so after user indicates whether they want forum reply emails, that will become their default.
      Updated hand picked lists to encourage users to add 20 items to list, so lists can be featured on home page.
      Users can now specify a shipping cost for an offer when creating a counteroffer.
      Users now emailed when fees are owed.
      Users now emailed when membership expires.
      Category showcase pages no longer show hand picked lists that aren't available to be seen.
      Fixed "Advanced Options" booth page loading in 10+ seconds for booths with lots of items. Should now be relatively instaneous for all.
      Fixed a couple users' profiles loading in 10+ seconds due to overload of booth favorites.
    • 1/29.
      Improvement to formatting of Bonanzas on category showcase pages.
      Added new holiday assets courtesy of Christy.
      Fixed ghost's transactions not processing.
      Added some new administrative tools.
    • 1/28.
      Added beta version of new category page.
    • 1/25.
      Added option to delete all chat messages from booth.
      Activating a big booth no longer makes site hang for a 60+ seconds.
      Added links from chatters in booth to chatters' profiles.
      Sped up site about 30% by removing some performance monitoring systems.
      Posts in "Booth promotions" forum separated into its own recent post list, separate from other discussions.
      eBay importer no longer replaces old items from booth when "add new items only" is chosen and an existing item has the same title as an imported item.
      Forum search results now weight toward newer posts rather than older ones.
      Responding to a message thread that has been marked as a quarrel no longer gives an error message, probably. Or if it does, it gives a different error message than it used to.
      Fixed possibility of bad HTML messing up formatting of recent posts list.
      Formatting of booth promotion page now 38% less assy.
      Fixed pagination not working on forum search results page.
    • 1/22.
      Fixed "seller's picks" not showing seller's picks when the picks were custom ordered.
      Fixed at least some of the reasons that the booth chat list wouldn't accurately show users in booth.
    • 1/21.
      Updated formatting of "Upcoming Bonanzas" area.
      Added option of sending quick text to profile page.
      Updated formatting of new user list.
      Sped up Exceptional Items page.
      "Who's Around" list on left side of People page now only includes users logged into site (not those connected via remote chat).
      Hand picked lists shown in profile limited to 3.
      Set booths to have upper limit of 10k items.
      Set booth favorites to have upper limit of 15 per month, 75 total.
      Set location string to have limit of 70 characters for city, 30 for state.
    • 1/18.
      Home page fades sped up and spiffed up.
      Unregistered users can no longer chat.
      Added ability to turn off Bonanza effects.
      Added help page for what various user profile settings mean.
      Fixed special discounts to be applied to most recent bill.
      Searching completed items without search term now explicitly instructs user to enter search term.
    • 1/17.
      Billing doesn't suck.
    • 1/15.
      Added ability to pay Bonanzle fees via automated credit card payments.
      Updated eBay importer to ignore items with identical titles.
      Updated "Recently added items" to booth favorites not to change sort order when viewing booth.
      Hand picked lists older than expiration date no longer appear in list of Hand Picked Items Lists (though they'll still show elsewhere)
      Fixed possibility of user being spammed with quick texts sent from booth chat (5 max are queued)
    • 1/13.
      Added shipping insurance.
      Added shipping profiles.
      Added customized booth sort order for subscribers.
      Added help pages for shipping profiles, customized sort order, and widgets.
      Sort order for a booth no longer memorized unless the user purposely changed it (previously, most-to-least expensive order was automatically remembered as a default after visiting first booth).
      Automatic payments for Bonanzle fees with credit cards mostly-but-not-entirely setup.
      Removed option to use auto-decimal. Too many confused users couldn't figure out where it was. All users can now use decimal pricing.
      Re-arranged presentation on "Advanced Options" page of booth edit.
      Added ability to negate (via "-", think if you wanted to buy fruit, "apple -computer") words from item search. Also added ability to use wild cards in search (i.e., "comp*" would match results with "computer" and "computes")
      Rewrote HTML for the offer show area to use more semantic elements (e.g., tables instead of CSS)
    • 1/7.
      Sped up "People" page by about 2x, "Recent Posts" by about 4x, "Users" page by about 50%.
      Fixed subscriptions not being automatically created after payment.
      Changed completed items to be for last year.
    • 1/6.
      Fixed a bunch of widget problems.
      Fixed some reasons for bills calculating incorrectly.
    • 1/5.
      Added ability to create/manage booth widgets.
      Added ability for users to add to help sections.
      "Actions" and "Advanced Options" now remember if they were open or closed on the item show page.
      Updated "Contact Us" page to encourage use of help search.
      Moved "cancel booth" to user edit page to be harder to mis-click.
      Capitalization on "My Bonanzle" page more consistent.
    • 1/4.
      Stuff, but not the sort of stuff you'd find very interesting.
    • 1/1.
      Added ability to search through categories (via the "Complete Category List" help page) to make it easier to setup RSS feeds and/or inventory file imports.
      Setup reminders to buyers and sellers to leave feedback on completed offers.
      Title of email when buyer has a question now different than title of a standard message being sent on site.
      Fixed user setting being ignored for users not wanting to receive email when a Bonanzle message is sent.
      Searching for completed items now limits results to past 30 days.
      Fixed possibility of certain characters in item titles breaking formatting of site.
      Restored old logo.
    • 12/31.
      Made packing slip not suck.
      Added press section.
      Fixed possibility of offers marked as paid when paying less than total amount.
      Architectural changes toward giving reminders about leaving feedback.
    • 12/30.
      Fixed errors given when trying to grab Google feed for a big booth.
      Fixed random errors given when browsing site around 1 AM.
      Fixed booth RSS feeds not being updated when booth is updated.
      Fixed a bunch of fees that were being incorrectly calculated.
      Fixed error given if a non-logged in user tries to submit a buyer account update.
      Fixed users being able to register with same user name except for diFfEreNt CaSe.
      Sped up load times for item view page by about 10%.
      Worked on setting up automatic performance monitoring.
    • 12/29.
      Fixed sort of frequent errors given when items duplicated.
      Fixed occasional errors given when searching for message posts.
    • 12/27.
      Fixed forums having double line break.
      Improved search on forum to search topic titles and posting user names in addition to post body.
      Fixed disappearing/not showing up fees.
      Fixed Bonanza formatting on Buy page.
      Fixed more possible ways a user could get a duplicate user name.
    • 12/23.
      Fixed possibility of duplicate user names created by non-registering buyers.
      Fixed some cases in which payments may not be applied to users' FVF bills.
      Fixed errorw hen a non-registered but logged in user (i.e., from clicking "sell in one click") enters checkout.
      Setup automated testing for bill payments and subscriber payments to make them increasingly bullet proof in the future.
      Unregistered users now referred to as "Guest" rather than "unknown_user_234na"
    • 12/22.
      Tried to update server to a newer, experimental version that uses half as much memory. It ain't happenin.
    • 12/21.
      Fixed a reason bill payments and subscription payments wouldn't be marked as paid in system.
      Fixed picture order being screwy when setting up item via new item form (previously, newest cropped/uploaded/selected picture was always last).
      Fixed item not being able to be re-imported for a day after being deleted.
      Added ability to use as address to booth.
      Exceptional item list now defaults to showing most tagged item in last week (rather than last two).
      Made hand picked lists more likely to show up when doing item search.
      Added link to move to "next Bonanza" and "previous Bonanza" when browsing through booths with Bonanzas.
      Set home page to update more frequently.
    • 12/18.
      Booth pages now update via AJAX (= no page load) so buyer doesn't lose position in chat window, and so page update is faster.
      When doing an item search, search now suggests users and hand picked lists that meet search criteria, if any are found.
      Can now calculate shipping cost from item show page.
      Blog comments, emails, next up comments, and hand picked list comments now have all the same formatting available in forums.
      Feedback page now tells whether feedback is from a buyer or seller, and gives feedback rating of the submitter.
      Fixed items being created with nonsense characters that break Google Base (typically when imported from eBay). If you have such an item, just change any character in its description and re-save it and bad characters will disappear.
      Added safeguards against site running out of memory.
    • 12/16.
      Zoom forward more than a year in the version of Ruby on Rails used to run Bonanzle -- easier to program, will provide a better infrastructure for time zones and internationalization, amongst other things.
      Added ability to tag topics as "Dreary" to remove from recently updated list (and nothing else).
      Hand picked lists now show up in profile and "More details" of booth.
      Improved algorithm for hand picked lists to more prominently feature newer lists.
    • 12/11.
      Hand picked lists.
    • 12/10.
      Fixed search not showing subcategories more than two levels deep.
      Cart now specified "Paypal or Google Checkout" so buyers know they don't have to choose immediately.
      Users can now be referred to pages other than the main user create page.
      Created better ability to monitor suspicious activities.
    • 12/9.
      Updated Bonanza previews on buy page to show an extra picture. Preview of Bonanza items is now sorted by items marked as favorites, then by most expensive
      Booth browsing now defaults to 48 items per page like search.
      Lengthened the maximum size of the categories list in booth for less annoying scrolling.
      Items no longer deleted from database if they are associated with any offer in any way.
      Added ability to search users for plus and premiere members (and removed new user search... too many of them to browse through anymore).
      Updated "Recent Actions by Favorites" to be more relevant -- only show Bonanzas in the near future and items that were listed very recently, also changed the formatting of the area to be a little less overbearing.
      When user browsing through items in search without search term, premiere items are now ordered randomly.
      Increased number of premiere items on search page to 20.
      Forums now show smiley faces with :) ;) :-) and :D.
      Search page now recommends user remove their category filter if they get a blank result with category filter on.
      More progress on the Project.
    • 12/8.
      Checkout process 2.0:
      * "Payments" page changed to "Review and Submit," more useful information given in easier to read format.
      * Buyer can now skip "Shipping" page if they have purchased on Bonanzle before.
      * Buyer no longer has to choose between Paypal or Google Checkout before arriving at payment page (todo: update cart so that it's more obvious that difference between Paypal/GC is irrelevant in proposing offer).
      * Shipping rates now based on shipping address given while making offer, rather than user address, fixes errors in calculated shipping rates when offer shipping destination different from buyer's home address.
      * Fixed unregistered users not being able to use "Buy now" option.
      * Site no longer waits around for minutes when USPS doesn't respond to our calculated shipping request (just returns shipping error).
      * Numerous formatting cleanups/updates to counteroffers page and cart summary page.
      * Shipping page formatting updates, and buyers can now specify country to ship to.
      * Button to packing slip now labeled "View packing slip" rather than "View invoice."
      Fixed Bonanza items not being able to be dragged from "In Bonanza" to "Not in Bonanza"
      Updated billing page.
    • 12/4.
      Highlight editable fields on cart page and change "EDIT" link to "CHANGE".
      Added "Browse by seller" to buy page.
      Work on new bill payments page.
    • 12/3.
      Fixed pagination formatting in discussion topics being messed up in Firefox 3 and on iPhone.
      Offers now explicitly and obviously notify seller if the offer received is from a buyer in another country.
      Added "Cancel" button to full text editor to abort changes.
      Fixed welcome message not being sent to new users, added text about TMT to welcome message.
      Old booth chat messages tell the day they were sent on.
      Improved formatting of booth search page, particularly in FF 3 (guess which browser I upgraded to recently?).
      Stopped swimming upstream and made full HTML formatting new default for item viewing.
      When viewing items not in HTML, line breaks are preserved so description isn't one neverending line of gobbledeegoop.
      Members now emailed when their subscription has run out.
    • 12/1.
      My Bonanzle page now shows with prominent link when buyer has received a counteroffer.
      When user returns from paying for negotiated item, they no longer receive message that item isn't ready for checkout.
      Users paying fees after visiting page to pay fees can now have fees correctly calculated.
      After returning from paying for offer, items from offer are properly removed from cart.
    • 11/30.
      Added list of recent happenings with favorite booths.
      Freshened look of forums page.
      Fixed item tags not being deleted when item marked as "sold" through batch editor.
      Fixed offers not getting marked as sold when a seller marks items in said offer as "sold" before Paypal/Google get back to us about whether transaction was approved.
      Huge lists of favorite booths now partially hidden to preserve formatting of profile page.
      List of booth favorites on profile page now ordered by recentness of favorite marking.
      Marking booth as favorite now changes color of star on booth page.
      Offer notes now hidden to all but buyer/seller.
      Items removed from site by booth destroy are now immediately hidden from search.
      List of blogs now paginated on blog show page.
      Blog comments can now be edited.
      Date of user recommendation now given along with user recommendation.
      Fixed item categories search getting out of whack when scrolling beyond first page in item search.
      Fixed booth custom categories sometimes not working under mysterious circumstances.
    • 11/28.
      Added booth coupons.
      Added reminder to My Bonanzle page if fees are owed.
      Updated left side list of users online on People page to pick more active users.
      Fixed message after new user registers being blank.
    • 11/26.
      More work on secret project to inject thousands more buyers to site.
      Added about 20 more database indexes to prevent possible future slowdowns.
      Added about 50% more capacity to database server.
    • 11/25.
      Better home page caching = faster home page loading
      Fixed anonymous checkout
      Fixed slowness in People page / viewing most recent forum posts / searching forums
      Fixed potential for multi-minute login times on first login after user has imported large number of items.
      Added extensive performance logging to site to prevent future slownesses
      CSV importer can accept bad image URLs without quitting
      CSV importer looks for new images to grab on items it had previously imported without an image (used to only grab images on first go-round)
    • 11/23.
      Added assets to asset page as submitted by artistic Bonanzlers.
      Fixed site potentially locking up for minutes when users with big booths used list view to update their Bonanza items.
      Fixed categories showing up duplicated in booth view when deep categories used.
      Fixed new item form browse not working in Firefox 3.
      Slight speed improvements for displaying booths.
      Improvements to administrative view to make it easier to handle some common user requests.
      "Replace with" text in batch editor can be blank.
    • 11/21.
      Updating a Bonanza with list view and a big booth no longer locks up site for minutes
      AIM and MSN chat back online (upgraded chat server, which makes Gmail chat go offline... d'oh! Will fix that later)
    • 11/20.
      Added shipping price (for fixed rate items) and shipping weight (for calculated items) to Google Base feed
      Fixed a couple reasons that Inventory File Importer wouldn't work
      Fixed button not highlighting when topics tagged in forums
      "See reviews on Amazon" link made optional for plus and premieres
    • 11/19.
      Added 25,000 categories to choose from and interface that makes assigning extended categories as simple as possible from new item form or batch editor.
      Updated search to allow smarter category filtering with new categories and numerous visual improvements.
      Updated search defaults to show more items per page and show items in gallery view.
      Updated new item form to allow scrolling for those with lower resolution monitors and/or when form gets long for whatever reason.
      Fixed price range filter not working in item search.
      Fixed site slowness when deleting a booth.
      Improved speed of login.
      Updated booth RSS feed to be compatible with new categories.
    • 11/16.
      Added ability to perform a batch operation on all items that match batch filter, instead of a max of 250 items at a time
      Fixed eBay importer not importing items that have images added to page via Javascript in original eBay listing
      Booths of more than 1000 items have items changed to "for sale" asynchronously (i.e., not immediately when the "Update Booth" button is clicked) to avoid long waits when thousands of items are being activated.
      When viewing most favorited booth over last two weeks, the "favorite count" is now the favorite count over the last two weeks, not all time
      Bug reports submitted via site now emailed to support address
      Removed first free month of selling for members registering after November 17th
      Subscribing members who don't renew membership are now marked as unsubscribed
    • 11/12.
      Created and sent November newsletter
      Updated fees/payments infrastructure for better consistency, and so we can keep track of who paid what when.
      Added ability to remind users about fees.
      Fixed errors given when viewing certain message topics
    • 11/11.
      Fixed Google Base feed not including items created onsite after the international shipping additions
      Fixed Google Checkout offers not getting marked as "sold"
      Updated list of "sort by" criteria when viewing offers
      Fixed wish list and saved lists sometimes showing up as "page missing"
      Fixed booth preview items sometimes showing 11 items, and showing duplicates
      Fixed email sent to seller that they "received a new offer" when they accept an offer
      Updates for a more perfect eBay importer and Amazon image exporter after server move
    • 11/10.
      Complete reinstallation of the lord-knows-how-many puzzle pieces that make Bonanzle go. Launched new server.
    • 11/05.
      Fixed 10-20+ second delay per image when an item has images deleted.
      Fixed 1-2 minute delays when booths with 100+ items activated.
      Add RSS feeds and ability to specify time duration for exceptional items page.
      "Sneak peek at this sellers other items" now shows relevant (rather than random) items.
      Fixed bad error given when wish list for a non-existent user viewed.
    • 11/04.
      Fixed booths with huge numbers of items (3k-5k+) taking up to a minute to load when checking booth stats.
      Fixed new item form choking when huge description (more than 60k characters) entered. Limit on description size of 60k imposed.
      Fixed error given during counteroffer under rare circumstances (when weird browser used)
      Added still more tracking information to figure out why item saving slow sometimes.
      Progress toward getting new server up and running
    • 11/03.
      Added wish list and saved list for buyers to better track items.
      Booth RSS feeds can now filter category. For example,
      Sped up asset downloads for checkout process.
      Fixed login needing to be done twice when entering via "sell" link or from cart.
      Booth favorites now removed when a booth is destroyed.
      Items now untagged when sold.
      Added logging calls to try to get to the bottom of what makes site slow during high traffic.
    • 11/02.
      Added ability to specify flat international shipping rates via batch item editor
      Split up batch item editor to not be so unwiedly, and to give more useful/specific information on shipping page.
      Updated "invited user" leaderboard to give results on a monthly basis. Added some documentation about the new referral contest.
      Fixed half of the reason why user has to log in twice when logging in from checkout. Other half to be fixed tomorrow.
      Fixed cart items not showing up on page right side after checkout has been visited.
      Fixed shipping info not being saved when moving between pages on new item form.
      U.S. flat rate no longer used when buyer lives in different country.
      Added more descriptive information about what's going on when shipping rate for an item can't be calculated.
    • 10/31.
      Booths now have Google Base feeds generated minutes after being created, instead of waiting a day.
      "My Bonanzle" now shows last time that Google grabbed item feed.
      Fixed only completed items being shown when category filter combined with item search.
    • 10/28.
      Added the current most-requested feature: searching for completed items. Also added ability to see what offer a sold item was a part of, when we know which one (info from Bonanzle's earlier days is sparse)
      Setup tracking of which GB feeds are being used to ensure that high-quantity sellers know about/use GB
      Subscribing members with Google Analytics setup can now track how often their profile is viewed.
      Update so only parties involved in an offer can see its Paypal or GC transaction number.
      Fixed some bugs in yesterday's home page improvements
    • 10/27.
      Most exceptional items now default to most tagged in last two weeks (rather than all time, which gets stale)
      Most favorited booths now default to most tagged in last month (rather than all time, same logic)
      Made link to switch between text and HTML when viewing an item more prominent for non-logged-in users.
      Fixed items on home page now being regenerated with new possibilities.
    • 10/26.
      Feedback now ordered by most recent.
      Offers now load faster.
      Fixed subscribing memberships not being setup to automatically recur.
      Added ability to upgrade or cancel recurring subscriptions.
    • 10/24.
      Improvements to Google Base FAQ.
      Fixed Google Base feed not including items that had calculated shipping / "see shipping in description"
    • 10/22.
      Realized that even if we got Google Products feed back up, it would probably just go down in a few more weeks, since it's virtually impossible to police hundreds of thousands of items. Added one-time Google Base uploads and recurring Google Base uploads for individual users.
      Fixed a variety of reasons that offers could disappear.
      Created sitemap with all Bonanzle items to improve organic search rankings.
      Fixed calendar errors given during checkout.
      Fixed pickup scheduling form being misformatted.
    • 10/21.
      Tried to get Google Products feed back up some more.
    • 10/20.
      Tried to get Google Products feed back up.
    • 10/19.
      Limited emails for all users 15/day or less to reduce possible spamming.
      Added option of marking items as "new" or "used" to batch editor.
      Fixed user returning to "Page not found" after completing membership signup.
      Fixed contact button on offers page not working.
      Added help FAQ all about eBay importing.
      Added help page about shipping calculator, and under what cases it might be inaccurate.
      Added help page about what being a subscribing member is all about.
      Added help page about subscribing to site via money order.
      Fixed Oodle putting Collectible -> Animal items into "Pets for Sale" category
      Added better admin tracking for memberships and offers closed.
      Standard search gives slight advantage to newer items, in addition to relevant items (Jordan)
      Sped up loading of buy page/browse category page by about 5 seconds when it isn't cached (Jordan)
      Prevent items from being removed from a completed (sold) offer (Jordan)
    • 10/17.
      Added help page for spotting a fraud.
      Added help page for setting up Google Analytics.
      Doubter dousing.
    • 10/16.
      Image processing time reduced from approx ~20 seconds per image to ~2 seconds per image
    • 10/15.
      Added Bonanzle Plus and Premier memberships, and ability to pay for them.
      Added Google Analytics to track booth and item views for members.
      Added "Premier Items" to right pane of search for users that sign up with Premier membership.
      Added better homepage/buypage exposure for members.
      When a user is suspended or cancels their booth, their items are now marked as inactive until booth gets officially deleted (they already couldn't be found in search or elsewhere, but if user had old links to items, they could still appear to be active)
      Updated buyers to only have Money Order as a checkout option if seller has at least five feedback to reduce dangerous transactions volume.
      Added other anti-fraud measures.
    • 10/14.
      Upgraded from Apache to Nginx web server. Overall performance, and especially performance of secure pages, picks up dramatically.
      Optimized chat updates to no longer ping server if user doesn't have chat window open.
      Updated automatic server restarts (when site is hanging) to work with new configuration
    • 10/13.
      Fixed error when items get deleted from a booth while seller has them in their cart
      Fixed crash when looking for items ready for pickup. TODO: fix ready for pickup.
    • 10/12.
      Added a number of security measures to make registration, emailing, and offering more difficult for bad guys
      Doubled speed of copying pictures (= approximately double speed of cropper, image gallery, and item duplication)
      Batch edits that would take a long time are now run in the background so they don't tie up the main site
      Updated login page to download its data in a way that should be faster than previous
      Improvements to speed of image loading in general
    • 10/9.
      Will trade icons for money (implemented donations)
      Means by which Bonanzle accepts payments now 184% less hacked together than previously.
      Fixed error when viewing item page where seller didn't setup combined shipping discounts correctly
      Fixed error when viewing an offer where buyer or seller offered no money ... or did some other weird thing
      Fixed duplicate forum posts showing up when searching forums (this fix dedicated to Mark)
    • 10/7.
      Re-added 50% more web servers to handle browser requests, hopefully this time without breaking whole site
      Fixed Google Base feed trouble sending more than 100k items
      Made link 3 font sizes bigger (from 11px to 14px) to edit new offer payment type, increased contrast on edit icon
      Updated offers so that buyer can return to cart and change payment type and other offer parameters up until the point at which the offer is accepted or paid for
      Fees owed to Bonanzle can now be paid via Paypal or Google Checkout -- beta version
      Fixed display of freebie status in "More booth details"
      Offers no longer show up in seller's "pre-accepted offers" list if buyer clicks "Buy now" but doesn't go past payment screen
      Limited Bonanzas to once monthly, rather than twice monthly, for higher quality Bonanzas with lots of sellers signed up
      Fixed new user being sent back to their cart if they didn't enter correctly formatted registration info on their first try
      Fixed "Top Categories" on the item show page being a bunch of nonsense garbage when a user first sets up their booth
      Added means by which Bobbi can determine highest dollar seller per day for PSU contest
      "Quick image upload" link no longer appears on top of image popup on new item form
      Reduced download size of home page, booth/buy pages, and item view pages by about 50% (Jordan)
      Fixed lootbin disappearing if an item is dragged to it twice (Jordan)
      Fixed item dragging to cart getting behind in Firefox 2 (Jordan)
      Updated all calendars on site to use the same pop-out format (Jordan)
      eBay importer can now import eBay motors listings (Bob)
      eBay importer now strips out script, style, and object tags so seller has less manual cleanup to do (Bob)
      eBay importer converts upper-cased tag names to be lower-cased, so they'll work on site (Bob)
    • 10/6.
      It's my birthday, what do you think I did??? (created financial models to determine how long until Bonanzle goes from "poor" to "dirt poor")
    • 10/3.
      Setup automated monitoring system to call my phone if site isn't loading
    • 10/2.
      Added custom booth categories that can be set explicity, through batch item editor
      Added ability to email BAC members
      Fixed full text searching not always getting updated every hour
      Fixed occasional error when submitting feedback
    • 10/1.
      Added BAC icons to profile
      CSV importer imports up to 5k items, allows whitespace before and after image URLs without skipping item
      Updates to the help docs for more details about what HTML allowed and what isn't
    • 10/1.
      Upgraded server to a version with twice as much processor speed, memory, and bandwidth
      Added the Bonanza Action Club, reorganized some of the "My Bonanzle" page
      Site now gives the "real" charges that a user has incurred (fees for non-grandfathered users who sell items start today)
      Fixed the "Edit Bonanza" page loading miserably slow for users with big booths by adding pagination to it (200 items per page)
      List of most recent messages now lists posts in distinct topics, instead of repeating a topic every time it has been posted in
      Fixed site locking up for a minute or two occasionally when a Bonanza ends
      Added link to most recent blog from people page
    • 9/30.
      Full text searching now happens on the secondary database, no stifling slowdowns on the :42s of each hour anymore (and indexing now happens every hour instead of every other hour)
      Blogs paginated
    • 9/29.
      Fixed inventory importer not importing HTML
      Sold items no longer shown in item stats list
      Added more pictures and assets to the Bonanzle asset page
      Ebay user name/password have whitespace stripped from front and end of them, if there was any
      Fixed local user search linking to incorrect users
    • 9/28.
      Taught eBay importer how to import two users' items at once
      Sped up load time for big booths from around 10-15 seconds to about 3-5 tops
      Speedup to searching for local items: now uses same mechanism (full text indexing) that makes normal search fast
      Removed slow searching for live booths until time allows us to find a way to make it faster
      A couple speedups to home page load times, should cut worst case times by around 25%
      Fixed error given when item added to cart that couldn't have shipping calculated (e.g., if buyer and seller in different country)
      Updated "About Us" page
    • 9/26.
      Fixed possibility of offers getting marked as "pending" after they had been completed.
    • 9/25.
      Added eBay-style combined shipping discounts
      Added WYSIWYG description editor
      Fixed item show page loading slowly for sellers with lots of items in their booth
      Fixed category browse page sometimes taking 30 seconds to complete
      Home page no longer shows more than two items from any given seller
      Cleaned up a variety of UI in checkout process: for items with multiple quantity, buyer now sees maximum quantity available in cart; for combined item/shipping discount, the total price after discount listed on each line; link to explain a seller's discounts from the cart; And a bunch of other cart-related stuff I'm too lazy to list
      Moved "advanced details" to bottom of item show page, removed the tertiatary item title to clean up appearance
    • 9/24.
      Setup secondary database to fix one of two reasons the site gets slow for a couple minutes every few hours (when backing up the main database)
      Fixed local searches taking up to 30 seconds to complete (and other users getting stuck waiting for response from site while local search taking place)
    • 9/23.
      Fixed booth stats taking 30+ seconds to render (and crashing site when used repeatedly)
      Fixed home page's fondness for knives and swimsuits
      Fixed a couple forum formatting issues
      Progress toward creating secondary database to eliminate the site lags that occur on the hour each hour
      Fixed combined shipping discounts only taking effect when the items exceeds item threshold (rather than when it meets it)
    • 9/22.
      Updated home page and help docs to reflect site's branding as a place to find everything but the ordinary
    • 9/21.
      Added computation of raffle entries and a screen to view raffle computations on
      Added ability for users to comment on what specifically they'd like to see in the Next Up Improvements they vote for
      Added beta version of a "Referred Users Leaderboard" --
      Added a bunch of system-y stuff to better track down slow spots when traffic gets high
      Updated eBay importer to handle a few different new types of listing formats (specifically, ones that have bogus attributes (e.g., img src="/path/to/image.jpg""">) in their image tags, which many of the Auctiva images seem to)
      WYSIWYG editor almost done
    • 9/18.
      Moved all user profile images to Amazon image servers for fast loading, refactored mechanism that moves item pictures to Amazon servers to be ready to scale into our new 100k world.
      Fixed items marked as "Seller Pays Shipping" not having "Buy Now" link show up
      Fixed possibility of sellers creating counteroffer with no amount (which would subsequently cause an error when going to view the offer
      Various bug fixes and improvements to home page to get it to display consistently with good items
    • 9/17.
      24 hours spent watching all 24 episodes of "24."
    • 9/16.
      Added topic tagging
      Fixed offers not being able to be marked by seller as paid if some of the items in offer had been marked as sold previously
      Trim down unneeded eBay import jobs to try to get imports processed in more timely fashion
    • 9/15.
      Featured items for buy page and home page randomly weighted based on the number of times they've been tagged
      Home page now updates items shown at least once per hour, instead of once every couple days
      Offers can no longer be marked as "completed" until they have been verified as paid for, or until seller has accepted offer
      Ebay importer now tells people how many jobs are in line before theirs
      Ebay importer now tells the user if items weren't imported because their eBay store was empty
      Added button for seller to mark offers as paid for buyers when GC/Paypal don't verify paidness automatically
      Fixed users not being saved if they enter via "One click selling," then proceed to register via the standard new item form.
      Packing list now shows quantity of items sold
      Added a couple more graphics for users to use for their email footers and etc. via the assets page
      Changed text on My Bonanzle page slightly
    • 9/14.
      Fixed site hanging for minutes or hours when Oodle feed downloaded every day around noon
      Updated Google Base feed to build and submit listings in a way that's compatible with our ever-huger amount of inventory
      User can now enter shipping ounces on new item form, USPS considers these ounces. UPS doesn't give us the ability to consider ounces.
      Added in automatic restarting of the site if it should ever get hung up for more than a couple minutes in the future
      Can't click "Buy now" in offer until all fields being edited have been accepted or closed
      Fixed seller not being emailed when offers are completed with "Buy Now"
      When returning to cart, site reminds users if they have items that are pending checkout
      Deleting large groups of items with batch editor no longer freezes site for up to a few minutes
      If user submits request to import items more than once, importer deletes old request to prevent unnecessary backups
      Fixed error in cart if seller has selected "Google Checkout" as a form of payment, but not entered their Google Checkout merchant info
      Fixed a couple rare issues with image cropper not cropping
      When indexed search is down, site no longer gives error message when sorting items by newness
      Updated text for eBay import so users don't expect items to show up within 10 minutes
    • 9/12.
      Ebay importer no longer randomly skips batches of items when more than 1000 items being imported
      Ebay importer no longer stops importing after attempting 3k items
      EBay importer no longer befuddled if importing items into a booth when those items had previously been imported into a different booth
      Ebay importer much faster for importing when it's just adding new items
      Ebay item scraper now gives somewhat more informative error messages
    • 9/11.
      Rebuilt the server that updates the other server (on the server that built the server that updates the other server (anything for server service)).
    • 9/10.
      Added voting on list of possible improvements (Help -> Talk To Us -> Vote for Improvements)
      Added option to include a message with booth referral when using the "Tell a Friend" feature within a booth
      Links to other sites from Bonanzle open in new window
      "All recent posts" in forums only shows posts from last 3 days, rather than all posts ever
      Booth search can looks for all words in search query individually, instead of only searching for the exact phrase entered
      Referral link can now use user name or user id
      Removed inaccessible, incomplete items (created during last week's duplication issues) from all booths
      Final round of scheduled fixes for offers with multiple items. All checking out is declared to work until further notice.
      Changes to make recently listed items more likely to show up on home page
      Fixed display of Bonanzle mail in IE6
      Updated eBay importer to recommend users try batch editor after eBay import compltes
    • 9/9.
      Finished Bonanzle newsletter and got it ready for sending tomorrow morning
      Added page with a few Bonanzle assets to be used when publishing Bonanzle out and about (accessible from the "Promote My Booth" page)
      Fixed a couple bugs when selling and then duplicating/relisting items, the search engine would still show the original/sold item
      Fixed carts with multiple items that have multiple quantity
      Added pagination buttons to the bottom of forum topics, when a forum topic spans more than one page
    • 9/8.
      Added USPS shipping calculator
      Added checkout without pre-registering: user only needs to give the requisite information for checking out as they checkout
      Updated "buy now" checkout so that items not marked as sold until Paypal/Google Checkout tells us that the charge has processed
      Added option to choose quantity of item during offer
      Fixed combined shipping discounts not working
      Offers now automatically update price and shipping price when an item is deleted or added
      Numerous small updates to display of offers, both on offer pages and from My Bonanzle page
      Booth RSS feeds cached for faster loading
      Users can now delete their eBay imported feedback without our intervention
      UPS ready to turn switch to calculate intl shipping rates (still need to create interface to let sellers decide whether they want to do so)
      Seller viewing their own items no longer counted in booth/item view counts
      Fixed errors given when Google Maps goes offline
      Made "Edit" link more prominent in checkout cart
      Fixed error when looking to compare prices to eBay for a booth without items for sale
      Fixed counteroffer being 0 dollars if a "$" used in the counteroffer amount
      Added help pages to offers section explaining various subtlties of the offer checkout process
      Updated "Show All Offers" to "Show Other Offers" -- now shows relevant offers that aren't in other categories
    • 9/7.
      Flossed waaaay back around my wisdom teeth.
    • 9/5.
      Fixed user needing to re-confirm they accept fees every time they update booth
      Fixed duplicating item not working
      Implemented an early version of the eBay vs. iOffer vs. Bonanzle price comparer (accessible via "Fees Owed" link). Still need to factor in the difference of Paypal vs. Google Checkout, and describe how the numbers were arrived at
      In the brief description of items (the descriptions you see in search results), updated it so that newlines became spaces, to avoidwords appearing stucktogether
      Added help pages to describe to users how much of a discount and what days are recommended for their Bonanza
      Added one-click to unsubscribe from the forthcoming newsletter (plus updates to newsletter)
      Finally got Google to reveal why feed had been suspended, updated Google feed to exclude a few items they didn't like
    • 9/4.
      Fixed "relist items" button after selling items
      Fixed remote chat not allowing user to select their IM type
      Fixed a couple bugs when attempting to cancel booth
      Updated location map of user only to consider zip code, not city nor address
      Created means to manually activate users that don't get their activation mail
    • 9/3.
      Sped up home page about 5x
      Sped up buy page by about 5x
      Added and updated more help docs about beta stuff
    • 9/2.
      Added "Browse by Booth" functionality with multiple sort options, and links from the "Browse by Categories" page
      Added ability to search for an item from within edit booth view when more than 50 items present in booth
      Updated item images to be served from Amazon in most cases to speed up image load times and reduce bandwidth on main server
      Added ability to hide offers from view
      eBay imports of more than 1000 items now processed in bite sized 1000 item chunks to decrease constant bandwidth to eBay
      Fixed discrepancies between new mail icon being present and new mail actually being in inbox
      Updated text on site to remove "beta" references, and tell new users that they will be paying soon
      Added and linked help topics for item HTML descriptions, what to do if you don't receive registration, adding categories, and more
      Added link to quick text users from the users main page (when user is online). Removed link to quick text users that are only online via remote chat.
      Updated booth dependencies to get deleted asynchronously so site doesn't lock up for minutes when big booths full of porn are deleted
      Added "sold on" date to completed offers
      Added option to import only new eBay items, rather than always importing new items AND updating old ones
      Fixed the "See cart" link going off top of screen for users with long usersnames
      Fixed eBay importer to do a better job of finding and grabbing item images
      Updated price of sold items under $10 for new users to be $0.50 to promote diversity of items above AND below $10 (per our locked price guarantee, already-registered users will continue to pay nothing for selling items under $10 through 2010)
      Prevented users from making offers to themselves (it breaks the checkout process)
      Fixed clicking on "My Messages" going directly to "Sent" or "Saved" messages sometimes
      Renamed "Plus" booth features "Pro" booth features
    • 9/1.
      Polished John McCain and Barack Obama impressions.
    • 8/31.
      Fed my goldfish one flake 84 times.
    • 8/29.
      Item descriptions can now use HTML, buyers can now disable viewing HTML more easily.
      Added search functionality to help pages (pending Google indexing... some help pages might not show up in the search yet)
      Fixed Paypal checkout not working for items with quotations marks
      Improvements to the new user spam filtering so legit users won't necessarily be tied to 3 messages/day limit
      Improvements to administrative console to make it easier to respond to bug reporting/page feedback/booth feedback
    • 8/28.
      Added option to view 50 or 100 items at a time on search page. Also made pictures a bit bigger on search page, and added linebreaks between categories
      Added quantity, category, and shipping weight to batch item editor
      Added different colors to Bonanza calendar to communicate how many Bonanzas are happening on a given day. Also fixed days being highlighted that didn't have Bonanzas
      Fixed bug where item quantity wasn't set to 1 when the "multiple items" checkbox is unchecked on new item form
      Fixed IM id in profile being made into a web link (with http:// prepended)
      Progress on but not completion of edit booth search filter / USPS shpping calculator / HTML in iitem descriptions
    • 8/27.
      Per user feedback, created more help pages for Google Checkout, steps for setting up a booth, and how one pays their Bonanzle fees
      Added quick popup help for using HTML in an item description, specifying maximum length of title, and how to use decimal pricing. Tried to make category help text less confusing.
      More functionality in admin console
    • 8/26.
      Added database indexes to speed up things all around
      Overhauled message system, adding a saved box, the ability to operate on message in batches, and the ability to get rid of sent messages, amongst other things
      Added a "See description" option for shipping prices
    • 8/25.
      Fixed stylesheets and javascripts not being bundled into a few files = faster page loads, especially for sell page, especially when first opening browser
      Updated new item form to be usable by 800x600 resolution browsers
      Fixed prices less than a dollar not being considered valid
      Fixed link to our YouTube video via help section
      All links from buy page jump to search results ordered by most recent
    • 8/24.
      Setup caching on People page, My Bonanzle page, Buy page, and Category Browse page to speed up the lot of them significantly, regardless of traffic volume
      Limited item RSS feed in booth to 300 items so site doesn't lag indefinitely when getting RSS feed for big booths
      Updates to eBay item importer to handle fancy auction formats like iBusinessLogic's
      Limited Bonanzas to two monthly
      Removing chat messages more than three weeks old for better performance
      Fixed problems with item checkout after receiving counteroffer
      Removed option to import full HTML from CSV importer until such time that we can do so without exposing users to XSS security vulnerabilities
      Fixed item question email not telling seller what item buyer had a question about
      Fixed most popular booth of day actually being least pouplar booth of day (and sometimes not giving user permission to view it)
      Fixed buy page tending to always show the same old featured items
      Fixed lists in forums not having bullet points
      Improvements to Mark's life and productivity
      Bonanzle newsletter done and online, though not linked to yet
    • 8/21.
      Added full text, relevance-based searching to site's main search engine, and to booths (when searching within booths)
      Moved database to its own webserver for future scalability and better performance.
      Fixed items being marked as "sold" when they have quantity greater than 1 and only one is purchased (now they stay in booth with sold quantity deducted)
      Paypal transactions now tracked more accurately with status updates directly from Paypal
      Added ability to see a packing list for accepted offers awaiting shipment
      Added ability to relist items in an offer by clicking "Relist Items" from the "Sold Items" screen
      Clarified Craigslist import instructions
      Fixed category filtering on item search obliterating previously entered search options
      Give receipients of user invites the option to opt-out of receiving invites
      Fixed item duplicating not duplicating shipping costs
      Fixed "Freebie" tooltip on new item form getting stuck in place if moused over immediately after another tooltip
      Added text to reassure buyers about saftey measures on Bonanzle when they're at their cart
      Reformatted booth items RSS feed to include price and be generally prettier
    • 8/20.
      Fit six small ice cubes in mouth at once.
    • 8/19.
      Practiced hackey sack, focus on the left foot stall.
    • 8/18.
      Added splash page for clicking on "Sell" when not logged in.
      Added some assurances of the safety of buying on Bonanzle during checkout.
      Began setting up full text indexing
    • 8/17.
      Added list of items tagged as "Exceptional" to the Booth Details page. Created a help page describing the booth details page
      Batch edit can now set items as fixed price/OBO, batch edit can now append or prepend text to the item description
      Batch edit page now paginated with 500 items max per page, to fix slow load times on huge booths
      Fixed eBay importer not importing line breaks
      View Stats page now has items ordered by number of views
      Fixed forum update and Bonanza reminder messages not being sent
      Updated the "Update in Progress" message not to redirect user to a different website.
      Updated images to get displayed more quickly.
    • 8/15.
      Added Bonanza disco ball effect
      Fixed the "more" Bonanzas button in IE
      Some optimizations to the speed of chat updates
    • 8/14.
      Added option to notify user when someone responds to their forum post
      Added custom booth categories (see booth advanced options)
      Added fun checkboxes next to booth promo action-items
      Added ability to page through Bonanzas from the Buy page, so you can see more than three Bonanzas if more than three fall on the same day
      Reworked the "Who's Here" window in booth chat to be smarter in many ways, including allowing a user to be two booth chats simultaneously (if they have two tabs open, for instance)
      Booth owner now receives quick text message if they're logged into the site and somebody says something in their booth when they're not in their booth.
      Added count of invited users to profile page, fixed the user invites not being correctly credited to the user that invited (for future invites)
      Fixed a couple minor issues with the CSV importer such that it works for a user's tab-delimited file
      Updated booth completed email to implore users to promote their booth
    • 8/13.
      Work on the concept of suspending spammers. Set low email limits for new users, medium limits for not-old users.
      Added beginnings of the page for browsing exceptional items.
      Some security enhancements.
      Added screen for when site is updating.
    • 8/12.
      Created searching within booth, and rearranged booth header not to get too cluttered in the process.
      Updated user login to assume that users accept TOS and ask them if they want to subscribe to newsletter
      Fixed digits greater than $1000 being removed when importing eBay listings
      Added item tagging (strange/funny/cool/etc). Hell yah! This is gonna rule.
      Reformatted profile page.
      Added this page
    • 8/11.
      De-uglified forums HTML, especially in IE
      Added collection of pages on how to promote one's booth
      Updated booth RSS feed to include pictures
      Added percentage total of feedback to feedback screen
      Fixed blog RSS button not working
      Added option to turn off forced rounding of item/shipping prices
      Fixed Bonanza reminders not being sent out
    • 8/10.
      Added booth TOS page
      Snazzed up the "What is Bonanzle?" page
      Added "Money Order" as a possible payment type
      Extensive revisions to Inventory Importing help page (was CSV importing help page)
      Updated CSV importer to also be able to import tab or tilde delimited files
      Added booth favoriting to booth and profile page
      Added booth RSS feed
      Added option to email a friend about a booth
      Added option to be reminded about a Bonanza to booth page
    • 8/8.
      Fixed importers not importing shipping price
    • 8/7.
      Setup booth owners to receive a reminder email the day of their Bonanza
      Fixed cache errors on booth page and item page when user is in process of setting up their booth
      Fixed users not being prompted for feedback after transactions
      Updated Bonanza text to be more specific on Buy page (e.g., "A bonanza is happening for the next X minutes")
      Fixed "Sort by Nearest" option not working in item search results
      Made sure that when user clicks on an item from home page, that that is the first item they see in the booth they visit
      Fixed conflicts between filtering booth categories and switching pages
      Optimized user page not to be so slow
    • 8/6.
      Updated default search sorting criteria to be "most recently listed" (was cheapest)
      Fixed some bugs with image cropper
      Fixed missing colors when looking at completed offers
      Fixed users being able to submit feedback that wasn't marked as pos/neg/neu
    • 8/5.
      Added UPS calculated shipping costs
      Added user endorsements
      Added "Buy it Now" button to item show page
      Updated home page to show some text of the most recent blog entry
      Added safeguards against giving bogus Google Checkout numbers
      Fixed the "notify me when user enters my booth" feature being broken
      Removed much of the code complexity from the process of creating an offer